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Newest Things To Do in Las Vegas – New Attractions!

New things to do in Las Vegas pop-up, and sometimes fizzle out, with mind-numbing frequency.

Although it can be difficult to keep up with the pace of change, the constant churning of attractions means that there’s always something new to do, even for the most seasoned Vegas veterans.

We thought it would be helpful to summarize the newest things to do in Las Vegas, both on the Strip and on Fremont Street.

New Things To Do on The Strip

FlyOver Vegas

FlyOver Vegas is among the newest attractions in town and provides you the opportunity to fly over the western United States or Iceland without leaving the ground. Riders are strapped into a bank of seats that are suspended over a 52.5-foot spherical video screen and the seat’s movements are choreographed with the video to simulate flight. In addition to motion, FlyOver Vegas stimulates your other senses with simulated wind, mist, and natural scents. Learn more about the attraction, and buy tickets here.

FlyOver Vegas is located just north of MGM Grand and across the street from Park MGM in the Showcase Mall.

Riders seated in FlyOver Vegas ride
Photography by In Color Studios – Courtesy of FlyOver Vegas

Arcadia Earth Las Vegas

Also found in the Showcase Mall across the street from Park MGM is Arcadia Earth. Dubbed as an “Immersive augmented reality journey through planet Earth”, the attraction is a trippy feast for the eyes intended to drive awareness around environmental challenges facing the planet. The 15-room attraction leverages virtual reality and 3D art to both educate and entertain guests. Learn more and buy tickets in advance, here.

The Escape Game

Calling the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace home, The Escape Game opened in 2020, just as the pandemic shut travel down. Given the timing, the attraction is likely new to many making their first post-pandemic trip to Vegas. Scenarios offered challenge you to escape from prison, recover a lost painting, find a stash of gold before the mob, or find the “Rugrats” lost toys. You can price out your dates, and learn more about The Escape Game, here.

Prison Break Escape Game
Prison Break – Courtesy of The Escape Game

Delilah at Wynn

Supplying a seemingly non-stop stream of celebrity sightings, Delilah is a swanky new supper club that borrows inspiration from Vegas of the 1950s. Delilah offers the unique opportunity to pair an upscale meal with entertainment in the form of live jazz music, DJs, and other performers. As a popular spot, Delilah can be tough to get into. We’d recommend snagging reservations in advance… well in advance that is… here.

Stage at Delilah
Delilah at Wynn Las Vegas (credit Robert Miller)

Superfrico at Cosmopolitan

Another dinner show concept, Superfrico is the creation of the folks at Spiegelworld, who are also behind the popular shows “Absinthe”, “Atomic Saloon”, and “Opium”. While Superfrico serves “Italian American Psychedelic” cuisine, the real draw is the acts, some on the raunchy side, that steal the show.

Van Gogh at Crystals

The Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit gives visitors the opportunity to “step inside” the artist’s iconic works. In what amounts to a 500,000 cubic foot canvas, you’ll be able to see paintings like “Starry Night”, “The Potato Eaters”, and “Sunflowers” come to life around you. Learn more about Van Gogh Las Vegas here.

Visit Resorts World

If new is what you seek, then visiting the newest resort on the Strip should be on your itinerary. Resorts World’s hotel is comprised of over 3,500 hotel rooms, that are managed by Hilton under the Hilton, Conrad, and Crockfords brands. The gaming floor is over 117,000 square feet and is the first in Vegas to go completely cashless. Of course, cash is still accepted if that’s your preference.

While hitting the casino is a given, Resorts World also boasts a few unique non-gaming activities worth checking out. I particularly enjoyed my meals at the Famous Foods Street Eats food hall, a collection of dining options spanning from Asian-inspired cuisine to Texas BBQ. The food is of better quality than your typical food court at a price that won’t break the bank (under $20).

Neon sign in the Famous Foods Street Eats
The centerpiece of Famous Foods Street Eats.

Within the food hall is the popular Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den speakeasy. The entrance is concealed behind a shelving unit within Ms. Meow’s Mamak Stall.

Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den interior to include the bar and seating
Once inside. Let me introduce you to the Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den.

If you prefer a view to a clandestine bar, check out Starlight on 66, a cocktail lounge with stunning views of the Las Vegas Strip.

View from Starlight on 66
Starlight on 66 – Courtesy of Resorts World

Climb Vegas

A differentiated attraction found in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, Climb Vegas opened in 2020 and is sure to challenge your fear of heights. Climb Vegas is a 3-story tall ropes course in which guests wear harnesses and take on 17 different obstacles at an uncomfortable distance from the ground. If you’re looking for things to do with kids in Vegas, this should be at the top of your list. You’ll want to note though that you need to be 48-inches tall to climb unaccompanied.

Ropes course above at climb Vegas
Courtesy of Climb Vegas

Museum of Selfies

A new addition to the Linq Promenade, The Museum of Selfies offers a variety of backdrops for the perfect… you guessed it.. selfie. With backdrops ranging from mind-bending visual illusions to sets designed to look like you’re on a private jet or in a bathtub full of gold coins, you’re bound to get a unique shot (you can see some selfie examples, here). Obviously, this is designed to attract a very specific audience. As for me, I’ll be at the craps table.

Pinball Hall of Fame

While the Pinball Hall of Fame isn’t necessarily a new attraction, their new location on the Strip is, and it’s glorious. Boasting 25,000 square feet of space, the new location is able to fit a wider selection of games than was possible in the museum’s previous home. This shrine to the game of pinball is located near Mandalay Bay and the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign on the south end of the Strip.

For those unfamiliar, the Pinball Hall of Fame is a non-profit museum that allows visitors to play pinball games that span decades, with some dating back to the 1950s. Playable with quarters, playing pinball is both an inexpensive and family-friendly thing to do in Vegas!

Pinball Hall of Fame Exterior
Hard to miss.

Coming Soon to The Strip

MSG Sphere

Coming in 2023, the $1.8 billion MSG Sphere is located behind Venetian and Palazzo and will be a theater unlike any other in Las Vegas. The venue’s LED screen, which is larger than 3 football fields, will not only sit in front of the audience but wrap around and above them. While we don’t yet know who will be performing in the new attraction, we do know that it’ll be epic.

MSG Sphere construction
Courtesy of MSG Entertainment

DiscoShow by Spiegelworld at Linq

Coming to Linq in 2022, DiscoShow will be the fourth show by Spiegelworld in Las Vegas, joining “Absinthe”, “Opium”, and “Atomic Saloon”. The show will follow the characters “who were there at the birth of disco; into their lives; on the streets; at the club; encouraged at every moment to lose themselves in the music and on the dancefloor”.

We’re personally just excited for another dose of the raunchy comedy Spiegelworld is known for.

New Things To Do Downtown Las Vegas

While the pace of change tends to be slower on Fremont Street than on The Strip, there are a few new things to do of note.

Visit Circa

The first new construction casino downtown in decades opened in October of 2020, and if you have yet to stop in, put it at the top of your list. Among our favorite things at Circa include the massive sportsbook, the refurbished Vegas Vickie sign, and the Stadium Swim rooftop pool amphitheater. Seriously, check it out.

Stadium Swim at Circa
Vegas Vickie at Circa Las Vegas
She’s still got it
Circa Las Vegas Sportsbook
Overpowering, in the best way.

Whiskey Licker Up Rotating Bar

The new rotating bar at Binion’s opened in late 2019 and provides an ever-changing view of resorts that line Fremont Street like Circa, Golden Nugget, Golden Gate, and Plaza. The bar is also perched above one of Fremont Street’s live entertainment stages, meaning you’ll have great seats to the show.

View of Fremont Street from Whiskey Licker Up
Don’t worry, it’s a slow rotation.

Coming Soon to Downtown

The Sand Dollar Lounge at Plaza

Coming in early 2022, The Sand Dollar will be located off Plaza’s casino floor and will be a destination for those looking for live music. Aiming to “Resurrect the energy of rock’s golden era”, The Sand Dollar should be a fun hangout. You can learn more about the vision on this episode of Plaza’s “On The Corner of Main” podcast.

Other New Things To Do in Vegas

Omega Mart at Area15

Among the newest things to do at Area15, an entertainment complex just off the Strip, is Omega Mart. Appearing to be a simple supermarket from the outside looking in, further investigation reveals that there’s more to it than meets the eye. Much more.

Portal in the shelving at Omega Mart

For one, the supermarket is stocked with… unique… items that are sure to earn a few chuckles as you browse.

Dig deeper and you’ll uncover a number of “portals” that will transport you to a different world that serves as a feast for your senses.

While guests can attempt to solve the mystery behind Dramcorp, the secretive parent company of Omega Mart, I preferred to wander, explore, and enjoy the scenery.

Portal inside freezer door at Omega Mart
Behind a freezer door – A portal.

I’m not even an “art person” per se, and absolutely loved the time I spent at Omega Mart.

Face skulptures in a mirror room creating an infinity illusion
Red slides at Omega Mart
There are even slides!

The Rest of the Area15 Complex

While Omega Mart is one of the newest things to do at Area15, it’s just one of many things to do at the complex which is a relatively new attraction in itself and worth a visit. You can see a full breakdown of things to do at Area15 here, but options range from rides that dangle you from the ceiling to ax throwing, virtual golf, virtual reality, and visual illusions. Access to the complex is free, however, additional experiences typically have a cost associated with them.

Area15 exterior
Courtesy of Area15
The illuminated skull at Area15

Finding new things to do in Las Vegas is rarely difficult as the constant drumbeat of change marches on. Hopefully, we were able to point you in the direction of new activities in Vegas that you deem worthy of adding to your itinerary.

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