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Review Of The *Mind-Bending* Museum Of Illusions in Las Vegas

Key Points:

  • The Museum showcases an assortment of optical illusions that range from sculptures & illustrations to interactive rooms.

  • My favorite illusions were ones that I got to be a part of (walk-throughs & photo opps) – You’re going to leave with great pictures.

  • I went into my visit skeptical (I’m a bit of a curmudgeon) but was quickly won over. This is well worth the cost of admission.

The Museum of Illusions opened in the summer of 2023 and is located right between Cosmopolitan and the upscale Crystals shopping mall.

Inside, the museum boasts a collection of images, physical sculptures, photo opportunities, and rooms that’ll show you that “nothing is quite as it seems”.

As a connoisseur of Las Vegas attractions myself, I figured it would be fun to stop into the Museum of Illusions to help you determine if it’s worthy of a slot in your itinerary.

Inside The Museum Of Illusions

Visual Illusions

Scattered throughout the venue are visual illusions in various forms. Each illusion comes with instructions detailing how to view it and why your brain perceives it the way it does.

I’d estimate that I found 80% – 90% of the content to be interesting and read every placard in the place.

I don’t want to share everything here, but here are a few examples that should work well on your phone or computer.

Two curved lines on top of each other. One clearly looks longer than the other but they are the same size.,
These two curved lines are the same size. They had a measurement device to verify. I still don’t believe it.
A visual illusion made up of black and white boxes that make horizontal lines look crooked, but they are in fact straight.
These horizontal lines are not crooked.
A visual illusion that looks like a spiral, but upon closer inspection, there is no spiral, just a series of separate circles.
This isn’t a spiral.

In addition to these “wall art” style illusions are sculptures, mirrors, etc. There’s even an “Infity Slot Machine”.

Suffice it to say, there’s a lot of diversity.

A glass tunnel that you are photographed from the other side of making it appear thaere are a lot of you.
Too much me.
3 Sculptures that spin and create their own unique illusions.
Sculptures that spin and create a unique visual.

Immersive Illusions & Photo Opps

Some of the coolest illusions are ones that I was able to be a part of.

Some of my favorites included:

The Vortex Tunnel – This was easily my favorite part of the entire museum. Visitors are tasked with walking on a stationary walkway through a tunnel with rotating imagery around it (pictured below).

The claim is that the rotating drum would throw off your balance, even though the walkway stays completely still.

A tunnel with a stable walkway, and a rotating drum with imagry around it that throws off your balance.
This thing rocked my world.

Skeptical, I barged right onto the walkway holding my camera to video the experience. I didn’t make it two steps before I was clinging to the railing. I legitimately couldn’t stand up.

I don’t know what kind of sorcery that is, but I didn’t expect to experience anything like that. It was amazing.

The Tilted Room – While it doesn’t appear that way in the photo, the floor is tilted at about a 45-degree angle, allowing you to pull off a sick pose.

While the room looks normal, the floor is tilted at an angle. I'm standing at a 45 degree angle, photographing myself in a mirror.
Tilted Room

Head on a Platter – This is a scene where you’re invited to serve yourself, or a member of your family, for dinner.

An illusion that makes it look like my head is being served on a platter on a small table in the corner of the room.
Best photo opp in Vegas?

Handstand on a Caddy – I can’t do a handstand. But you’d never know it from this photo. Look at that form.

A photo opportunity that makes it appear I am doing a handstand on the hood of a pink car.

Infinity Room – I had the chance to do something similar at Area15 about a year ago, but visualizing infinity doesn’t get old.

A mirrored room with christmas ornaments hanging from the ceiling that makes it appear that there are a ton of me extending into the distance.

Beuchet Chair – This one is pretty wild too. There are a series of wooden items protruding from the floor that look nothing like a chair, but photographing the scene from a specific spot makes you look like a tiny person on a huge chair.

Beuchet Chair components on their own. Spread out and looking nothing like  a chair.
Here’s the “chair” from another angle.
The Beuchet Chair from the correct angle, with me standing on it.
Now from the right angle. I look a lot smaller than 6′ 5″.

Ames Room – Two people stand in a room with a slanted floor to create the illusion that one is much larger than the other.

Since I visited on my own, I wasn’t able to tackle it but was provided an image from the Museum of Illusions to articulate the effect.

I watched a few groups work their way through, and their pictures were pretty epic.

A room that creates the illusion that one person is significantly larger than the person standing on the other side of the room as they are.
Ames Room – Courtesy of the Museum of Illusions

Staff Helpfulness

As a solo visitor, the staff was exceptionally helpful. They’re stationed at various photo opportunities to coach you through how to pose, where to stand, and can even snap a picture for you.

Play Area

The Museum of Illusions puts out a good number of puzzles that you’re able to get hands-on with.

While I didn’t spend too much time here, others were really getting into it. Staff members were also milling through explaining the various items, what the goal was, etc.

Your kids are going to love this.

An area within the museum that guests are able to play with numerous puzzles.

Is The Museum Of Illusions Worth the Money?

Tickets to the Museum of Illusions start at $41.73 after fees when buying directly on their website, but I was able to score a ticket on, here, for a total of $32.19 – I suggest pricing them both to get the best deal.

Point blank: I’ve visited a lot of attractions in Las Vegas, and the Museum of Illusions easily ranks as one of the better values in town – It’s legitimately cool. If you’re anything like me, you’re likely to stop and look at, try, pose for, and read everything.

What’s really special are the numerous opportunities for *you* to get into an illusion and create a unique souvenir photograph to bring home. Making these interactive illusions even better are the attentive staff members who coach you through the scenario and snap photos if needed.

I rarely come out of an attraction review without any notable “didn’t likes”, but the Museum Of Illusions has accomplished just that. It’s interesting, creates memories, is great for kids & adults alike, and is a strong value.

In a city where attractions come and go with mind-numbing frequency, the Museum of Illusions is built to last.

Go check it out.

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