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Area15 Las Vegas – Things To Do & A Look Inside!

Key Points:

  • Area15 is an entertainment complex packed with a diverse number of experiences and things to do that include virtual reality, axe throwing, artistic displays, a zipline ride, the popular Omega Mart, and more.
  • While admission to Area15 is free, each activity carries an additional cost.
  • It’s advisable to schedule your desired activities in advance, as timeslots tend to fill quickly.

Area15 is housed in a massive warehouse-like building across I-15 from the Strip, which doesn’t give too many hints as to what goes on within its walls.

Letting my curiosity get the best of me, I figured it was due time to stop into Area15 to see what its all about.

Of course, I brought my camera along with the intent of sharing my experience!

So, What is Area15?

Even after stopping by, summing up Area15 is somewhat difficult. Think of Area15 as a feast for your senses. While not really an “art person” per se, I found Area15 to be captivating.

The show starts outdoors, where there are a number of artistic creations and sculptures on display.

Area15 exterior with exterior art displays visible.
Courtesy of Area15

Among the items on display are a giant owl in flight, a glass prism sculpture, a different take on the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign, and my favorite, the “Infinity Ship” perception tunnel.

Infinity ship was a simple glass tunnel but gave the perception of having much more depth.

Infinity Tunnel at Area15
Infinity Ship at Area15 – Just a tunnel, but gives the illusion of much more depth.
Giant Owl and Prism Art outdoors at  Area15
Outdoor art at Area15
Welcome to Las Vegas sign at Area15
A new take on Betty Willis’ iconic sign.

Once I scoped out the outdoor area, I was let into Area15, where things turned a bit more “Ravey”.

While dabbling in psychedelic drugs has never been a hobby of mine, I can imagine Area15 as being something those that do would enjoy. Guests are immediately welcomed by a giant 3D skull that is brought to life via projector technology.

Illuminated Scull at Area15
The illuminated skull at Area15 that welcomes visitors
Skull at Area15 Illuminated with colorful triangles
Staring at it honestly doesn’t get old.

Sharing the “wow factor” of the illuminated skull was Area15’s Oddwood bar, which boasts an illuminated tree as its centerpiece that’s synchronized to Area15’s music (pictured below). In every direction you look, there’s a new, visually stimulating, piece of art on display.

Oddwood Bar at Area15 Las Vegas
Bar at Area15 with an illuminated tree setting the mood

How Much Does Area15 Cost?

Admission is free, and tickets to get in can be reserved here. That pass allows you to walk around the complex and enjoy the art on display, play yard games on the back patio, and gain access to dining options on-site.

Additional activities and experiences, which I’ll dive into next, can be added to your itinerary for an additional fee of $8-$25 depending on the activity.

Things To Do at Area15

Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart: The newest attraction at Area15 is Omega Mart, a 52,000 square foot “supermarket store experience”. Sounds weird right? It is.

Found inside Omega Mart is an abundance of odd, out-of-this-world, and even humorous product offerings. The trippy part, however, are the portals that you’ll find that lead to “other dimensions”.

This isn’t the type of attraction I’m typically attracted to, but I had a blast exploring. See my full review of Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart.

Reserve tickets in advance, because this one’s in demand.

Omega Mart Ticket Deal: Save up to $10 per ticket by buying through, here.

Exterior of Omega Mart photographed from above.
Portal inside freezer door at Omega Mart
And find a portal…

Birdly: A virtual reality experience, riders on birdly are strapped to what can only be described as a mechanical skeleton that moves like, and positions the rider like a bird.

VR glasses are strapped on, and a fan in front of the rider simulates the wind generated by their simulated flight. Riders choose where they want to fly and options include New York City, or prehistoric worlds.

Birdly at Area15
Birdly – Courtesy of Area15

Haley’s Comet: Riders take a spin on a “roller glider” which is essentially like a zipline/rollercoaster hybrid that is suspended from the roof and takes the rider on an aerial tour of the property.

I recently took a spin and found it to be decidedly “meh” – See my full review of Haley’s Comet at Area15.

Rider strapped into Haley's Comet at Area15
A rider on Haley’s Comet – Courtesy of Area15

Museum Fiasco “Cluster”: Cluster is an immersive experience that will stimulate your senses.

Think of it as an expertly synchronized sound and light show in a cavernous warehouse in which the artist has used the columns and depth of the space spectacularly. Tickets are $18 for adults and are worth every penny.

I recently stopped by to experience “Cluster” – See my Museum Fiasco review!

Pillars in Museum Fiasco are illuminated in Red.
Museum Fiasco – Courtesy of Area15

Emporium: Think cosmic bowling, but instead, Emporium at Area15 is an arcade with similar decor and theming. Complete with a bar, pool tables, and arcade favorites, Emporium is a great spot to let your inner kid out to play.

Note that Emporium is 21+ though, so leave your actual kids behind.

Exterior of the Emporium Arcade at Area15
Courtesy of Area15

Illuminarium: Leveraging 360-degree video screens, scents, and in-floor vibrations, Illuminarium transports guests to deep space, a Tokyo night market, and an African safari.

At night, the venue transforms into one of the more unique cocktail lounges in Las Vegas.

I recently stopped to experience “Space: An Experience Beyond Earth” – See my Illuminarium Review!

2 planets are displayed on the screen, with the darkness of space and stars in the background.

O’Keefe: One Hundred Flowers: Calling the same venue as Illuminarium home, this attraction is a tribute to Georgia O’Keefe, who is known for her artistic depiction of flowers. Guests have the opportunity to watch her paintings come to life around them in a 360-degree projection room.

Particle Quest: Another VR experience, Particle Quest exposes participants to stunning visuals while seeking out the true origins of Area15.

Wink World: Ever wonder what infinity looks like? Look into portals that are intended to give you just that – A visual representation of infinity.

I recently stopped by and wrote up a review of Wink World at Area15 – It wasn’t my favorite attraction, but others disagree.

Exterior of Wink World at Area15
Photo: Laurent Velasquez – Courtesy of Area15

Dueling Axes: Few places allow you to combine the consumption of intoxicating substances with throwing axes at a target. I invite you to meet Dueling Axes. With 18 throwing lanes that each accommodate up to 6 guests, you’re sure to have a unique experience.

Exterior of Dueling Axes at Area15
Courtesy of Area15

Oz Experience: OZ is an immersive virtual reality experience that transports riders to either deep space or the fictional Birdly King Land. The ride lasts about 3 minutes and costs $13.50 for adults.

The exterior of OZ experience at Area15.
Courtesy of Area15

Five Iron Golf: Play a found of golf with your friends on a simulated screen with a fresh cocktail never far away. Especially if you prefer to avoid golfing in the summer heat, this could be a great option.

Exterior of Five Iron Golf
Courtesy of Area15

LIFTOFF: An “aerial experience”, LIFTOFF elevates riders to a height of 130-feet, providing a great panoramic view of Las Vegas. Before boarding, guests have the opportunity to purchase a cocktail at the LIFTOFF Lounge, which can also be brought onto the ride.

LIftoff tower at night.
Courtesy of Area15

Live Music: Area15 also frequently hosts live music and events. You can check the calendar for upcoming shows here.

In addition to the Experiences at Area15, there is also an outdoor patio with yard games like cornhole, oversized cornhole, giant Jenga, giant Connect 4, and some wild “Mad Max” looking vehicles on display.

Outdoor patio at Area15
Courtesy of Area15

Experience Passes: Notably, Area15 combines experiences into convenient experience passes that allow you to save a few bucks by bundling things to do. Experience passes are available in bundles of 4, 5, 8, and 10 experiences.

More Coming Soon

Excitingly, Area15 is adding a new year-round horror attraction, which will be a product of Universal Parks & Resorts.

Although details are still absent, the 110,000 square feet attraction will “Bring to life Universal’s vast library of classic horror films and today’s most terrifying tales”.

A rendering of a haunted house with red light seeping out the windows and doors. A group of tourists walks in and is about to be greeted by spooky figures in costume.
Courtesy of Universal Parks

What’s the Best Way to Get to Area15?

The entertainment complex is a short drive (10 mins) from the Las Vegas Strip, and free parking is provided.

There’s also a dedicated rideshare dropoff and pickup location – An Uber from the Strip only cost $12 plus tip in my case.

Is Area15 Worth Visiting

Area15 is a trippy, feast for the eyes that allows visitors to craft their own itinerary based on their interests.

With activities that include pool, an arcade, virtual golf, a zipline, artistic displays, and more, I promise that there’s something that you’ll enjoy.

Understandably, this type of attraction in Las Vegas won’t be for everyone, and that’s OK! Vegas is a gambling town focused on vices, and that’s exactly what many of the city’s 40+ million visitors prefer.

With that being said, if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary to tackle, or something the entire family can enjoy, then Area15 is a great option.

Below are some additional photos that I snapped of the complex!

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Omega Mart sign at Area15
Bar with the “coming soon” Mega Mart in the background
Artistic display at Area15
Area15 complex photographed from above
Artistic display constructed from ice cream scoops
Who knew you could make art out of ice cream scoops?
Decorative pipes at Area15
Even Pipes can be decorative
Dragon statue outside at Area15
Outdoor Art at Area15
Chrome statue depicting 2 people embracing outdoors at Area15
Outdoor art in front of Area15
colorful prism sculpture outdoors at Area15
Owl statue outdoors at Area15
Owl in flight at Area15
Damaged airplane display outdoors at Area15
Wrecked Airplane on display in Area15 Parking Lot
Unique vehicle made of pipes and poles at Area15
Unique “Mad Max” vehicle on the back patio at Area15
Visual illusiaon crated by colorful streamers hanging from fans at Area15
Streamers hung from cieling fans are more mexmorizing than I imagined they could be.
Illuminated skull at Area15
One last shot of the skull at Area15

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