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Where to Find Silver Strike Slot Games in Vegas

Silver Strike slot machines, which have attracted a cult following, are becoming harder and harder to find in Las Vegas. Silver Strike has become popular due to the collectible tokens that are dispensed when players line up the “Silver Strike” symbol on the 3rd line of the machine.

Strikes dispensed are minted with imagery specific to the casino in which they are won, and are often rare, or limited in nature. Players rarely cash Silver Strike tokens in, and there is a vibrant second-hand market on Ebay, and similar websites.

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What Las Vegas Casinos Still Offer Silver Strike?

Note that the positioning of Silver Strike games within the casino can, and will change somewhat frequently. We’ll do our best to keep locations up to date!


Currently, Plaza offers players 2 Silver Strike machines. Both are located directly in front of the casino cashier cage. They are currently stocked with a promotional 50th Anniversary Silver Strike token to celebrate Plaza’s birthday.

4 Queens

Offering players the most extensive selection of Silver Strike slot machines in Las Vegas, 4 Queens seemingly has them sprinkled across the gaming floor. While 9 out of their 10 machines only disburse $10 Silver Strike Tokens, the machine closest to the entrance (on the Golden Nugget side of the property) also dispenses $40 face value strikes with a yellow cap.

Sadly, El Cortez recently permanently removed their last Silver Strike machine. I asked a couple of slot attendants and they both seemed to think it was gone forever.

Although they once were, Silver Strikes are no longer offered at any Las Vegas Strip casino that we are aware of.

Silver Strike Slot Macine
This is what you’re looking for.

Red Rock

Excitingly, Silver Strike slot machines were recently installed at Red Rock, which is located away from the Strip. Scamper on over and add to your collection!

How Often are Silver Strike Tokens Dispensed

It’s a difficult question as there is no firm answer. I can only work off of my own limited experience. On my recent visit, I ran $20 through a Silver Strike machine at each of the casinos listed above.

I was awarded 2 Silver Strikes at Plaza, 2 Silver Strikes at 4 Queens (including a yellow cap $40 strike), and 1 at El Cortez. My assumption is that I ran hot and that the rate I won at isn’t indicative of future results. Let us know in the comments what you win!

As a differentiated slot experience, we would definitely encourage you to check out Silver Strike next time you are in Vegas! Who knows, you may end up with a valuable souvenir.

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Saturday 21st of November 2020

I was in Vegas this week and was told about this machine. I went to all three casinos found that the El Cortez odds were not as good as the other two. Maybe because they only had 1 of these machines in their casino. The Plaza has 2 of them and I can say I felt the odds pretty good here. They only have 2 machines but for $20 I average 2 per $20. 😱. The 4 queens now have quite a few of these machines but I still averaged 2 per $20. Love love this machine. Now I must look for the “theme” behind these coins.. My guess for the Four Queens is Butts and Boobs.. any other ideas regarding the 5 coins from the 4 Queens?

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.