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Wynn Slots App – Can You Earn a Truly Free Room?

As one of the premier properties in Vegas, Wynn has been on my “to stay at” list for some time.

Unfortunately, my frugal nature typically takes over at booking time and I opt for the comped room at a mid-tier Caesars or MGM property.

Now, I’m not the type to grind out rewards on slot apps. MyVegas was a hobby of mine that came and subsequently faded quickly as paying $15 bucks for an attraction was easier than earning it via hours of gameplay.

Somehow though, a stay at Wynn seemed worth the potential time investment.

Most importantly, I figured it would be fun to report back to our blog’s followers how much work would go into earning a free room and whether or not the effort was worthwhile.

Quick Note on Wynn Slots Game Play

First, it’s likely helpful to define a few terms that we’ll reference:

  • Coins: The currency used to play Wynn Slots. The game starts you with some seed money, but then it’s up to you to either buy more or harvest free coins in the game.
  • Gems: The currency used to buy free room nights in the app. You earn purple gems based on your slot play. The more gold coins you bet per pull, the faster you accumulate purple gems.
  • VIP Points: A separate scoring system requiring you to accumulate 20,000 VIP Points to earn “VIP level 3” which unlocks the ability to book a free room for up to 2 nights. VIP Points are accumulated through event completion, harvesting your gold chest/wheel, and in-app purchases of coins.
Wynn Slots App booking calendar.
Booking page within the Wynn Slots App – Get those gems!

The Wynn Slots app provides free gold coins daily, but the rewards are on a timer. Unfortunately, although coins are easy to obtain, in-app purchases of coins are now needed to reach the 20,000 VIP points needed to reach “VIP Level 3” and book a room.

There are 3 timed redemption options for free chips:

  • Silver Chest: Redeemable every 15 minutes, this chest offers the smallest amount of gold coins, albeit frequently available.
  • Gold Chest: Redeemable every 3 hours, the amount of gold coins harvested is a tad more substantial. You also receive 1 VIP point every time you redeem the gold chest.
  • The Wheel: Redeemable every 12 hours, the wheel can grow your bankroll quickly if you manage a lucky spin. Ensure you spin the wheel at least 1x every day. If you do so, you will work your way up to a 3x multiplier for all of the free coin harvesting options listed here. Additionally, you will earn 1 VIP point per redemption.
Wynn Slots chests used for free chip harvesting
Your free harvesting options – Stay on top of them!

If my gold coins run low, I try to rely exclusively on harvesting my treasure chests/the wheel. Now that in-app purchases are needed to get yourself to the room booking threshold, you can feel free to spend on coins, but don’t forget to cash in the freebies throughout the day.

Below, we’ll take a closer look at the 2 assets you need to earn to book a room via the Wynn Slots app – Gems and VIP Points.

Earning Gems

Full disclosure, earning enough gems to be able to book a room will be a time-consuming grind. Purple gems (used to purchase free room nights) accumulate very slowly.

When playing slots at the minimum bet allowed, it takes hundreds of spins to accumulate one additional purple gem.

To put that into perspective, you need about 1,700 gems at a minimum to purchase one room night. To earn a freebie, you’ll need to accumulate a LOT of spins and conserve your gold coin bankroll. As your bankroll grows, however, your per-spin wager can be increased to accumulate purple gems at a faster clip.

As you play slots on the app, you’ll notice that your “level” increases the more you play. Every new level achieved awards you with a gold coin bonus.

Exciting right? Not exactly.

As you climb the levels, you need to run more and more coins through the slots to earn gems. While your first room night may be easy to earn, subsequent room nights will be more challenging.

Earning VIP Points and “VIP Level 3”

Remember, in addition to earning enough purple gems to book a room you also need to earn enough VIP points (20,000) to get to “VIP Level 3”.

VIP Points are earned by completing events, harvesting your gold treasure chest/wheel, and spending money in the app. Accumulating VIP Points is a tedious process, however, in-app purchases accelerate that process greatly.

It is now, unfortunately, impossible to earn enough VIP points solely through gameplay. In-app purchases will be needed to close the gap and get you to “VIP Level 3”.

After each 90-day period, VIP Points are reset to zero and you again have 90 days to earn the next level. Although VIP points zero out after 90 days, you maintain the VIP level earned, and any benefits that level affords, for an additional 90 days.

Wynn Slots App VIP Profile
Even though I have more than enough gems to purchase a room, now i need to earn enough VIP Points to earn VIP level 2 – I’m not close.

How Much Will I Need To Pay to Earn a “Free” Room?

Although it was once possible to earn a free stay at Wynn via the Wynn Slots app, that is no longer the case, however, you can still get a pretty darn good deal. Below, are the maximum in-app spend amounts needed to earn each VIP Level:

VIP Level 3: $200 of in-app purchases would get you to the 20,000 VIP points needed to book a 2-night stay.

VIP Level 4: $400 of in-app purchases would get you to the 40,000 VIP points needed to book a 3-night stay.

VIP Level 5: $750 of in-app purchases would get you to the 75,000 VIP points needed to book a 4-night stay.

Note that those are MAXIMUM spend amounts, meaning, any VIP points earned via gameplay can reduce the amount you need to spend.

This still shakes out to be a pretty good deal as players that book through the Wynn Slots app are not required to pay taxes or resort fees, which are a whopping $45 per night at Wynn & Encore. I personally just booked a 2-night stay and paid a total of $200 for a room that would have cost $189 per night plus resort fees. Not bad.

Wynn Slots Strategy

The strategy I employ is very straightforward. You’ll want to be hyper-vigilant about harvesting your free coins, and play exclusively when events are running.

Events are posted in the bottom middle of your screen when logged into the app. Events reward you for reaching specific milestones achieved as a result of your slot play with scratch tickets.

Once you hit those milestones, you’ll be awarded a scratch-off ticket that will award additional coins, helping you to build your bankroll.

Examples of those milestones could include racking up 400 total spins, winning 50 million total gold coins on slots, earning 5 free spins, etc.

Once all the milestones are completed by you as a player and you scratched your tickets to earn your free gold coins for each, you are given one additional scratch ticket for completing all of the milestones in the event.

I found it important to only play as part of an event where additional gold coins could be earned by completing the milestones.

I never played slots outside of an event as there wasn’t as much upside. Using this strategy, I was able to slowly grow my gold coin bankroll, which allowed me to slowly increase my per-spin wager which resulted in a quicker accumulation of valuable purple gems.

Wynn Slots game selection screenshot
Notice the “4th of July Parade” event running. Click that to gauge what milestones will be rewarded.
Wynn Slots event screen
When I click into the event – These are the rewarded milestones.

Is the Wynn Slots App Worth Playing?

Look, this game is a grind, and requires thousands and thousands and thousands of spins. I’d typically set the app to autospin 500 times while I walked away and did other things, or just turned my phone over while the app churned out purple gems slowly so that it wouldn’t consume my life.

If you watch every spin needed to earn a comped room, you’ll be investing more time than the freebie is worth.

I’d recommend downloading the app on a secondary device so it can run in the background while not tying up your cell phone.

Will I Be Playing Going Forward?

At this point, I’ve now used the Wynn Slots app to book two separate stays. While the first trip was a tremendous value, I needed to pay almost as much for in-app purchases for my second stay as the room would have cost normally.

After that first booking or two, the app loses its value appeal in my opinion…

Following my second stay, it pains me to say that I’ve deleted the app from my phone as it’s nearly impossible to score a discounted room after your first booking – Remember, as you play, purple gems get harder and harder to earn, meaning free room nights are tougher to come by.

My recommendation is to take advantage of that first booking via the Wynn Slots app which should only necessitate you spend $200 within the app and then pump the brakes as rooms only get more difficult to earn.

The Verdict: Can a Completely Free Room Be Earned?

Not anymore.

It’s now impossible to earn the 20,000 VIP points needed to earn VIP Level 3 without in-app purchases. With that in mind, paying a maximum of $200 out of pocket for a 2-night stay at one of the nicest hotels in Las Vegas still represents a decent value in my opinion.

As for the app gameplay itself, the design is quite impressive, the graphics are captivating and the gameplay is just as you would expect on a real-life slot machine. Bonus games/free spins that are awarded are honestly fun to watch and large progressive jackpots keep you chasing the dream of unlimited gold coins.

Variety of game type is another win for the App which features various themes, formats, and free play/bonus options – there is a game for every type of slot player.

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Sunday 6th of March 2022

The Wynn app It’s not that bad though. I have stayed at the Wynn multiple times because of this app. But I’ve been playing it for a while.


Sunday 6th of March 2022

The My Vegas App is a lot easier. I can run 3 different devices playing three different types of games and get emails with extra coins. There are also pages you can go to they also give you free coins. I I can stay at multiple hotels for free. I think that one has better benefits. Hotel rooms shows money to gamble food. The Wynn app only has rooms now. And it takes a lot longer to accumulate those gems.

Travis Wolf

Tuesday 17th of September 2019

How can one ever get to Crown 2 level to get a free room? I have 8200 gems and they gave me 30 days to get over 2500 Vip points. it is impossible to get 2500 to get to Level 2 for a room in 30 days.. I have been letting it play most of of 3 days and only have 188 Vip points. you would think I would get a notice to book before this new fuckme program was installed. no notice at all and now I cant get to my gems with this 2500 plus rule. and when reading it it says they should give me 90 days to reach that. instead it started at 30.

Friday 15th of November 2019

If you have a large enough bankroll you can get over 100 VIP points per day. Each day I do both Wheel Spins (30 VIP Points), approximately 6 Gold Chests (30 VIP Points), 4-5 Events that award 9 VIPs for completing (36-45 points), the late afternoon event is the one you have to do because it's worth 25 VIP Points. So all together I get over 100 a day. If you stay up late or wake up in the middle of the night you can finish another event or pop another Gold Chest.

Soph Kosinski

Thursday 14th of November 2019

These Fucks. I began 04/10/19, 1200 Gems were needed to earn a comp stay. Every single bloody time that I reached the end goal total amount of Gems to book, the future dates I had been focusing on redeeming were now upped 200~400 Gems each passing month. The Gems earned that month in order to book the following month, were now hundreds of Gems short, overnight, because the Gem amounts were being hiked up bi~monthly.

I'm you, and you're me. And they are Lame fucks. I've spent six months at this, alls I see is a dangling carrot fr

Steven Brecker

Monday 8th of July 2019

Just read Wynn's terms and conditions which state that a $39.00 resort fee will not appear on the online booking but will be charged for both paid and complementary nites at the hotel on the final bill.


Monday 8th of July 2019

Hey Steven - Thanks for the note! I just called to confirm that you are correct and I have updated accordingly! Thanks!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.