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A Look Inside Pinkbox Doughnuts – Plaza Las Vegas

Plaza is on a tear, adding fresh amenities left and right that are intended to increase the resort’s appeal and draw in the masses.

Examples of this include a Brian Christopher branded smoke-free casino, a new outdoor Carousel Bar, an outdoor seating area at Oscar’s Steakhouse, The Sand Dollar live music venue, and of course, Pinkbox Doughnuts.

Pinkbox Doughnuts was integrated into Plaza’s front facade, which allows for easy access for guests staying at the resort in addition to those staying elsewhere on Fremont Street.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Pinkbox brand, the 24-hour chain of doughnut shops is known for unique pastries that break the mold and redefine expectations.

According to their story, the product is meant to have a “fun personality” and make people say “WOW”.

While they offer the classics like glazed doughnuts, apple fritters, cake doughnuts, and cinnamon rolls, the real draw are the pastries that fall into their “Show Off” category which includes “Pooh” and “Pinkey” which are…. Poo emoji-shaped cake donuts filled with buttercream.

Their display case is unlike anything you’ve seen, bursting with colors, textures, and shapes not typical in a bakery. It’s art.

Given the uniqueness of the offering, I thought it would be fun to stop in and check out the baked goods to help you determine if Pinkbox deserves a slot in your Las Vegas itinerary.

It’s hard to miss.

Exterior of Pinkbox Doughnuts at Plaza, which is very pink and features a door that forces you to walk through a pink doughnut.

Inside Pinkbox Doughnuts at Plaza

Inside, the color scheme is unsurprisingly… Pink.

The pink and white striped floor, graffiti accent wall, coffee spilling behind the counter, and illuminated 3D sprinkles make this place just as visually distinctive as the baked goods in the display case.

A wide angle picture of the  doughnut shop which has a pink and white striped floor, pink walls, and a pink ceiling.
Another angle of Pinkbox's interior that shows the ordering and display counter.

My visit occurred first thing in the morning at about 8 am, and crowds were relatively light. Just know that mid-morning lines can be a little bit more intimidating.

The doughnut selection at Pinkbox is insane, with options ranging from basic to over-the-top pastries that are designed to impress.

According to Pinkbox’s website, everything is baked fresh daily. Pricing is based on what category they fall into based on their complexity and fanciness.

Prices are subject to change, but during my visit, they were as follows:

  • “OG Classic”: $1.95 each
  • “Good Fellas”: $2.75 each
  • “Fancy Pancy”: $ 3.85 each
  • “Show Offs”: $4.55 each
  • “Doughcro”: $4.50 each
  • Vegan: $4.50 each
  • Raiders and Golden Knights: $5.25 each

Each doughnut’s tag in the display case clearly calls out its pricing category on the label.

Just look at this eye candy.

An illuminated display case showing off around 50 doughnuts.
Close up of about 10 indovidual pastries in the case.
Close up of about 10 other pastries  in the display case.
Close up of patries that include Raiders and Vegas Golden Knight Options.

In addition to pastries, coffee, and food items, Pinkbox Doughnuts also had a merchandise section that was getting a good amount of attention.

After all, risque is fun!

Sweatshirts, hats, and shirts with the Pinkbox logo on it.

Although I didn’t order a doughnut due to a huge meal I just devoured at Hash House a Go Go, it’s clear that Pinkbox Doughnuts is a solid addition to downtown Las Vegas.

I recommend you check it out the next time you’re on Fremont Street!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.