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Review of The Adventuredome at Circus Circus – Look Inside!

Key Points:

  • The Adventuredome’s 25 rides range from little kid-friendly to adventurous rollercoasters – There’s something for all tastes.
  • I was surprised at how well-maintained the amusement park was, bucking the trend of the broader resort.
  • The Adventuredome easily ranks among the top things to do with kids in Vegas.

Circus Circus is located on the north end of the Las Vegas Strip and is known for its kid-friendly attractions and things to do that include an arcade, water park, circus acts, and of course, The Adventuredome.

The Adventuredome is a 5-acre indoor amusement park that’s home to 25 rides that range from low-key to thrilling.

Considering the attraction’s popularity, I thought it would be helpful to stop in and give you a look inside The Adventuredome so that you can determine whether or not it’s worth slotting into your itinerary!

Circus Circus Exterior at Night

Adventuredome Ticketing & Prices

All-Day Passes are available on Circus Circus’ website and cost $60 for an all-day wristband for those over 48″ tall.

If your kid is under 48″ tall, their all-day wristband will cost just $30.

Wristbands are also available for purchase at the venue, and the easiest way to procure them is at the automated kiosks near the Adventuredome entrance which rarely had a wait.

2 automated ticketing kiosks stand side by side.

My Experience at Circus Circus’ Adventuredome

Let me start this review by pointing out that I’ve historically been plenty critical of Circus Circus.

From my stay in their hotel to my experience at the buffet, the resort has left me feeling underwhelmed for some time.

That’s not to say there’s no reason to visit, however.

Circus Circus is the only Strip casino that still offers old-school token slots, is home to one of the best steakhouses in Vegas, and even offers free circus act shows.

A bank of $1 token slots at Circus Circus
You can almost hear the metallic ting of this picture.

The truth is though, the resort’s overall state of disrepair, tougher clientele, and abundance of kids usually have me steering clear.

Stepping Into The Adventuredome

Before this visit, it had been a while since I stopped by The Adventuredome, however, my first impressions of the indoor theme park were solid.

The sight of rides spinning, lights twinkling, and the sounds of a lively amusement park instantly got the endorphins flowing and generated a feeling of excitement, even in a middle-aged curmudgeon like myself.

Bucking the trend of the broader resort, The Adventuredome was in pretty darn good shape from a maintenance perspective. No “run down” vibes here whatsoever.

Rides at The Adventuredome

Rides span the age spectrum and range from tame and leisurely to adrenaline-inducing.

Tamer options that little kids will be drawn to include a merry-go-round, swings, a carousel, a hopper, bumper cars, a Ferris wheel, and spinning teacups.

Here are some images of your options:

A ferris wheel with seating that looks like hot air balloons.
Bumper cars sitting empty waiting for the next round of riders.
A ride where riders sit in spinning teacups.
A circular kids ride where riders go around in a circle and over little hills along the track.
A school bus ride that acts as a ferris wheel of sorts.
A circular swing ride that spins riders in a circle slowly.

The real draw of the Adventuredome in my opinion is their selection of more extreme and thrilling rides.

Every time I stop in, I’m amazed at how many different rides they’ve been able to squeeze into the relatively small footprint by amusement park standards.

Examples of more adventurous rides include:

Canyon Blaster & El Loco Rollercoasters: Both “Canyon Blaster and “El Loco” incorporate drops, twists, speed, and upside-down sections of track to thrill riders.

Although the Adventuredome is billed as a “kid-friendly attraction”, rest assured, there’s plenty here for older teens and even adults.

The track of El Loco rollercoaster at Circus Circus with the venue's pink glass ceiling above.
El Loco
The track for Canyon Blaster twists through rocks with the pink glass ceiling in the background.
Canyon Blaster

Sand Pirates: A ship that swings back and forth like a pendulum, Sand Pirates packs a bunch of “drops” into one ride.

The pirate ship that is Sand Pirates is swung up and to the side in a nearly vertical position.
Sand Pirates

Disk’O: Akin to a snowboard half pipe, Disk’O seats riders on a circular disk that spins as it rides the track back and forth.

DiskO riding up one side of its half pipe track.

Inverter: Passengers are strapped into a platform that’s then swung like a pendulum back and forth until it finally reaches a full circle, flipping riders upside down at the top.

Make sure you empty out your pockets!

Inverter has it's passenter seating area extended towards the roof and upside down.

Nebula Z: A newer addition, Nebula Z gives riders the opportunity to sit at the end of one of 4 “arms” that then flail in unison, giving the illusion that you’re coming close to crashing into your fellow riders.

It’s chaotic in the best way.

Nebula Z ready to start spinning a fresh batch of riders.
Nebula Z

Sling Shot: A ride that is similar to the Big Shot atop STRAT’s SkyPod Tower, Sling Shot fires riders straight up with 4Gs of acceleration, transitioning into a drop after you hit max height.

Riders are at the top of Sling Shot's metal tower.
Sling Shot

There’s More Than Rides

Other things to do within The Adventuredome include arcade & carnival-style games scattered about everywhere, plenty of air hockey tables, a mini golf course, laser tag, face painting, virtual reality experiences, and an FX 4D Theater that features Scooby Doo and Ice Age short films.

2 signs flank a hallway advertising 4D movies playing.
Apparently, the 4D theater is just down this creepy, dark tunnel.
A carnival game where particpants try to land a wiffle ball on a floating lillypad to earn one of the stuffed prizes hanging overhead.
Plenty of opportunities to test your skill.
A line of empty air hockey tables along the wall at the Adventuredome.
Dad vs. the Kids – Show ’em who’s boss.
Entrance to Pirates Bounty Mini golf course.
Several holes wof the mini golf course, which has pirate theming elements like treasure chests and a statue of a pirate.
Entrance to Laser tag within the Adventuredome.

Food & Drink Options

Those who get hit with hunger won’t need to leave the amusement park as there are quick-serve options serving kid-friendly food like pizza, hot dogs, and ice cream.

Exterior of a quick serve restaurant that advertises hot dogs, pizza, and cold drinks.

Parents, I know the idea of spending a day dodging other people’s kids can be a daunting thought. Fortunately, you can get a drink or seven at the Cactus Bar.

Whew. Crisis averted.

Cactus Bar at Circus Circus Adventuredome.

Overall Condition of The Adventuredome

As I mentioned above, I don’t hold back when it comes to criticizing Circus Circus for the resort’s deteriorating condition. On the whole, words I’d use to describe Circus Circus include “neglected”, “divey”, and even “depressing”.

I’m happy to report that the Adventuredome was none of those things. The venue was in great shape and genuinely created excitement with the abundance of rides, noises, lights, and atmosphere.

I was impressed.

The Verdict: Is the Adventuredome at Circus Circus Worth Doing?

If you’re looking for things to do in Las Vegas with kids, The Adventuredome at Circus Circus needs to be atop your list.

Although I feel the attraction is a bit overpriced at $30/$60 per person, your kids are guaranteed to love it. The rides are legitimately cool, and there are options that span the spectrum from tame to adventurous.

The fact that you’re buying an all-day pass could also help you get your money’s worth provided you stick around a while.

Of course, I recommend parlaying this trip with a stop at Circus Circus’ sprawling arcade, which is home to an abundance of arcade and carnival games. It’s the biggest, best, and most chaotic arcade in Las Vegas.

If you’re lugging the whole family to Las Vegas, make sure you prioritize a trip to The Adventuredome at Circus Circus. You’ll make a memory that’ll last a lifetime.

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