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People Watching Perches in Las Vegas – See Some Wild!

The lights and promise of Las Vegas attract some… interesting people (to put it lightly).

With over 40 million visitors flocking to Sin City every year, there’s a LOT of “weirdness” to see.

In fact, sitting back to watch people from every walk of life mill past has easily become one of my favorite free things to do in Vegas.

Odd things you can see while people watching include individuals under the influence of various chemicals, outrageous outfits, couples feuding over gambling losses, street performers, and so much more. It’s endless entertainment.

Over the years, I’ve stumbled across some prime perches to watch the world pass by – Here are some of my favorites.

Best Places to People Watch on the Strip

Beer Park at Paris: Found on the rooftop at Paris, getting a seat on Beer Park’s front railing will give you a great vantage point of the Strip below.

As a bonus, you’ll also have a great view of the Fountains of Bellagio across the street.

View of Las Vegas Blvd. and Caesars Palace from Beer Park
Grab a seat on that railing.

Mon Ami Gabi and Hexx at Paris: Both restaurants offer outdoor seating RIGHT along the Strip, and you’ll have the opportunity to see the throngs pass by as you dine and/or drink.

Stop into Alexxa’s for brunch and enjoy bottomless mimosas for a small upcharge!

Mon Ami Gabi's exterior with replica eiffel tower
Mon Ami Gabi at Paris – ©csfotoimages/123RF.COM

AmeriCAN at LINQ: The outdoor seating area at AmeriCAN, a bar specializing in canned beer, is prime real estate.

Other bars along the LINQ promenade like Virgil’s BBQ and Chayo Mexicano also offer outdoor seating with a view of folks walking by.

Both Virgil’s and AmeriCAN offer solid happy hour deals.

AmeriCAN's exterior along the outdoor LINQ Promenade
Courtesy of Caesars Entertainment

El Segundo Sol at the Fashion Show Mall: A recent discovery of mine, El Segundo Sol is a Mexican restaurant located in front of the Fashion Show Mall overlooking the Strip.

While most seats at the restaurant don’t offer good people watching, a number of seats found in the bar area do. Grab a table right along the railing to have a view.

Fashion Show Mall exterior

Guy Fieri’s Patio at LINQ: Nestled between LINQ and Harrah’s, the walkway outside of Guy Fieri’s is among the busiest in Las Vegas.

In addition to throngs of people, there are commonly a number of street performers (of varying talent and costume quality) that’ll be visible. Ensure you request outdoor seating, as you won’t have a view if stuck inside.

Outdoor patio seating at Guy Fieri's at LINQ.
You’re sure to see some “interesting” from this perch.

Re:Match at LINQ: Found in the front facade of LINQ, Re:Match is a video game-themed bar with a line of outdoor bar seating right on the Strip. You’ll be so close to the people you’re watching that you can reach out and touch ’em (not recommended).

Outdoor seating at Re:Match with Strip resorts in the background
Re:Match – Courtesy of Caesars Entertainment

Best Places to People Watch on Fremont Street

If you’ve been to Las Vegas in the past, you know that while people watching on the Strip is great, Fremont Street dials it up a notch.

That difference is mainly due to the subset of society that downtown Las Vegas attracts vs. the Strip… To put it mildly, things get weird.

Whiskey Licker Up at Binion’s: Easily qualifying as my favorite spot to people watch on Fremont Street, the second-floor bar has seating along the windows that overlook the Fremont Street Experience below.

Bar overlooking Fremont Street at Binion's
Hard to find a better people watching perch in Vegas.

Hennessey’s Tavern on Fremont Street: A number of tables are available on an outdoor patio at Hennessey’s, which serves a selection of Irish and American food in addition to drinks. The patio overlooks Fremont Street and the people walking along it.

Exterior of Hennessy's Tavern and Neonopolis
Hennessey’s is on the left – ©jiawangkun/123RF.COM

Outdoor Bars Along Fremont Street: Ground-level bars outdoors along Fremont Street like the Patio Bar at 4 Queens, Whiskey Licker at Binion’s, Stage Bar at Golden Nugget, and Cowgirl Up Catina at Binion’s all offer some of the best people watching in town.

Patio Bar sits empty outside 4 Queens
Patio Bar at 4 Queens – ©jiawangkun/123RF

The only knock on the outdoor bars is that they can be LOUD. Both the noise from the Fremont Street Experience’s speakers and street performers can make conversation difficult if not impossible.

Carousel Bar at Plaza: A new bar located under Plaza’s dome, Carousel Bar allows you to take in the madness of Fremont Street with a cocktail in hand.

My favorite aspect of Plaza’s Carousel Bar is that the deafening noise present at other bars along Fremont Street isn’t present – You can actually have a conversation.

Exterior of Plaza's new carousel bar.

Hopefully, I was able to help you identify a spot to people watch in Las Vegas that works for you and your group! Grab a drink and enjoy the show!

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Feature Image Credit:©ivantagan/123RF

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Saturday 10th of June 2023

What’s the best place close to Aria?


Sunday 11th of June 2023

@Lauren, Beer Park at Paris or (my favorite) Flamingo’s outdoor bar!

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