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5 Best Buffets in Las Vegas – On The Strip & Nearby – Ranked

Key Points:

  • The top 3 buffets on the Strip are Bacchanal at Caesars, Wicked Spoon at Cosmopolitan, and The Buffet at Wynn.
  • Among those three, the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace is the best in town, and it’s not particularly close.
  • Although away from the Strip, Palms’ AYCE Buffet is comparable to top options on the Strip, for less.

Buffets have been a staple of the Las Vegas culinary scene for decades, and although fewer are open now than before the pandemic, plenty of options remain that span the price/quality spectrum.

As I’ve personally eaten at every Las Vegas buffet, I thought it would be fun to highlight the best of the best.

It’s important to note that the best Las Vegas buffets come with a hefty price tag of around $50 – $80 depending on the meal, day of the week, etc. – By no means is this a breakdown of the cheapest buffets in Vegas.

While that cash outlay is no joke, rest assured, you’re paying for quality. These buffets are a FAR cry from the troughs of yellow and blue goop you saw on “Vegas Vacation”.

Instead of troughs of institutional mashed potatoes and gravy, these high-end buffets serve unique, high-quality items like squid ink pasta, wild boar, salmon with seared tomato creme, and even bone marrow.

While my breakdown of the best buffets on the Strip and nearby in Las Vegas will include pictures from my visit, MANY more photos can be seen by clicking through to my full review of each buffet.

Best Buffets On The Strip

4. The Buffet at Bellagio

Bellagio is known for luxurious amenities, and that quality extends to their buffet, which is open for brunch daily, and dinner on select days of the week (see up-to-date Bellagio Buffet hours & pricing).

My last visit was during brunch and I was impressed by the wide-ranging breakfast and lunch items available.

On the breakfast side of the house were items like French toast, waffles (branded with Bellagio’s logo), apple crepes, a yogurt bar, fresh fruit, biscuits and gravy, and eggs benedict in addition to traditional breakfast fare.

Among the more popular draws for breakfast was the buffet’s live-action omelet station which allowed guests to select their preferred meats, veggies, and cheese.

Waffles and Apple Crepes
Waffles and Apple Crepes

My favorite item was a massive “Uncle Buck Style” pancake that was then cut up into square pieces for guests to take.

Waffles and a massive pancake cut into square pieces
Waffles with the sliced-up massive pancake to the right.

On the lunch/dinner side of the menu was an impressive selection of seafood options like mussels in garlic white wine sauce, smoked salmon, poached shrimp, Alaskan king crab, scallop ceviche, clams, and shrimp shu mai.

Pizza, pasta, Asian-inspired dishes, and fried chicken were also ready for consumption.

Prime rib was also served at the carving station, which is notable because it’s disappearing at lower-tier buffets across Vegas. Other meats offered at the station include marinated flank steak, rotisserie chicken, and St. Louis-style ribs.

My favorite lunch items were the single-serve bacon mac & cheese and the mini gyro pictured below.

Single Serving of bacon mac and cheese
Mini Gyro in an individual serving dish

As you’d expect from an upscale buffet, Bellagio keeps the dessert counter stocked with items that are as visually appealing as they are delicious.

Assorted desserts on plates
Chocolate Mousse in a jar

See my full Bellagio Buffet review, here.

3. The Buffet at Wynn

When you think Wynn, you think upscale, and the Buffet at Wynn is no exception.

Open daily for breakfast, brunch, and dinner, I suggest you reserve priority seating to limit your wait.

Seating at Wynn's buffet with a glass ceiling and colorful floral decor
Credit: Barbara Kraft/Wynn Resorts

Inside, you’ll find 16 separate culinary stations and 90+ food items that are the brainchild of Executive Chef Jason Duarte with influences from around the world.

At the carving station, you’ll find some of the best prime rib available at a buffet alongside a collection of other meat items that include rotisserie chicken, brisket, and various sausage varieties.

Prime Rib carving station
Yes, the Prime Rib was legit.

Seafood options were wide-ranging and included both hot & cold crab legs, shrimp, mussels, crab claws, and clams.

Mussels and Crab Claws

A couple of other items that really resonated with me were Wynn’s dry-rubbed rotisserie chicken and the sushi tray. Although I was full, I couldn’t stop consuming the California rolls…

Wynn’s Thai chicken wings were also among my favorite items and offered amazing flavor that was complimented by a spicy kick.

Sushi at The Buffet at Wynn
The California Rolls on the left were fantastic.

Of course, Wynn’s dessert table is also a thing of dreams.

Creme Brulee and cheesecake options
Chocolate and carrot cake options

See my full Wynn Buffet review, along with more images.

2. Wicked Spoon at Cosmopolitan

Open only for brunch, Wicked Spoon serves globally inspired high-end dishes, most of which are plated elegantly in single-serving portions.

While I used to have Wicked Spoon deadlocked in a tie for the title of best buffet, I was forced to demote it after my most recent visit as they no longer serve prime rib or crab legs – Both being staples of the high-end Las Vegas buffet experience.

With that being said, Wicked Spoon still has plenty to offer.

During my last visit for weekend brunch, they had live-action stations dedicated to both hot pot & ramen and omelets & eggs with an abundance of ingredients.

What really makes the buffet special, however, is the wide assortment of high-quality and unique dishes that included bacon and cheese-loaded hashbrown bites, cinnamon French toast, lamb and beef gyros, short rib bone marrow, and beef tataki among others.

Two items I personally can’t get enough of are their angry mac & cheese, which as the name would suggest has a kick, and their shrimp & grits which pop with flavor.

Both have been available at the buffet for years, and I find myself gravitating to them every time I visit.

A number of metal bowls holding shrimp & grits, which are drenched in a white sauce.
Shrimp & Grits
Little red individual pots of mac & cheese which have a cracker like dust sprinkled atop each.
Angry Mac & Cheese
Individually bowled Banh Mi Salad
Banh Mi Salad
Individual yogurt bowls topped with granola, blueberries, and raspberries.
Dessert options at Wicked Spoon

As you’d expect, the dessert table also dazzled.

Numerous colorful pie varieties on trays in the pie counter portion of the dessert counter.

See my full Wicked Spoon Buffet Review along with more images.

1. Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace

I’m one of the few people who have eaten at every single buffet in Las Vegas. I’ve left no stone unturned.

That experience has given me the insight needed to crown Caesars Palace’s Bacchanal Buffet as the best in all of Las Vegas – And it isn’t particularly close.

Fresh off of a multi-million dollar renovation project, Bacchanal offers the most expansive selection of high-end cuisine in town.

Comprised of 9 separate kitchens, culinary influences include Asian, French, Mediterranian, American, and more.

Exterior of the Bacchanal Buffet which is constructed of real, and glass bricks, giving it almost an icy appearance
Courtesy of Caesars Entertainment

Uniquely, Bacchanal offers more plant-based options than ever with new menu items that include quinoa-stuffed baby sweet potatoes with fried kale, tomato tartar, and coconut-carrot gazpacho.

Some of my personal favorite items at the upscale buffet include bone marrow, prime rib, gyros, and the live-action quesabirria taco station, which churned out gooey, cheesy tacos that are legitimately to die for.

A chef folds tacos on a large griddle behind the counter at Bacchanal.
Quesabirria Taco Station – Amazing.
Individual servings of bone marrow, each served with a crusty piece of bread as well.
Roasted Bone Marrow

The seafood selection is next level, and I particularly enjoyed the crab legs which were served both steamed or chilled.

Clams, Jonah Claws, and mussels in 3 separate bowls served in ice.
Chilled crab legs, shrimp, and crab claws served on ice.

Like Wicked Spoon, most food items are served as a single serving, giving the experience a more upscale feel.

Individual serving of gumbo, which has a pile of rice and a crawfish visible.
A single serviing of Harissa Girlled Octopus.
Harissa Grilled Octopus
Individual plates lined up, each with a small hamburger on it.

Like others on this rundown, the dessert table is a thing of beauty.

Creme Brulee, and other assorted desserts on display.

As the best buffet in Las Vegas, Bacchanal is absurdly popular albeit expensive, with dinner costing over $100 after figuring in tax and tip – You’ll want to make reservations in advance, here so that you can avoid the line, which is commonly substantial.

See my full Bacchanal Buffet Review, with a lot more pictures.

An Honorable Mention

Although this article focused on the best buffets on the Strip, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention AYCE at Palms, which I recently experienced.

Palms is a cheap $10-$15 Uber from the Strip and offers one of the more compelling buffet products in town.

While not the “best buffet in Vegas” per se, I’d go out on a limb and declare AYCE at Palms to be the “best buffet value in Vegas” by a healthy margin.

Palms is priced similarly to mid-tier buffets on the Strip like MGM Grand, Luxor, or Excalibur, but blows them out of the water with what you get for your money.

The quality is a hair shy of what you get at the best Strip buffets discussed above, but at a more palatable price point (25%-35% less) – See current pricing on Palms’ website.

When I recently stopped in for weekend brunch, I was delighted to find out bottomless mimosas and champagne was included in the price of admission (they’re an upcharge during other meals).

In addition to libations, AYCE offered piles of shrimp, supple crab legs, and trays of sushi.

A pile of shrimp with cut lemons piled to the right.
A pile of crab legs flanked by cut lemons.
Tray of sushi at the buffet

The carving station offered brisket, round steak, sausage, and honey-glazed ham. Absent was prime rib, unfortunately. They do offer a prime rib dinner on Fridays, however.

Sausage, a large ham, and top round steak on a cutting board.

Lunch and breakfast cuisine options from around the world were offered, and I was genuinely impressed with the quality.

Bowls of fried rice and Tariyaki chicken wings.
Vegetable Fried Rice and Teriyaki Chicken Wings
Individual servings of tofu scramblers, and vegie potato hash
Tofu Scramble, Jackfruit Curry, Veggie Potato Hash
Bananna almond butter toast flanked by yogurt smoothies in cups.
Banana almond butter toast flanked by yogurt smoothies in cups

While Palms is located slightly off the Strip, I’d recommend visiting if you want a great experience at a less shocking price point.

The resort outside of the buffet space is also worth a visit. The beneficiary of a recent $690 million renovation, the casino floor has an upscale, swanky vibe that I found to be an enjoyable escape from the crowds on the Strip.

See my full Palms AYCE Buffet review, along with more pictures!

Slot machines line the casino floor at Palms
Courtesy of Palms Las Vegas

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a great buffet experience, you can’t go wrong with any of the above options. If you have yet to visit an upscale buffet like the ones above, I think you’ll be thrilled with the level of quality, creative food items, and overall experience.

I suggest making time for Bacchanal at Caesars Palace or Wicked Spoon at Cosmopolitan. In my opinion, they’re the best buffets in Las Vegas and are sure to leave you satisfied with your dining experience. I know I was.

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