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I Swung Into the New Atomic Golf in Vegas – Worth Doing?

Key Points:

  • The time to visit Atomic Golf is after the sun sets – That’s the only time the driving range is visually appealing.
  • Atomic Golf struggled with mid-afternoon climate control – It was sweltering throughout the facilty during the day.

  • Because Atomic’s westward orientation, the Sun is blasting golfers throughout the afternoon until sunset.

  • While Atomic Golf is certainly fun, Topgolf remains the better thought out concept in my opinion.

Atomic Golf is the second enhanced driving range experience to hit the Las Vegas Strip, and is a concept similar to Topgolf (behind MGM Grand).

Located at the far north reaches of the Strip at STRAT, Atomic Golf offers 4 levels of hitting bays with interactive games that have you aiming for targets, a putting district, bars, an atrium with massive video boards, and a full chef-inspired menu.

I finally had the opportunity to stop in, and thought it would be helpful to share my experience to help you gauge if it’s “itinerary worthy”.

My Experience at Atomic Golf

Atomic Golf is connected to STRAT by a long hallway that empties out into Atomic’s parking lot.

Note: If you’re staying on Fremont Street, use the free Downtown Loop shuttle to get to STRAT from downtown!

The exterior of Atomic Golf with STRAT's skypod towering overhead behind it.
A close up of Atomic Golf's entrance with their logo, a radioactive golf ball front and center.

Once inside, a super friendly employee greeted me, gave me the “lay of the land”, and explained pricing, which is $60 per bay, per hour, from Sunday – Thursday and $80 on Friday and Saturday.

My first impression of Atomic Golf was the atrium, home to two impressive video walls broadcasting sporting events.

An atrium with seating on the main level looking up at two separate video walls broadcasitng sports.
Another angle of the video board atrium that shows a winding glass staircase spanning the 4 levels.

I stopped in during the late-afternoon hours, and there weren’t many customers so only the 3rd floor hitting bays were in use.

Golfers can pick from several interactive games that have you aiming for targets out on the range to score points, make “21”, etc. The games are social in nature, are easy to understand, and don’t require you to be an avid golfer to enjoy.

The golf balls are equipped with chips that track your ball flight, which is shown on the screen in your hitting bay. The technology is pretty damn cool.

Now, I’ve seen videos of Atomic Golf at night, and the range looks amazing. It’s essentially a massive screen in and of itself that’s illuminated and has a much more “cosmic” feel than it does in the day…

To say I was underwhelmed by the daytime appearance of Atomic’s range is an understatement. It looked like a concrete parking lot with circles.

The range at Atomic Golf, which is gray in color, but has several circles of different sizes that act as targets.

The other thing I need to call out is how HOT the facility was.

Now, it was a 110-degree day in Las Vegas, but there was nearly no relief once inside Atomic Golf, aside from the shade provided by the facility.

I was dying.

Because of the range’s westward orientation, golfers can expect to be blasted by the sun from mid-afternoon until sunset. Maybe not a huge deal in December, but it was taxing on this particular late-June day.

The heat and sun situation will assuredly be “daytime customer repellant” throughout the hotter summer months.

Sun is shining on the hitting bays, blasting the golfers that step out to hit a ball.

Employees seem to be aware that guests are uncomfortable, as there were several industrial fans set up and pointed at the golfers in addition to misters scattered throughout the bays.

A temporary solution to a very permanent problem. That is, unless there are changes to how the Earth orbits the sun.

A giant, industrial fan blowing air at a row of golfers.

Each hitting bay comes equipped with screens to select your game, track your shots, and score whatever contest you select.

Clubs are provided, and they have options for men, women, and even kids.

A set of golf clubs in a hitting bay at ATomic Golf.

In addition to golf, Atomic Golf has several bars and a full menu.

The bar on the 3rd level even has “pour your own” beer on tap, featuring 15 locally brewed beers. At the time I’m writing this, a 16oz. beer costs $9, and a 20oz costs $11 – Honestly, not bad.

The bar on the 3rd level of Atomic Golf.

To use the self-pour stations, you need to first pre-load a card with money. You then tap the card on the self-serve station, place your glass on the bottom fill mechanism, and select your size.

A row of self pour beer stations with empty glasses on shelves below them.
The self-pour stations

Pretty easy… But I’ll never understand why people would want to go to the bar, preload a card, and pour their own beer. Why not just go to the bar, and order the damn beer? Wouldn’t that be more efficient?

Anyway. I digress.

3 beer options on a Self Pour Station.
3 Beer options on a self-pour station.

My favorite part of Atomic Golf was their “Putting District”, which is a collection of putting lanes that are free to play.

There are 3 social putting games that you can select – “Around the World”, “Bocce”, and “Territory”.

After you select a game, it’s projected onto the putting surface.

I enjoyed “Territory”, which is a 1 vs 1 game that has you putting a ball onto a map. The goal is for your putt to end on your opponent’s territory, which then becomes yours along with the points assigned to the “plot of land”.

Of course, there’s seating and places to set your drink. I could see myself coming back to play this with some buddies.

A putting lane at Atomic Golf with a map projected on it.
“Territory” projected onto a putting lane.

I saw two “Cannons” on the first level, and an employee explained to me that they fire golf balls down range.

Cannons at Atomic Golf
Cool… but kind of pointless if there’s nothing to aim at?

My follow up question was “Are there any targets? Or are we just “Sprayin’ and prayin’?”. Turns out, there aren’t targets. They just shoot balls.

Kind of fun, but also kind of pointless. I’m sure kids will get a kick out of it however.

The Verdict: Is Atomic Golf Worth Visting?

Yes, but only after sunset.

I plan to stop back at night as I feel the expeirence would be vastly improved from what I experienced during the day.

The night visuals, as seen in Show Me Vegas’ YouTube video, look legitimately cool and the gameplay is similar to Topgolf, which I’ve enjoyed historically.

Social golf games like those at Atomic Golf are a blast, and you don’t need to be an avid golfer to enjoy them.

The free putting district was my favorite part of the facility, offering 3 fun, and easy-to-understand games. I can see myself spending hours with my buddies drinking beer and going head-to-head (likely with side bets :).

That said, I would never come back in the afternoon/early evening. That sun was no joke, and you’re going to be blasted by it until sunset.

The heat wasn’t pleasant in the mid-afternoon… And not just in the hitting bays. Even the shaded areas of the facility were pretty uncomfortable.

Temperature aside, the driving range looks downright depressing during the day without the lighting elements that come alive at night.

This is a night time attraction. Period.

Topgolf is Still the Superior Option (IMO)

Topgolf has a free 2-level swimming pool, bartop gaming, no sun issues, better climate control, a driving range that looks appealing both day and night, and TV’s everywhere (in hitting bays, at the end of the range, etc.) – Atomic has the giant video boards in the atrium and a guest-controlled TV in the bay. Still, I’d deem it comparatively “under TV’d”.

Both have several bars and a food menu.

Atomic differentiates itself from Topgolf in 2 main ways – Cosmic lighting at night, which looks amazing, and the free putting district, which I enjoyed.

My final thought when leaving Atomic Golf was that they built a second, “not fully thought out” version of Topgolf that:

  • Is ugly during the day.
  • Is in a terrible location.
  • Is hotter than the 6th circle of Hell during summer afternoons.
  • Is facing the wrong direction, “sun in eyes wise”.

Not exactly what I deem a recipe for success, but I sincerely hope to be proven wrong.

I expect there will be some major changes to their faciltiy in the future to address some of the issues I noticed.

That being said, Atomic looks amazing (and tolerable, heat-wise) at night – I look forward to coming back!

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