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A Comparison of Las Vegas Ziplines- FlyLINQ vs. Slotzilla

Key Points:

  • There are currently two primary zipline attractions in Las Vegas – FlyLINQ on the Strip, and Slotzilla downtown.
  • I’ve ridden both and feel SlotZilla’s upper zoomline is in a league of its own – It’s difficult to beat the scenery along Fremont Street.
  • That being said, FlyLINQ is a compelling value at around 1/2 the price of SlotZilla.

Las Vegas ziplines rank among the most popular non-gambling things to do in the city. With options in both major tourist hubs, the Strip and Fremont Street, there’s almost always a zipline attraction nearby.

Considering that I’ve personally ridden both, I figured it would be helpful to compare and contrast FlyLINQ vs. SlotZilla to aid in your decision-making process and share my opinions on which is the best.

In addition to the information below, I’ll also be sure to link out to my more in-depth reviews of both zipline options.

Before diving in, I think it’s important to point out that zipline attractions in Las Vegas are intended to be relaxing and scenic. Neither FlyLINQ nor SlotZilla is physically demanding or a “wild ride”, rather they’re best described as a gentle glide.

Even as someone who struggles with heights, I found that the fear melted away the moment I started flying.

If you’re on the fence about ziplining because of a “heights thing” or fear that it’ll be too extreme, I’d encourage you to reconsider – It’s an easy glide, and not frightening at all.

FlyLINQ Zipline On The Strip

Ziplines above the Linq Promenade
FlyLINQ soaring over the promenade.

FlyLinq sends riders soaring over the bars, restaurants, and shops that make up the Linq Promenade towards the High Roller observation wheel at speeds of up to 35 MPH.

The zipline is 1,121 feet long and 12 stories above the promenade below. While riders used to have the option to sit or lay flat on their stomach, FlyLINQ now requires all participants to sit.

The FlyLinq Zipline is currently open daily from 4 pm – midnight.

How much does FlyLINQ cost?

Anytime tickets purchased directly with FlyLinq online start at $40 and offer you the flexibility to choose your ride time.

My Experience on the FlyLINQ Zipline

At just $40, I found FlyLINQ to be a solid value, albeit less scenic than SlotZilla on Fremont Street.

At 12 stories tall, FlyLINQ adequately challenged my fear of heights and got the adrenaline flowing before delivering a leisurely glide atop the promenade below.

The scenery is best described as “OK”. Peering down at the people milling about below is cool, but beyond that, you’re really looking at the rooftops and HVAC units of the businesses that line the promenade.

Views of the Strip to the north and south are obstructed by Flamingo to the right and LINQ to the left, however, it’s neat to be flying between the two resorts.

The ride itself was extremely quick at about 30-45 seconds, but if I’m being honest, I was happy to be back on solid ground ASAP.

The staff was awesome and had me strapped in and taking flight within 10 minutes of arriving at the attraction. There was virtually no wait.

As someone with a “heights thing”, I was comforted by the confidence and professionalism the staff demonstrated throughout the process of getting me ready for the ride.

Of course, I have no idea how proficient they are… but the way they carried themselves and did their job went a long way in putting my fears to rest.

View from the launch deck at FlyLINQ. Linq is on the left and Flamingo is on the right. The high roller observation wheel is in the background.
The view from the FlyLINQ Flight Deck.

While short, FlyLINQ is certainly worth your time and money. The value proposition is enhanced by the fact this ride is significantly cheaper than SlotZilla.

I have to say, however, if you’re only going to do one zipline in Vegas, make it SlotZilla. It’s more expensive, but the experience and scenery are next level in my opinion.

You can see my full FlyLINQ Zipline Review, here!

SlotZilla Zipline On Fremont Street

Slotzilla Zipline tower flanked by Walgreens and Neonopolis

While FlyLINQ sends riders soaring over a newer incarnation of Las Vegas, the SlotZilla zipline downtown sends you flying over the vintage and iconic casino facades that make up the Fremont Street Experience.

The zipline attraction offers 2 distinct riding experiences:

  • The first is a 5-story high, 2-block long rip in a sitting position which is referred to as the “Zip-Zilla” Zipline.
  • The higher “Super-Hero Zoom” Zoomline sends you flying Superman-style on your stomach for 5 blocks at a height of 11 stories.

How much does Slotzilla cost?

Lower/Shorter Zipline: $49 for all dates and times plus a $3.95 processing fee.

Upper Zoomline: $69 for all dates and times plus a $3.95 processing fee.

In addition to the cost of the ride, a digital photo package + a GoPro video of your ride can be purchased for $25.

Tickets to Slotzilla can be purchased in advance here. If you have a specific time you wish to ride, purchasing in advance is highly recommended.

My Experience on the SlotZilla Zipline

I finally overcame my fear of heights to ride SlotZilla’s Upper Zoomline and found the ride to be leisurely, scenic, and not the least bit scary although I had plenty of nerves coming into the experience.

The staff was quick to get me “geared up”, and within ten minutes of arriving, I was strapped onto the line ready to fly.

Tip: Book your ride in advance, as time slots fill up fast! Don’t just show up at the attraction and expect to get on.

Once outfitted in a body harness, my group took a crude construction site elevator to the top of the tower where we were instructed to lay flat on padded tables that popped out of the ground.

Once we were strapped to the zipline, the table lowered into the ground, leaving us hanging from the wire. Within a few seconds, the wall in front of us lowered and we were released to fly under the canopy toward Plaza.

Staging area for zipline riders with tables for them to lay on while they are rigged up.
Getting rigged up!

As was the case with LINQ’s zipline, SlotZilla’s ride was quick (under a minute), but offered unmatched scenery.

Above and on either side of you is the Viva Vision canopy which is always playing video content. Below, are crowds of people and the neon-covered casino facades that make Fremont Street so iconic.

The combination of the pre-flight anticipation, the exhilaration of flying over Fremont Street below, and the post-ride glow made this experience well worth the cost of admission.

You can see my full SlotZilla Zipline Review, here, but suffice it to say I had a great time and would recommend it.

While I didn’t ride the lower & shorter seated zipline at SlotZilla, I can’t help but think it’s lame in comparison to the higher & longer zoomline. Spend the extra $20 and do it right.

SlotZilla vs. FlyLINQ Zipline – Which is Better?

I rode both SlotZilla and FlyLINQ on back-to-back days, and if I was forced to choose between the two, SlotZilla wins due to the scenery. Ultimately, historic neon casino facades are better than storefronts and the roof of a shopping mall.

That isn’t to discount FlyLINQ, as the ride is still thrilling, offering slightly more height than SlotZilla’s upper Zoomline at about half the cost. If you’re in the area and want a rush, then do it!

All I’m saying is, if I was forced to choose one or the other, there really isn’t a comparison.

Ultimately, each zipline has pros & cons, and I found both to be worthwhile. No matter which one you pick, I hope you have a great flight. It’s a memory that’ll stick with you!

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