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Palazzo Las Vegas – Luxury King Suite (City View) Review

Key Points:

  • Palazzo’s King Suite offers an impressive 720 square feet of space, which is used to provide a separate living area.

  • The resort is connected to the scenic Grand Canal Shoppes, which is packed with shopping, dining, and drinking establishments as well as The Sphere.

  • My suite exuded a quiet luxury, was functional, comfortable, and exceeded my expectations.

The Venetian and Palazzo are comprised of all suites and are known for an elevated level of luxury.

While I’ve had the opportunity to stay in one of The Venetian’s suites previously, Palazzo has remained on my “to-do” list.

Aside from being luxurious, Palazzo’s suites are appealing because they offer an impressive 720 square feet of space, which is about 2x more than a standard hotel room. They put that room to good use offering a functional living area that’s perfect for hosting, relaxing, or catching a game you just bet on.

Recently, I logged into my Grazie loyalty program account to see that I had earned a 2-night comp stay at Palazzo thanks to my gambling activity within the program.

I jumped on the opportunity and booked the suite with the intent of sharing my experience here, with you.

Exterior of Palazzo's hotel tower with a blue sky in the background.

Palazzo Check-In Experience

One thing I was looking forward to was the ability to check in via a mobile app, get my digital room key, and walk right up to my room, skipping the desk like I did during my previous stay at The Venetian.

I was disappointed to learn, however, that the resort had scrapped digital check-in and keys some time ago.

With that in mind, I had to trudge to the front desk to receive a physical room key. Fortunately, there was no line to speak of, and I was in and out within 5 minutes.

The Venetian and Palazzo have undergone quite a bit of change over the past couple of years, being sold by Las Vegas Sands to Apollo Global Management. It makes sense that they’d swap out some systems – Here’s to hoping mobile check-in and keys make a triumphant return soon.

Anyway, a visit to the lobby gave me the chance to gawk at some eye candy.

The hotel lobby at Palazzo, which boasts high ceilings and a Chrismas tree behind the desk.
Palazzo’s Hotel Lobby
A statue in Palazzo's entryway surrounded by Christmas decorations and plant life.

Inside Palazzo’s Luxury King Suite

On the way up to the room, I always like to scope out the common areas like hallways and elevator lobbies as they tend to hint at what to expect inside the suite.

As you can imagine, Palazzo’s were pristine and generated excitement.

An elevator lobby at Palazzo with decorative carpets, fancy light fixtures, and an overall look of luxury.
A hotel hallway at Palazzo with white decroative wood doors lining the side.

The suite itself served up a solid first impression.

A king bed with a white comforter. In the background, the living area is visible.
Another angle of the bed, which shows that there is a small chair next to it.
One last angle that shows the view of the TV from the bed.

The bedroom is elevated, and you need to take a few steps down to get into the living area, which comes with a second TV, a sectional couch, a work desk, and a small dining room table.

Next to the bed, was a wall control to easily open or close the mechanical blinds.

A nice touch, there’s a small (non-distracting) light that constantly illuminates the steps to the living area.

The living area, which includes a L shaped sectional couch, ottoman, workdesk, and small dining room table with 2 chairs all facing a TV.
A 4 seat sectional couch shaped like the letter L with an ottman sitting in front of it.
A sparse workdesk, which has a  phone and lamp on it.

In the closet next to the bed was a safe, an iron, an ironing board, several hangers, and 2 robes.

The fridge was stocked with mini-bar items, but they were kind enough to leave the smallest shelf imaginable for personal use.

I put this shelf to the test and can confirm that 2 24oz. beers can comfortably fit if laid on their side.

Dry snacks and Fiji water made up the unrefrigerated mini bar.
An open mini fridge stocked with mini bar items, however, there is a very small shelf at the top left for personal items.
The personal shelf is at the top left side.

The bathroom was rock solid, featuring both a glass-enclosed shower and a tub, a dual vanity sink (with a TV!), a separate water closet, and a powder station.

2 sink vanity, with a mirror and Tv hanving overhead. To the left is a white bathtub.
A tall photo that shows the shower from floor to head.
Bath products for guest use on a shelf in a shower.
A white bathtub with silver bar handles to get in and out.
A door is open leading to a small room with a toilet.
A powder sattion with a small desk, seat, wall mounted mirror, and a separete magifying mirror.

What’s Not To Like?

Absence of Technology: Aside from the 3 TVs, there’s a noticeable lack of technology that is often present at other upscale resorts. Absent were the bedside iPads with a resort menu and the ability to order room service and “room controlling” Alexa devices.

Not a deal breaker for me, but know that Palazzo’s is a “less flashy” brand of luxury.

A digital alarm clock with 2 usb charge ports atop it.
This is about as “techie” as things got.

Aside from that, anyone who follows my Las Vegas hotel reviews knows that I go out of my way to find deficiencies like wall scuffs, dusty corners, rusty vents, and hairs… I found nothing here, which is exceedingly rare.

Palazzo Resort Highlights

The Grand Canal Shoppes: The Venetian and Palazzo are home to the Grand Canal Shoppes, which is jam-packed with shopping, dining options, and even some solid happy hour deals.

Dining options range from fast food to upscale sit-down, so there’s something for all budgets and tastes.

Shopping, eating, and drinking aside, the Shoppes (yes, they actually spell “shoppes” that way) offer more photo ops than your phone has storage.

A water canal surrounded by venetian themed shops.

The Sphere: Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve heard of The Las Vegas Sphere, which is connected via an indoor walkway to The Venetian and Palazzo.

While bands like U2 and Phish generate most of the buzz, Darren Aronofsky’s “Postcard From Earth” is a (slightly) cheaper way to scope out everything the venue has to offer.

I can attest to the fact there’s nothing quite like it out there.

A wide angle photo of seating in The Sphere.
Postcard From Earth at The Sphere

The Grazie Loyalty Program: As a low roller, it’s wild that I’ve been able to stay at both Palazzo and The Venetian on a comp at this point.

Granted, they aren’t giving me free rooms during peak times or on weekends, but I’ve been impressed with how generous the rewards program has been on my small amount of play.

If you’ve been curious about testing the waters at The Venetian and Palazzo, it may be worthwhile to sign up for a rewards card and consolidate a day’s worth of play there to see what offers come through.

Related: More on Earning Comps in Las Vegas.

The Verdict: Is Palazzo’s Luxury King Suite Worth Booking?

This was a spacious, functional, and luxurious feeling suite that I was sad to leave when the time came.

Without a comp (as I was fortunate to have), Palazzo’s Luxury Suite lands at around $250 – $350 per night to reserve, and I think it’s worth every penny.

While I’d label this room as less modern and as having fewer “bells and whistles” than other upper-echelon resorts in Las Vegas, Palazzo differentiates itself from those resorts by providing additional square feet devoted to a functional living area that can be used to host or just relax.

In the future, I can see myself reserving this suite to host a guy’s weekend “watch party” where we intend to bet on, and watch, a sporting event, or even a romantic getaway with the wife.

This is the perfect accommodation for those who plan to kick back and enjoy some downtime in the room.

Regardless of your specific use case, however, you can book Palazzo with confidence – It’s up to snuff.

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Eve Dallas

Friday 12th of January 2024

If you had to choose between Palazzo and the Venetian as a solo traveler which would you choose?

Jake Hoffman

Sunday 14th of January 2024

Both great and very similar, but I prefer Palazzo.

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