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Things to Do at Main Street Station in Las Vegas

Main Street is located steps away from the Fremont Street Experience and is much more than your run-of-the-mill casino and hotel. In fact, it’s one of my favorite places to visit in downtown Las Vegas.

Sure, it’s a casino, but the resort also doubles as a museum, displaying a number of items of historic significance.

While downtown Las Vegas is largely “under-themed”, Main Street Station bucks the trend in a big way, sporting a charming “old-timey” Victorian-era vibe that is unlike anything else found in Las Vegas.

I thought it would be fun to create a quick rundown of the top things to do at Main Street Station to help you gauge if it’s itinerary-worthy.

Things To Do at Main Street Station

Garden Court Buffet: Ranking as one of the cheapest buffets in Las Vegas, and the ONLY buffet open downtown, Main Street Station’s Garden Court Buffet is one of my personal go-to’s.

While it isn’t exactly ritzy, the resort’s Victorian-era theme is carried into the space, making it a visually appealing spot to grab a bite to eat.

Garden Court Buffet decor and ceiling
Entryway at Main Street Station's Garden Court Buffet

I recently stopped in for Garden Court’s brunch buffet and was impressed by the assortment of options available at the price. I paid $23.99 and certainly left feeling stuffed and as though I got my money’s worth.

Here are a few pictures I snapped:

Bacon and Eggs at the buffet
Assorted lunch items available at the buffet
assorted pies at the buffet
carving station with sausage, trukey, and ham

Grab a drink at the Triple 7 Brewery: Doubling both as a craft brewery and a popular spot to find cheap drinks on Fremont Street, Triple 7 serves 6 distinct beers brewed on-site. Options span the spectrum and include a pale ale, hefeweizen, proter, and a red lager among others.

The drink menu at Triple 7 can be viewed here, but as I write this, you can score a 23oz draft for a mere $7.50. Not bad at all.

Triple 7 Brewery seating
Inside Triple 7 – A great value.

See the Antique Collection: This is the main reason to visit Main Street Station. Scattered around the resort are numerous antiques that include:

  • Winston Churchill’s snooker table
  • “Goldie’s Window”
  • Chandeliers from the Coca-Cola building
  • The Wild Boar brass statue
  • The Louisa Alcott Pullman parlor car
  • Bronze doors from the Kuwait Royal Bank
  • Streetlights from Brussels Belgium
  • A portion of the Berlin Wall

The coolest item in my opinion is the large section of the Berlin Wall on display in the men’s bathroom behind the urinals. Don’t worry ladies, you can flag down an employee to escort you in when the coast is clear.

To ensure you see it all, grab a pamphlet showing the location of each item.

Winston Churchill's Snooker Table
Winston Churchill’s snooker table

Hopefully, I was able to sell you on the reasons to visit Main Street Station in downtown Las Vegas. Even if you don’t care about the buffet, antiques, cheap beer, or theme, this is a great resort to escape the crowds and madness found a block away on Fremont Street.

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Featured Image Credit: ©kitleong/123RF.COM

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Scott Baker

Monday 11th of March 2019

The staff here is an added bonus. Bartenders, wait staff, casino floor staff, slot hosts, and the main desk personnel they are all great. Throw in great micro brewed beer and you will have a great stay.

Michelle Bush

Sunday 10th of February 2019

We are Boyd Property lovers; so much selection and good hotel comps (although other comps do leave a lot to be desired). Especially love the lack of resort fee on comped rooms. MSS is great for gaming & love the buffet’s value. 777 is also an inexpensive place to enjoy decent craft beers. BIG THANKS for the link to the shuttle! That’ll be a huge timesaver next week when we visit Fremont. Isn’t there some sort of “secret” historical attraction, having a connection to the old train station? And something special about the men’s room?

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.