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Sahara Las Vegas – Blanca King Review – A Unique Layout

Key Points:

  • Sahara’s Blanca King room was solid, albeit lacking any real “bells & whistles”, although the price point reflected that.

  • The room had a very peculiar layout, with the shower and toilet hiding behind separate sliding mirrors.

  • I thought the room was well worth the $112.77 I paid, and look forward to sampling Sahara’s other accommodations.

Sahara has been through a lot since my last stay, transitioning briefly to SLS Hotel & Casino (which still seems like a weird dream) and then back to Sahara.

I figured it was due time to experience Sahara’s hotel product as I had plans to visit Fontainebleau on opening night, which is a mere 5 minutes away by foot.

I booked Sahara’s cheapest room – The Blanca King, which has 325 square feet of space, a 55-inch TV, and one heck of a unique layout (more on that below).

The room cost me a total of $112.77 total, which includes the base rate, Sahara’s resort fee, and taxes.

Sahara's porte cochere surrounded by palm trees. The hotel towers are visible in the distance.

Sahara Check-In Experience

I arrived pretty late in the evening but was impressed with how easy the (free) self-parking ramp was to access from the Strip.

The front desk was devoid of customers, and I had my room key in hand within 5 minutes.

The front desk at Sahara, which has no line and has a classy, upscale vibe. Intricate tile work make floral designs on the floor, and glass chandeliers hang over the desk itself.

Notably, the Sahara phone app does allow for both mobile check-in and room keys but I wasn’t able to successfully check-in via the app.

The mobile check-in process involves taking a selfie, and then taking a photo of your driver’s license.

Both photos need to be taken from within the app, but the app kept severely blurring my camera. Simply uploading photos from my camera roll wasn’t an option.

Somewhat clunky and disappointing, but it could’ve been a “me issue” vs. an issue with the Sahara app. Regardless, there was no line at the front desk so nothing was lost.

Mobile check-in is one of my favorite hotel amenities, so just know that it’s available.

Inside Sahara’s Blanca King

On the way up, I like to scope out common areas like elevator lobbies and hotel hallways as they tend to hint at what you’ll find inside your room.

Sahara’s felt nice, modern, clean, and well-lit.

Sahara's elevator lobby with 2 elevator doors, fresh carpet, and good lighting.
Sahara's hotel hallway which has a classy, fresh looking carpet and really bright lighting.

At first glance, the room is laid out pretty traditionally – There was the standard king bed, a wall-mounted TV, a work desk, and storage.

A white king bed in the middle of the room with a "desert" themed headboard.
A view of the room from the head of the bed with a view of the TV and window.
A head on view of the king bed, which has a bench at the end of it.

Notably, there was an empty mini-fridge in the cupboard under the work desk – One of my favorite hotel amenities.

A workdesk and drawers positioned underneath the window. A small lamp is sitting on the corner of the desk.
An empty black fridge set to 38 degrees F.
I love being able to stock the room with drinks.

Now, I booked Sahara’s Blanca King without doing any prior research and was confused after giving the room a first once over as there wasn’t a bathroom in sight.

When I noticed there was a sink along the wall (pictured below) it dawned on me that the shower and toilet must be hiding behind the 2 giant mirrors that I learned double as sliding doors.

Ano ther angle of the room that shows the bed in the foreground and the mirror doors leading to the shower in the background.
Those two big mirrors on the back wall double as sliding doors.
A view of the king bed, bench at the foot of the bed, and the room's sink on the back wall between the two mirrored doors.
Another angle of the sliding mirror/doors.

Uniquely, the shower and toilet rooms are separated from each other, hiding behind different mirrors that slide to the side.

While the main part of the room is pretty subdued from a decor standpoint, the shower and toilet rooms popped, giving Blanca King a trendier, brighter, and more modern vibe. I dug it.

The shower, which has bright yellow flooring and a wildly colorful accent wall.
The toilet room, which also has a bright yellow floor and vintage Sahara wall art.
A sink and mirror, which is postioned on a wall in the room between the two sliding mirror doors.

Although my Blanca King room was basic, kind of dark, and lacking frills, I found it to be exceptionally clean and comfortable.

This is a rock-solid budget room – Comparatively inexpensive, yet well-maintained. Nothing blew me away, but I felt satisfied.

What’s Not To Like?

The Room’s Layout: While I was staying by myself, I could see the massive sliding doors becoming an inconvenience for a couple or a family.

If the shower door was open, you couldn’t leave the room. If the toilet door was open, the sink was blocked. You get the idea, it’s just not the most convenient layout.

I can also envision a situation where a kid gets a finger stuck in one of the sliding doors.

A bit “Blah”: There’s nothing, aside from the accent tile and color in the shower, in this room that makes you say “wow”. It’s a very basic, utilitarian room without any “bells & whistles”. I expected this at the price point and was very much OK with it.

A few scuffs: When reviewing hotel rooms, I scour the corners, shelving, etc. on the hunt for dust, dirt, decay, and scuffs to report.

While this was a very clean room by my standards, there were a few wall scuffs that I came across. By no means a deal breaker, but I always like to point out deficiencies, no matter how minor.

A black scuff on the room's white baseboard.

Tiny Elevators: I was fortunate to avoid crowds by arriving late and leaving early, but the elevator situation likely leaves much to be desired during peak times.

The elevators in the Blanca Tower were only about 1/2 the depth of a standard elevator… Hope you’re not claustrophobic!

A very skinny elevator, that can likely only hold 2 people front to back.
Suck that stomach in if there’s a crowd.

The Resort Experience

The Casino Floor: Sahara’s renovated casino floor feels modern, luxurious, and upbeat, surrounded by dining options that range from Chickie’s & Pete’s to the popular Bazaar Meat by Jose Andres.

Sahara is a beautiful resort.

Sahara's casino floor. In the foreground is a golden decorative S emblazoned in the floor.
A chandelier near the entrance of the resort with a huge pile of Christmas gifts below.
Decor and plant life outside the Casbar Lounge at Sahara.
A spiral chandelier on the ceiling at Sahara.
Decorative ceiling art designs with Uno Mas in the background.
A close up of a fake camel's face at Sahara.

Location: If unfamiliar, Sahara is located in a bit of a “no man’s land” on the north end of the Strip. While a few resorts like Fontainebleau, Circus Circus, and Resorts World are walkable, you’re far from being in the “middle of the action”.

Fortunately, the Las Vegas Monorail offers a stop at Sahara and can transport you to center Strip resorts for cheap.

Related: Check out the “World’s Largest” Bonanza Gift Shop across the street from Sahara!

Is Sahara’s Blanca King Worth Booking?

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t mind being separated from the madness, Sahara is a great value. The Monorail station makes it quick, cheap, and easy to slide into resorts up and down the Strip while you’re able to call a quieter resort home.

The casino floor, dining options, lounges, and general feel of the resort are right up my alley, and I was very satisfied with my room for the price I paid. This is easily one of my favorite budget rooms in Las Vegas.

With that being said, the layout was a bit wonky and I’ve grown snobbier about hotels over the years. I’ll almost certainly upgrade to a Marra or Alexandria room when I next visit.

If you’re in the market for a budget-friendly room you won’t detest, give Sahara’s Blanca King a shot – I think you’ll be satisfied.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.