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Ultra Hip Room Review – Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

Key Points:

  • Planet Hollywood offers an abundance of affordable dining, drinking, and entertainment options within the Miracle Mile Shops.

  • My Ultra Hip room was solid, clean, and comfortable – Well worth the $52.10 I paid.

  • That being said, there are deficiencies like dust and grout/calk lines that have grown tired and cracked over the years.

Planet Hollywood is known for its trendy, upbeat vibe and boasts a desirable center-Strip location.

Adding to the resort’s appeal are the Miracle Mile Shops, which are chock full of theaters, shopping, and food & drink options that span the price/quality spectrum.

While I’ve been a frequent visitor over the years, I had yet to experience Planet Hollywood’s hotel product until my most recent visit in which I snagged their cheapest option – An Ultra Hip Room.

My room was complimentary based on my gambling activity within the Caesars Rewards loyalty program, but I was still on the hook for the $45.95 resort fee + $6.15 in taxes.

Planet Hollywood Check-In Experience

Much to my chagrin, properties under the Caesars Entertainment umbrella have yet to adopt mobile check-in and room keys.

With that in mind, I had to trudge down to the hotel registration desk.

I opted to use one of Planet Hollywood’s automated kiosks to avoid the line and successfully was able to get my room keys in under 5 minutes.

I’ll take the win, considering I have around a 50% success rate with automated kiosks at Caesars properties in Vegas.

The hotel registration desk at Planet Hollywood, which has a purple illumnated back wall that gives off a trendy vibe.

Inside My Ultra Hip Room

On the way up to the room, I always like to scope out common areas like elevator lobbies and hotel hallways as they typically hint at what you can expect.

I thought Planet Hollywood’s were both well-maintained and stylish.

An elevator lobby at Planet Hollywood that has dark carpeting, and a very unique mirror hanging on the back wall.
Hotel hallway, which has dark carpet with triangle patterns on it, and backlit art hanging on the wall.

Upon entering, I recall thinking “This is solid”, although it’s very much a base room, lacking any real luxurious amenities or bells & whistles.

Two queen beds were flanking a nightstand, which had a lamp outfitted with USB plugs and traditional outlets. At the end of each bed was a bench, which I’ve grown to appreciate as I age.

The beds were comfortable, and the room was quiet with very little noise bleeding in from the hallway, although my stay was mid-week, so I may have gotten lucky.

Two queen beds, each with a bench at the end of them.
Another angle of the two queen beds that show the entry door and hallway in the background.
A nightstand flanked by 2 beds. Above it are a couple piece of art depicting performers.

A TV was mounted above a small, yet suitable work desk and next to a large closet which was stocked with an iron, ironing board, and a safe.

A full-length mirror could be found on the inside of one of the closet doors.

A TV hangs above a workdesk and next to a large closet.

In a cupboard next to the work desk was my favorite hotel amenity – An empty mini fridge ready to be stocked with cheap beers from CVS.

An empty mini fridge with the door open.

The bathroom is unique, offering a free-standing, deep bathtub, shower, single sink vanity with a backlit mirror, and a separate water closet.

Last renovated in 2017, I feel the bathroom, in particular, needs a bit of love to get it back to its previous luster.

I’ll discuss it further in the “What’s not to like” section below, but deteriorating grout and calk lines detracted from the wow factor that the stand-alone tub, tile work, and backlit mirror should have had.

A single sink vanity to the left with a free standing tub to the right.
The free standing tub is on the left, a door to the toilet in the middle and a glass enclosed shower to the right.
An overhad photo of the deep, oval shaped bath tub, which does not have jets.
A full length view of the shower.

Oh, and the Strip View is worth the upgrade. I only wish that I had a higher floor.

View out the window at dusk. Visible are Bellagio, Caesars Palace, and Paris' Eiffel Tower.

What’s Not To Like?

While this was a solid, clean room by my standards, it certainly had some issues upon closer inspection.

Things like shower grout and caulk lines around the bathtub were in rough shape.

Detailed cleanliness was also an issue on the wall art, in the air vent, and around the door lock latch.

Not a deal breaker, but this room could stand to be touched up a bit.

Worn shower grout on the floor.
A cracked calk line around the bathtub where it meets the wall.
An air intake vent with visible dust in it.
The door latch, which has a lot of dirt and discoloration around it.
Nothing a deep scrub or fresh paint can’t solve.

Not sure why, but these old, yellowed, controls always get under my skin too.

A yellowed, old thermostat.

Planet Hollywood Resort Highlights

Location: Planet Hollywood is located smack-dab in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip. When it comes to centrally located resorts, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Value Food & Drink: The Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood are home to some of my favorite food and drink deals.

On the food side, check out:

Exterior of the Ocean One restaurant in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood before crowds arrive.
Ocean One – Before the lunch rush.

A few of my favorite drink deals include:

Exterior of Flights in the Miracle Mile Shops.

Shows: There are a few theaters scattered about Planet Hollywood’s Miracle Mile Shops that offer quite a bit of price and genre diversity.

While big-name headliners like Miranda Lambert call the Bakkt Theater home, smaller, budget-friendly shows like Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theater and V The Ultimate Variety Show call the V and Saxe Theaters home.

Show options available span the genres and include comedy, vintage showgirls, variety, burlesque, magic, and mentalism among others.

Offering something for all tastes, there’s sure to be something of interest to see at Planet Hollywood.

View of the Stage at V from the last row in the theater.
Inside the V Theater at Planet Hollywood

The Verdict: Is an Ultra Hip Room Worth Booking?

At $52.10, I thought the room was a good value, leaving me neither blown away nor disappointed – I left satisfied with what I got for the money.

While there were a few “dings” and dusty spots, they didn’t bother me in the least.

Planet Hollywood as a home base is perfect. Not only do you have ample food, drink, and entertainment options on-site, but you’re steps away from numerous center-Strip resorts.

While this isn’t a luxurious option by any stretch, Planet Hollywood has cemented itself on my short list of “go-to” budget-friendly, yet quality, hotel options on the Strip.

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