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Resorts World Las Vegas – Conrad Room Review

Key Points:

  • Resorts World has quickly become one of my favorite properties thanks to its beautiful rooftop pool deck, abundant dining options, and upbeat casino.
  • Mobile check-in allowed me to skip the lines and even pick my exact floor, view, and room, which offered a modern vibe with pops of red.
  • Put bluntly: I was impressed with the resort, my room, and the hotel experience – I hope to be back soon.

Resorts World is the newest hotel on the Las Vegas Strip and occupies the same plot of land that the historic Stardust once called home.

The story of how Resorts World came to be is one of ups and downs, spanning years. Following Stardust’s 2007 demolition, Boyd Gaming commenced construction on a new resort that was to be called Echelon Place. Progress came to a grinding halt, however, after the 2008 economic crisis, leaving an incomplete structure in its wake.

After baking in the desert sun for years, the steel bones of Echelon were purchased by the Genting Group with plans to bring Resorts World Las Vegas to life on the Strip.

Resorts World Las Vegas Exterior
There she is.

Resorts World’s hotel is operated by Hilton and rooms are divided among 3 brands. Their baseline rooms are under the Hilton banner while Conrad branded rooms are their mid-tier option. On the high end, Resorts World’s Crockfords rooms are the most luxurious.

I’ve been anxious to stay at Resorts World ever since visiting the casino on opening night.

That evening, I had signed up for Genting Rewards and was later surprised to receive an email stating that they were willing to match other offers I had from competing Las Vegas resorts. After a few emails back and forth, Resorts World was able to match a 3-night stay I was offered at Venetian with a 3-night complimentary stay in one of their Conrad branded rooms with a Strip view. Needless to say, I was excited.

An additional nugget of information that left me thrilled is that Resorts World doesn’t charge resort fees on comped rooms. A rarity in Vegas.

Resorts World Check-In Experience

The night before my stay, I received an email from Hilton, which operates Resorts World’s hotel, instructing me to download their phone app and select my room.

While I had already reserved a Conrad branded room, I was given the opportunity to select the exact room I wanted from a property map. I selected the best view I could on the 57th floor.

On the day of the stay, I received an alert when my room was ready and was prompted to check-in through the Hilton phone app. After checking in, my phone was able to act as my room key. I was never required to stand in a line, or deal with an automated kiosk.

Point blank, this was the best and most efficient check-in experience I’ve ever had in Las Vegas.

Conrad Hotel Lobby at Resorts World Las Vegas
The Lobby – In case you prefer to do business face to face

Inside Resorts World’s Conrad Room

As mentioned, my room was on the 57th floor and offered a view of the Las Vegas Strip to the south. The elevators were impressively fast, often popping my ears on the way up/down. They were also sparsely populated. I can count on one hand how many times I had to share the elevator with another human, although that could have something to do with weak mid-week occupancy.

Elevator Lobby at Resorts World Las Vegas
Conrad Elevator Lobby
Resorts World Conrad Hotel Hallway
Conrad Hotel Hallway

The Bathroom

With a uniquely lit mirror and attractive tile work, the bathroom had a modern and stylish vibe while not being over the top.

Conrad Bathroom Vanity and backlit mirror

In the shower, there was a detachable showerhead in addition to a rain shower faucet on the ceiling above. There was also a bench built into the shower along with a good amount of space. Oddly, hot water availability was sporadic at best. I was able to get scalding hot water twice, while only lukewarm water could be summoned the other two times. Certainly not a deal-breaker, but odd for a new resort.

Full Shower in a conrad room Bathroom
Shower in the Conrad room at Resorts World

Stocked in the shower were pumps of “Mojave Ghost” body wash, conditioner, and shampoo by Byredo.

Conrad Bath Products available in the shower

For those wondering, there wasn’t a bathtub.

The black marble dual vanity offered ample space and a personal mirror. While I’m no bath product expert, what I perceive to be a quality hand soap and lotion were provided on the counter.

There was also a hairdryer supplied, which can be found in the closet just outside the bathroom.

The toilet was partitioned off by a frosted glass wall with a door.

Toilet in the Conrad room at Resorts World

The Conrad Room

The room itself was immaculate, which is to be expected in a new resort. Notable amenities included USB charging ports on both sides of the bed along with a traditional outlet. The alarm clock also had a wireless charging pad built into the top of it.

Bed and Living area in a Resorts World Conrad Room
Conrad Room Bed, Living Area and View

The furniture had a modern, stylish vibe and included a small table with two chairs, a bench at the end of the bed, and a dresser under the TV with a built-in bench.

Resorts World Living Area and TV

There was a minibar that offered both snacks and refrigerated beverages. Of course, I didn’t indulge because, well, I’m not wealthy enough.

There was also a small empty fridge that guests can use for their own needs. While not a full-sized mini-fridge, it comfortably fits 12 canned beers. I tested it. For scientific purposes of course.

Resorts World Conrad Room Mini Bar

There was an ironing board, iron, and 2 robes in the closet.

Before my stay, I was concerned that light from the gigantic screen on the exterior of the hotel tower would invade my room, but the curtains did an amazing job of blocking it out.

For my money, the Strip view rooms at Resorts World offer some of the best views available of Las Vegas.

View of the Las Vegas Strip from Resorts World
Windows were dirty, but you get the idea.

The Pool at Resorts World

Instantly ranking among the best pools in Vegas Resorts World’s 6th-floor rooftop pool deck boasts 7 pool experiences throughout the sprawling 5.5-acre complex. Unique pool options include a giant hot tub, a family pool, and an infinity pool overlooking the Strip to the south.

Pool at Resorts World
Sculpture in the Resorts World Pool Complex
Pool with a fountain at Resorts World
Family Pool at Resorts World Las Vegas
View from Resorts World Las Vegas' Infinity Pool

The pool deck also offers a number of social games to include cornhole, giant Connect 4, giant Jenga, and a massive chessboard.

Yard games available on the pool deck

Food can be ordered from any of Resorts World’s restaurants for delivery to the pool deck via Grubhub. Orders are delivered to the lockers pictured below.

Grubhub Lockers at Resorts World

Resorts World Casino Details

The gaming floor is 117,000 square feet and has over 1,400 slot machines and over 110 tables. Mid-week limits on games like craps, blackjack, and roulette were $15, although many got bumped to $25 in the evening.

Slot machines lining Resorts World's gaming floor.
Photo Credit: Megan Blair – Courtesy of Resorts World

While cash is still accepted, players can also fund their gambling, both on slots and tables, with money loaded to the Resorts World phone app via Play+.

If cashless gaming is of interest, you can sign up for both a Play+ account and a Genting Rewards account at a self-serve kiosk or at the loyalty desk. The loyalty team was extremely helpful in helping me get set up and explaining how it all works. Once set up, moving cash from your bank account to your app to fund gaming is pretty slick.

Note that there are applicable fees similar to that of an ATM to load your Play+ account.

Resorts World Location

For many, location is the main drawback of staying at Resorts World. While technically located on the Strip, the resort is hardly in the heart of the action.

The closest resorts to the south are Encore and TI, both taking about 10-minutes to reach by foot. If you prefer to save steps, a cheap Uber (of under $15) should get you to any resort on the Strip.

There are some perks to the location though. Notably, there’s a Walgreens across the street that I leveraged to stock my room with beer and snacks. There is also a McDonald’s steps away from the north side of the property. The extremely popular Tacos El Gordo and Peppermill restaurants are also located right across the street. You’re also closer to Fremont Street, making the uber or taxi less expensive than if you were staying at a more centrally located resort on the Strip.

Although she’s seen better days, Circus Circus and Sots a Fun are also next door to the north.

Resorts World Dining Options

In my opinion, this is really where the resort shines. Resorts World offers over 40 food and beverage options that span the spectrum from quality & affordable to upscale. As I’m not typically an “upscale dining person” I stuck to the Famous Foods Street Eats, which is essentially a high-quality food court modeled after a southeast Asian market.

Food options range from Asian selections to duck tacos, fried chicken, and even Texas barbecue. With over 15 food options at your disposal, you’re sure to find something that works. Orders can either be placed at the counter or through one of the self-serve kiosks sprinkled about the area. Most meals land in the $15 – $20 range and are of much higher quality than you would get at your typical fast-food food court.

While there, I ate the Rare Steak Noodle Soup from Ten Suns and the Beef Claypot Rice from Geylang Claypot Rice. Both were spectacular.

Meal from Geylang Claypot Rice at Resorts World
Beef Claypot Rice from Geylang Claypot rice
Rare Steak Noodle Soup from Ten Suns
Rare Steak Noodle Soup from Ten Suns

For those that want to venture out from the Famous Foods Street Eats, rest assured, there are plenty of sit-down options that include Mexican, Chinese, Teppanyaki, American, and more. We’d recommend checking out the full assortment of restaurants at Resorts World here.

Is a Resorts World Conrad Room Worth The Money?

Now, keep in mind that my stay was completely complimentary thanks to a generous offer match. If you’re offered a comp or deep discount then this room is definitely worth the stay. I came away thrilled with the room and resort and am hopeful that my casino play warrants additional freebies in the future. I’d certainly come back.

There may be better options if you’re stuck paying full price, however. For instance, as I look at rate calendars I see that both Wynn’s Resort King room and Venetian’s Luxury King Suite are similarly priced to the Conrad room at Resorts World. Not only do both of those resorts offer a better location, but the room product is more impressive.

Just be sure to price out your room at Resorts World vs. comparable resorts to ensure you’re not leaving something on the table.

That being said, if you’re able to snag a good deal – Jump on it. I hope you enjoy your stay as much as I did.

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DS Smith

Sunday 14th of April 2024

Great job would your views and nice clean website.

Jake Hoffman

Monday 15th of April 2024

Thank you! Appreciate the kind note!

DS Smith

Sunday 14th of April 2024

@DS Smith, With your review. Damn typo. haha


Wednesday 13th of April 2022

Could not disagree more with your enthusiasm for Resorts World. Just back from a quick stay, and while I have nothing but praise for the Hilton room, the Resort itself was beyond disappointing. The food options were open very limited hours, their is zero delivery option for coffee in the morning as there is no room service, and their one food with gambling option, the Dawghaus closed at Midnight on the Tuesday of our stay. Some shops never opened, or were open very limited hours. As for the pool area, inferior to Wynn by far. Small, individual pool areas, not connected, leaves a lot to be desired. If the only chairs free are in the family area, you can't just meander in the pool to another option.

One other recurring problem was the systems kept failing. Many of us had elevator/room keys that randomly stopped working, requiring a trip to a front desk overwhelmed because the app failed. My first attempt at getting my getting card from the casino floor machine failed (a kind manager finally got me a card by using his desktop computer system to make things work.

The casino and hotel workers were all exceptionally service oriented and friendly, but I doubt I will stay there at least for a year or two until the kinks get worked out.

Jack Mosier

Saturday 2nd of April 2022

I stayed it the Conrad February of 2022. At 22:30 we were in bed when someone walks into our room saying that they were checking to see if we were ok. I called security and they couldn't find who was in our room. To top it offthey won't give me my Hilton points, even though I booked on their site. Disappointing


Tuesday 5th of April 2022

Woah... That is freaky.

Michael Eddy

Sunday 14th of November 2021

Do yourself a favor if your a Diamond Member the room they gave me for 70k points they should be charged with fraud it was a little smaller than a Jail cell double beds on top of each other.. The elevator keys don't work also went 3 days with no housekeeping there excuse was sorry we are out of help but they still charge..Very Bad Property representing the Hilton Brand..

Donnie Adams

Saturday 23rd of October 2021

I would like to know if resort world matches players status at other five star casino

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