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Where To Find Live Keno In Las Vegas

The dream of wagering a small amount of money and hitting a sizable jackpot is one that all gamblers visiting Las Vegas have in common.

Although keno has an inflated house edge when compared to other casino games, the lottery-style game offers a chance to win a lot in exchange for a small upfront investment.

Deep down, I think we’re all striving to be the guy featured at the end of “Vegas Vacation” that hits it big… except for the dying right afterward part. I’d personally appreciate having a chance to spend it.

Adding to the allure, the game is relatively slow-paced. Even if the house edge is enormous, it’s possible to play keno for an extended period of time without digging yourself too deep of a hole.

The premise of keno is simple. A total of 20 numbered balls are randomly drawn from a bowl of 80. Use your intuition, luck, skill, psychic abilities, etc. to guess which ones will be picked. The more you match, the more you win. Easy game.

Unfortunately, live keno games in Las Vegas seem to be disappearing at an accelerating pace. I figured it’d be helpful to keep an up-to-date rundown of live keno games on the Strip and on Fremont Street to aid you in finding an option that works.

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Live Keno Downtown Las Vegas

The D: The D offers my preferred live keno game downtown Las Vegas due to its near proximity to the only remaining Sigma Derby machine in town. It’s located on the second floor of the casino and is offered from 7 am – 1 am daily.

The D also boasts the world’s largest keno board on its exterior facade visible from Fremont Street.

The D in Las Vegas

Plaza: Live keno at Plaza runs daily from 11 am – 6:45 pm on Monday – Wednesday and closing time extends until 8:45 pm Thursday – Sunday. During that time, games occur every 5-8 minutes.

Like The D, Plaza’s live game is tied into statewide progressives that can offer payouts in the millions. Live keno drawings at Plaza are also viewable live online here.

Plaza Las Vegas exterior llluminated at dusk
Oscar’s at Plaza – ©kitleong/123RF.COM

California: Live keno is offered daily at The Cal, just steps away from Fremont Street from 7 am – 10 pm. Games are also viewable from resort guestrooms on channel 6.

The Cal exterior illuminated in red at night
Courtesy of Boyd Gaming

Live Keno On The Strip

Unfortunately, live keno on the Strip in Las Vegas is ticking toward extinction. Recently, Excalibur eliminated their live keno game, leaving 2 resorts standing.

Horseshoe: Live keno is offered at Horseshoe 7-days/week from 8 am – 11:30 pm. Stakes available range from $1 – $10 per game and games are shown on channel 27 in the hotel.

Exterior rendering of Horseshoe Las Vegas' hotel tower.
Courtesy of Caesars Entertainment

Harrah’s: Offering live keno on the Strip Friday – Monday from 10 am – 8 pm, Harrah’s offers stakes from $1 to $10 per game. Live keno games are also watchable in the hotel on channels 35 and 36. Harrah’s keno game is dark on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Courtesy of Caesars Entertainment

Other Live Keno in Las Vegas

Rio: Keno is once again offered at Rio and can be played for as little as $2. If you’re staying in the casino, you can watch drawings live on channels 65 and 66.

Gold Coast: Live keno is offered at Gold Coast from 8 am – midnight daily.

The Orleans: The Orleans offers live keno 24-hours per day. No matter when the urge hits, The Orleans will be ready to welcome your action.

Station Casinos: Resorts that offer live keno around Las Vegas under the Station Casinos umbrella include Red Rock, Green Valley Ranch, Palace Station, Santa Fe Station, Sunset Station, and Boulder Station. Notably, each resort’s live keno results are viewable via the link provided as well.

Jerry’s Nugget: Located away from the Strip in North Las Vegas, Jerry’s Nugget offers live keno for as little as $1 per play. While you’re there, may I suggest the prime rib at Jerry’s Famous Coffee Shop? Give it a shot.

Although the number of live keno games in Las Vegas is shrinking by the day, there are still options both on the Strip and on Fremont Street. Hopefully, I was able to help you find one that will work for your group!

Although the odds may not be in your favor, I understand the rush of risking a little money for the potential to win a lot. Good luck, and may your lucky numbers hit!

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Feature Image Credit: ©MaxFX/123RF

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Saturday 1st of October 2022

Not to add to the “PAUSE” list but was recently in Reno for Keno and visit and stayed at the Peppermill, found that they said goodbye to Keno, what a mistake on there part! We can always stay elsewhere! The Pep was always a nice place, but we will stay elsewhere.

Tuesday 17th of May 2022

bally's keno is open 7 days a week - 8am-11:30 pm

Wednesday 20th of July 2022


Sunday 8th of May 2022

Excalibur keno is no more..... and the orleans keno is the only 24 hour keno lounge in town!!!


Wednesday 18th of May 2022

Thanks! I was well overdue for an update!

Lydia Martin

Monday 25th of April 2022

Looking for live bingo and keno in Vegas

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