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Restaurants With a View of the Bellagio Fountains

The Fountains of Bellagio rank among the most iconic attractions in Las Vegas and are instantly recognizable worldwide.

A free attraction, many of Las Vegas’ 40+ million annual visitors prioritize stopping by the fountains during their vacation. Dancing to a selection of over 20 songs that span various genres, no performance is identical to the last.

Understandably, many also look to have a meal at one of the numerous restaurants with a fountain view.

Below, I’ll share which restaurants at Bellagio, and at nearby resorts, have a fountain view and include a link to their menu so that you can easily compare your options.

It may be obvious, but I recommend being proactive with reservations to ensure the best view. Not all seating options are created equal when it comes to seeing the show.

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Bellagio Restaurants With a Fountain View

Bellagio has expertly leveraged its feature attraction, positioning a good number of restaurants around the Strip-side lagoon.

Those restaurants serve a wide-ranging assortment of cuisine with various influences that include Japanese, Chinese, French/Spanish, and traditional American fare.

As you may expect, pricing at Bellagio’s assortment of restaurants may shock the budget-conscious among us. I recommend scoping out the menu (which will be linked to) before visiting.

Prime Steakhouse: Situated on Bellagio’s man-made lake with patio views of the fountains, Prime is a high-end steakhouse that serves a collection of steak and seafood.

Guests can expect to pay $80 and up for a steak, while non-steak entrees can be had for $50 and up. The dress code is business casual, and men are encouraged to wear a jacket.

Bellagio Fountains firing as seen from Prime Steakhouse
The view from Prime – Courtesy of MGM Resorts

Spago: A Wolfgang Puck restaurant, Spago offers spectacular views of the Bellagio Fountains with patio seating so close that mist can be felt.

Spago serves a collection of pasta, steaks, seafood, and other “California-inspired” dishes. You can expect to pay between $50 – $90 for most entrees, although more expensive options exist.

Patio seating at Spago with fountains spraying in the background
Courtesy MGM Resorts

Lago: Chef Serrano focuses on small plates with an Italian influence, all with a view of the Fountains of Bellagio.

Steak and seafood options land in the $40 – $100 range, and most pasta and pizza selections cost $30-$60.

Lago's patio with fountains in the background
Lago’s Patio – Courtesy of MGM Resorts

The Mayfair Supper Club: Serving a “Classic Take” on American fare with a view of the Bellagio Fountains, the typical entree at The Mayfair Supper Club will run $50 – $70, although the 40 oz. Dry-Aged Tomahawk will cost you $275.

As a supper club, Mayfair also offers entertainment nightly alongside your meal.

View of the fountains outside of the Mayfair Supper Club
Mayfair Supper Club – Courtesy of MGM Resorts

Picasso: Chief Chef Julian Serrano serves up Spanish and French-inspired cuisine while also boasting an impressive European wine collection.

As a high-end restaurant, Ladies are encouraged to dress elegantly and men are encouraged to wear a jacket although they are not required.

Most importantly, Picasso overlooks the Bellagio Fountains and offers outdoor patio seating.

A view of the Bellagio Fountains firing from the patio at Picasso
Picasso’s View – Courtesy of MGM Resorts

Jasmine: An upscale Chinese restaurant with a view of the Bellagio Fountains, Jasmine specializes in Nouvelle Hong Kong cuisine.

Le Cirque: A French restaurant that boasts a AAA Five Diamond Award Rating, the experience at Le Cirque is enhanced by a view of the Bellagio Fountains.

The restaurant offers a number of multi-course meals and tasting menus that usually land in the $200 – $450 range per person.

I’d recommend checking out Le Cirque’s current offerings before securing a reservation.

Interior seating and circus decor at Le Cirque
Le Cirque – Courtesy of MGM Resorts

Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant & Lounge: Overlooking the Fountains of Bellagio, Yellowtail offers Japanese fare in the form of rolls, sushi, and shared plates.

Yellowtail also has an outdoor patio that overlooks the fountains which is worth the wait.

Bellagio Fountains firing as seen from Prime Steakhouse
View of the Fountains of Bellagio from Prime Steakhouse – Photo courtesy of MGM Resorts

Other Restaurants With a View of the Bellagio Fountains

Eiffel Tower Restaurant: The Eiffel Tower Restaurant is perched halfway up the replica Eiffel at Paris, just across the street from Bellagio.

Seats next to the windows that offer the best views carry an additional fee of $40 per person and are reservable when making reservations, here.

Entrees at the Eiffel Tower restaurant range from $35 – $80 on average.

Eiffel Tower REstaurant exterior within the repica Eiffel Tower

Alexxa’s: Also found at Paris, across the street from Bellagio, seats on the front patio at Alexxa’s offer guests views of the fountains across the street. While there are some trees that obstruct the view slightly, the fountain show will still offer a nice backdrop to your lunch or dinner.

Alexxa’s is slightly cheaper than the other restaurants on this list with the typical entree costing between $20 for a burger and just over $50 for the 16 oz Grilled Rib Eye.

Exterior of Alexxa's from Paris' casino floor.

Mon Ami Gabi: Situated directly next to Hexx at Paris, Mon Ami Gabi’s front patio also offers views of the Bellagio fountains across the street. the average entree at Mon Ami will set you back about $30, and there is a burger and fries offered for under $20.

Patio seating with a fountain view is first come first served, so I recommend checking it out at non-peak times to limit your wait.

Mon Ami Gabi's exterior with replica eiffel tower

Beer Park: Perched atop the front of Paris’ rooftop, Beer Park offers one of my favorite fountain views at a manageable price point if eating.

Get a seat on the rail overlooking the Strip (which also allows for great people-watching) and order up a burger or sandwich for under $15.

View of Las Vegas Blvd. and Caesars Palace from Beer Park
Beer Park at Paris

Giada: Located on the second floor of Cromwell, Giada’s window seats offer a great view of the Bellagio Fountains.

You’ll want to reserve a window seat in advance, and note that a table with a view comes with a $25 upcharge.

Pasta entrees at Giada cost about $30, while meats range from $40 for chicken to the low $120’s for a 28 oz. Bone-in Tuscan Rib Eye.

Dining room and window seating at Giada
Giada’s Window Seating – Courtesy of Caesars Entertainment

Scarpetta: An Italian restaurant that can be found at Cosmopolitan offers views of Bellagio’s lagoon next door, Scarpetta serves Spaghetti, Creamy Polenta, Veal Chop, and Salted Caramel Budino as their signature dishes.

Scarpetta’s average entree runs between $40 – $70.

Seating at Scarpetta, with a view of the erupting Fountains of Bellagio in the background viewable from the window.
Scarpetta – Courtesy of MGM Resorts

Hopefully, I was able to help you identify a suitable restaurant with a view! While most carry a hefty price tag, there are a few budget-friendly options.

Again, I suggest calling in advance for reservations to ensure you get the view you desire… Or just go to Beer Park, enjoy a casual meal and drinks, and save a few bucks!

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Feature Image: ©bloodua/123RF.COM

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