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Things To Do at and Near Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Opening in 2010 at a cost of $3.9 billion, Cosmopolitan is among the most opulent resorts in Las Vegas. Located smack dab in the middle of the Strip, Cosmopolitan’s nearly 3,000 guestrooms offer stunning views of surrounding resorts to include the neighboring Fountains of Bellagio. In addition to the luxurious amenities that set the resort apart, there are plenty of things to do at Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.

Below, are some commonly sought out things to do at and near Cosmopolitan besides gambling. As a theme you’ll notice, many things to do at Cosmo are hidden in plain sight.

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Things To Do at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Hidden speakeasies: Among our favorite things to do at Cosmopolitan in Vegas is stopping by the speakeasy bars that other guests don’t even realize exist. The first, Ghost Donkey, is located in the back of the Block 16 Urban Food Hall and is marked by a nondescript door with a white donkey pictured. A small New York City-inspired bar with under 20 seats, Ghost Donkey serves Mezcal and Tequila cocktails.

White Donkey painted onto a green door
Find this door, and you have found Ghost Donkey at Cosmo

After Ghost Donkey, head to Cosmopolitan’s other speakeasy experience at The Barbershop. While The Barbershop is an actual barbershop, there is also a bar hidden behind the scenes. To access the bar, find the white “Janitor” door and enter. Once in, you’ll be transported to a luxurious feeling prohibition-era bar that offers a wide selection of whiskeys.

A hidden slice of pizza: After the cocktails, you’ll likely have a hankering for a late-night slice of pizza. Fortunately, “Secret Pizza” offers quality pizza by the slice at a reasonable price point. The problem is, like the speakeasies above, there is no signing to indicate its presence. To Find Secret Pizza, take the elevators near the Chandelier Bar to Level 3, then find a hallway lined with records and walk down it.

Hallway lined with record covers
Heres a hint – Look for this hallway and you will have found Secret Pizza.

Check out Opium: A raunchy comedy and variety show, Opium’s theatre doubles as a spaceship known as OPN 73 which is the setting of the show. The ship is en route from Uranus to Las Vegas, and you’re on board. Produced by Spiegelworld, who is responsible for our favorite show in Vegas “Absinthe”, Opium will be right up anyone’s alley that has a sense of humor and wants to get the night off on a hilarious footing. Tickets can be purchased in advance directly here or via a 3rd party like which are sometimes slightly less expensive.

Get entertained over dinner at Superfico: Cosmopolitan is home to one of the more unique dinner shows on the Strip. Superfrico, like Opium, is a creation of the folks at Spiegelworld. The food is described as “Italian American Psychedelic” and is served alongside a solid helping of outrageous acts. Full disclosure: The entertainment isn’t exactly light jazz playing in the background. Be prepared for some raunchy. See the menu here.

A disguised restaurant: Keeping with Cosmopolitan’s theme of disguising food and drink offerings, Beauty and Essex appears to be a simple pawn shop storefront to oblivious passers-by. Behind that false front though, is a restaurant specializing in dishes like Grilled Cheese Dumplings, Tuna Poke Wonton Tacos, and Thai Style Deep Fried Shimp. View the full menu here.

A cocktail with buzz: Experiencing the Verbena cocktail is a commonly sought out thing to do at Cosmopolitan. Garnished with a Sichuan flower that enhances your ability to taste while providing a numbing sensation, the citrus Tequilla Verbena cocktail is akin to a fireworks show in your mouth. Although you won’t find the Verbena Cocktail on the menu, it remains popular among guests is available to be ordered.

Wicked Spoon: Among the best buffets on the Las Vegas Strip, Wicked Spoon is nothing like the second-rate buffets you have gorged at in the past. Instead of troughs of food, Wicked Spoon at Cosmo serves every dish in single-serve bowls. Culinary options offered are also unique and spectacular. In addition to the traditional prime rib, and meat options, Wicked also offers items like “Shrimp Grits with Bacon, Chives, and Beer Blanc”, “Crispy Pork Poutine with Cheese Sauce”, “Four Cheese Truffle Mac”, “Wild Boar”, and “Bone Marrow with Mustard Cream”. Wicked Spoon is a delicious option, even if you aren’t traditionally a “buffet person”.

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Salmoin on a plate
Seared Salmon with Smoked Tomato Creme at Wicked Spoon
Desserts at Wicked Spoon on display
Dessert options at the Wicked Spoon Buffet

Poolside movies: During the summer months, Cosmo plays movies on their marquee along the Strip overlooking the Boulevard Pool as part of their “Dive-in Movie” series. Hotel guests at Cosmopolitan can attend for free, while non-guests can attend for a small fee of around $15 per person.

Skating in the desert: In the winter months, Cosmopolitan transforms their Boulevard Pool, which overlooks the Strip on the front end of the property, into an ice rink. Whether staying at the resort or not, guests can rent skates to glide across 4,200 square feet of real ice in the middle of the Nevada desert. Enhancing the experience is the availability of cocktails, s’mores, and fire pits. The perfect thing to do at Cosmopolitan for northerners looking for a slice of home.

Grab a cheap breakfast: A substantial breakfast is a must in Las Vegas to aid in recovering from the previous night’s decisions, and fuel the day ahead. For those that don’t want the hassle or expense of sitting down for breakfast, Eggslut is a great option, with breakfast sandwiches landing in the $9 – $12 price range.

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Explore the arts: Cosmopolitan scatters notable works of art from well-known, and emerging artists across the resort to include works by Rosemarie Fiore, Marilyn Minter, Sylvia Hommert, and Nicola Lopez, among others. More on the collection can be found here.

Marquee day/night club: Cosmopolitan’s Pool Marquee serves as a day and nightclub environment for those looking for a more raucous atmosphere. More information on the experience and the event calendar can be found here.

Things To Do Near Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Located in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip, Cosmo is surrounded by resorts that offer guests an abundance of things to do.

We suggest checking out the free attractions next door at Bellagio to include the conservatory and the iconic Fountains of Bellagio. Mirage’s Volcano also erupts nightly and is completely free.

Nearby, we suggest walking the LINQ Promenade and taking an all-you-can drink spin on the High Roller Observation Wheel. Also at LINQ is one of the better magic shows on the Strip, Mat Franco.

Across the street at Planet Hollywood, some of our favorite cheap food and happy hour deals can be found in the Miracle Mile Shops.

As you can see, finding things to do at Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas won’t be a challenge! There is truly an activity for everyone. Whether you’re into clandestine cocktails, raunchy comedy, or fine dining, Cosmo could be the perfect place to find it! For additional ideas, check out our property by property rundown of things to do on the Strip.

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