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Las Vegas Resort Fee List – 2021

Ever-increasing resort fees in Las Vegas are taking a bite out of tourist’s wallets before they play their first hand of blackjack. For those unfamiliar, resort fees are a fixed nightly fee in addition to the room rate that you pay at check-in.

What do you get in return for paying the resort fee? Not much. The resort fee is said to cover “amenities” like in-room internet, fitness center access, local phone calls, shuttle services, and in some cases a local newspaper. In reality, resort fees are designed to pad the bottom line via an additional expense passed on to consumers. Additionally, hotels don’t pay online travel agents (Expedia, Travelocity, etc) commission on the fee, only the advertised “room rate”.

We should note that although we destest resort fees, that rooms in Las Vegas still typically shake out to be a tremendous value when compared so similar hotel offerings in other US destinations.

With that being said, we wanted to compile and maintain, an up to date list of resort fees in Las Vegas so that you could plan your vacation accordingly and avoid surprises.

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Note that resort fees are taxable, we noted in the tables below if tax is included in the resort fee that was quoted by the property.

Current Resort Fees at Las Vegas Strip Hotels:

ResortResort FeeTax Included?
Caesars Palace$45No
Casino Royale$0No
Circus Circus$32No
Mandalay Bay$39No
MGM Grand$39No
New York New York$37No
Park MGM$39No
Planet Hollywood$37No
Polo Towers$32.95No
Waldorf Astoria$45No

**Note that Resort Fees at TI are optional if you book with their TV AD Special – More info here.

Downtown Las Vegas Resort Fees tend to be less expensive with 4 Queens and Binion’s being the last properties that don’t charge a resort fee.

Current Resort Fees at Downtown Las Vegas Hotels:

ResortResort FeeTax Included?
4 Queens$0N/A
Binion’s Apache$0N/A
Downtown Grand$33.84Yes
El Cortez$22.54Yes
Golden Gate$33.84Yes
Golden Nugget$38.42Yes
Main Street Station$21.46Yes
The D$33.84Yes

Current Resort Fees at Las Vegas Hotels Off the Beaten Path:

ResortResort FeeTax Included?
Arizona Charlies$19.20Yes
Boulder Station$22.59Yes
Eastside Cannery$20.33Yes
Ellis Island$28.99Yes
Gold Coast$35.14Yes
Green Valley Ranch$44.46Yes
M Resort$24.99Yes
Palace Station$34Yes
Red Rock$44.07Yes
Sam’s Town$25.98Yes
Signature at MGM$39No
Silver Sevens$32Yes
South Point$14No
Sunset Station$25.07Yes
Virgin $0N/A

Barring a change of aditude toward resort fees from resorts, or legislation that prohibits their use, resort fees in Las Vegas aren’t going away anytime soon. Given the current trend, we can only assume that Vegas casinos will continue to increase fees incrementally in lockstep with each other. Keep checking our updated list of resort fees to stay up to date.

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Friday 3rd of July 2020

Resort fees are so out of line it’s not worth it anymore

Paul G

Friday 3rd of July 2020

I just stayed at the D absolutely absurd the resort free is way too much for what you get their pool sucks and there was no room service yet they said I still have to pay a resort fee if I go anywhere I’ll stay at the four Queens no resort fee and it’s clean

Friday 3rd of July 2020

Fee not free


Friday 3rd of July 2020

As a Canadian tourist, the resort fees absolutely kill the Vegas experience. I book a room for 20 bucks and then have to pay 35 bucks resort fee a night. Last time we went was a July 4th weekend to experience the celebrations and just the resort fees and a couple buffet trips practically cost half the trip. The resort fees made us cut back on the gambling, souvenirs and shows in the casino. I do want to say that staff (except for the check in desk) were great in the casinos we visited, restaurant staff were great and all but one meal was delicious. I’d visit Vegas at least twice a year if the resort fees were gone, definitely go see a hockey game at least once. Someone has got to realize that it hurts the tourism, getting gouged by these resort fees.

Bill a

Thursday 10th of October 2019

Everyone watch/listen. There is a lawsuit in progress sueing these Hotels about resort fees. Waiting for the results. FYi


Saturday 13th of July 2019

We went 3 times in the 90s, staying at San Remo, Imperial Palace and Maxim. No resort fees back then and still great prices everywhere, including buffets. Went back in March 2015, $22.00 resort fees at Exclaibur, following July, $26.00, then last week at Luxor, $35.00. Add to that the taxes and for Canadians, another 40% on every dollar, makes travel to the US, especially Las Vegas, extremely expensive.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.