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Mechanical Bulls In Las Vegas – On The Strip & Fremont Street

Not surprisingly, groups commonly seek out mechanical bulls in Las Vegas. After all, what makes for a better girls’ weekend, guys’ trip, bachelor, or bachelorette party in Las Vegas than bonding over your own bull-riding incompetence? Nothing.

Below, I’ll dive into the handful of bars in Las Vegas that have a mechanical bull so that you can pick one that works for you and your group.

While mechanical bulls in Vegas are few and far between, there are options on both the Strip and Fremont Street, however, I’d advise reading up on the Fremont Street “bull” before visiting… just to make sure it’s your cup of tea :).

Mechanical Bulls On The Strip

Gilley’s at TI: The western-themed BBQ restaurant on the north end of the Strip has a mechanical bull that challenges riders to stay on for a full 8 seconds. In addition to bull riding, Gilley’s offers a dance floor and free live music on Friday and Saturday nights.

Chayo Mexicano at LINQ: Found in the Linq Promenade, Chayo Mexicano offers a mechanical bull right on the Strip. In addition to the bull, Chayo Mexicano offers Mexican food, tequila, and a unique selection of beers for indoor or outdoor dining. The cost to ride Chayo’s bull is $10.

Chayo Mexicano's outdoor seating area.

Mechanical Bulls on Fremont Street

The Nerd at Neonopolis: A bar focused on all things “nerdy” (think video games and cosplay), The Nerd can be found in Neonopolis right on Fremont Street.

Note that instead of a mechanical bull, The Nerd’s ride resembles male genitalia and costs $5 to ride.

While some may prefer that setup, others may want to opt for another bull-riding bar. In addition to the mechanical ride, The Nerd offers bowling lanes and arcade games.

Mechanical Bulls in Las Vegas Away From The Strip

Stoney’s Rockin’ Country Bar: Just south of resorts on the Las Vegas Strip, Stoney’s is a short Uber/Lyft ride from the main tourist corridor. A “rockin’ country” bar, Stoney’s has a mechanical bull in addition to frequent live music (see Stoney’s live entertainment calendar). Better yet, riding the mechanical bull is completely free.

Although mechanical bulls in Las Vegas are few and far between, there are a few notable options both on the Strip, on Fremont Street, and away from the main tourist corridors.

Hopefully, I was able to help you find a bar with a mechanical bull that works for you and your group!

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Feature Image: ©membio/123RF.COM

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