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Vegas Resorts Currently Running No Resort Fee Promotions – 2023

You won’t find a single person that enjoys paying resort fees in Las Vegas. At this point, we’re all aware that they are waiting to ambush us at the check-in desk, yet most have still not acclimated to the added expense.

I thought it would be helpful to create and maintain a breakdown of Las Vegas hotels waiving resort fees as part of a promotion.

I’ll be sure to link out to each deal so that you can easily compare your options.

Resorts Running “No Resort Fee” Promotions

Treasure Island “TV Ad Special”

A long-running promotion, TI’s Optional Resort fee can be booked on their website utilizing their “TV AD Special”.

In exchange for opting out of TI’s resort fee, you forfeit the services the resort fee covers, namely access to the fitness center and wireless internet.

Note that if you do not book using the TV Ad Special, TI’s typical resort fee will need to be paid upon arrival.

Resorts Waiving Resort Fees for Locals

Station Casinos (Locals only)

Red Rock, Green Valley Ranch, Sunset Station, Palace Station, Boulder Station, and Santa Fe Station are all waiving resort fees for Nevada residents.

Simply book here,through their “Local StaCation” deal specifically, and be prepared to show your Nevada ID at check-in.

Downtown Grand (Locals only)

As part of their “Local’s Staycation” deal, Downtown Grand is waiving resort fees for Nevada residents that book through that offer, which can be found here.

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In addition to the resorts above temporarily waiving resort fees, there are Vegas hotels like Binions, 4 Queens, and Casino Royale that never charge resort fees. No promotion or special sale is needed.

While hope remains that one of the major casino operators will choose to ditch the resort fee model completely, it would be challenging as many tourists book Las Vegas hotels through Online Travel Agency (OTA) sites like Expedia,, Travelocity, etc. Resort fees allow hotels to appear more price competitive to prospective travelers as they are able to post a lower room rate due at the time of booking because of the resort fee waiting for you at the front desk.

A hotel that does away with resort fees would likely see their base rate on OTAs increase putting their properties lower on the list when travelers sort by price (which most of us do). Additionally, resorts don’t have to pay OTA’s a commission on the resort fee as it isn’t due at the time of booking. Scrapping resort fees would increase the commissions due to booking sites.

Could hotels in Las Vegas get creative by offering no resort fees only to customers booking direct on a permanent basis? Could a major Vegas resort operator say screw it and ditch fees altogether and use it as a marketing tool? We think scaling back fees paired with a  marketing campaign admitting “we screwed up and are committed to returning to our value roots” would be quite compelling.

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Desiree Richardson

Thursday 8th of October 2020

Any updates for October?


Thursday 8th of October 2020

Thanks for the reminder! Updated. Looks like other than TI, only locals are getting resort fee waivers this month. Im surprised more properties are not leveraging resort fee waivers.

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