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Review of The Fun Dungeon Arcade at Excalibur – Look Inside!

Key Points:

  • Excalibur’s Fun Dungeon is impressive, offering 200+ arcade and carnival-style midway games.
  • The Ultimate 4D Experience is a fun & worthwhile add-on, allowing you to see 4 short films for just $12.
  • In my opinion, this is the second-best arcade in Vegas, slotted just behind The Midway at Circus Circus.

When it comes to kid-friendly things to do in Vegas, few things top the allure of a sprawling arcade.

One of the top options in that category is the Fun Dungeon Arcade at Excalibur, a medieval-themed resort on the south end of the Strip.

As the name would suggest, the Fun Dungeon is located in Excalibur’s lower level underneath the casino floor and is home to over 200 games that include arcade classics, carnival-style midway games, and even pool tables.

I thought it would be fun to stop into the arcade and get a feel for the offering to help you determine if it should find its way into your Las Vegas itinerary.

Of course, I took plenty of pictures to help you gauge the arcade’s worthiness.

I’m goin’ in.

My Experience at Excalibur’s Fun Dungeon

I was one of the first people to enter the Fun Dungeon arcade when it opened alongside a few families with kids who were very visibly excited.

The Arcade itself is large, with an Orange Julius & Dairy Queen slinging sweet treats and quick eats in the middle of it all.

Dairy Queen ordering counter in the middle of the Arcade.

Meandering through the arcade games, I was impressed with the selection, and options ranged from modern and flashy, to timeless classics like pop a shot, air hockey, and skee ball.

Here’s a sampling of what you can expect:

Misc. Arcade games in the Fun Dungeon.
A row of skee ball games sit next to a couple of target throwing arcade games.
A 4 person pac man themed air hockey game with various arcade games in the background.
A collection of arcade games along the walls.
4 bowling arcade games.
A collection of arcade games surrounding a pillar in the middle of the arcade.
3 blue air hockey tables sit empty, waiting for players.
"Let it Bounce" arcade game.
A game where players attempt to hit targets with shots fired from a fake weapon.
Arcade game where players are tasked with knocking over clowns by throwing a ball.
Various arcade games lined up against a wall.
Sink it, an arcade game modeled after beer pong.
A "large prize" claw game that awards big colorful balls.
A big prize claw game that awards large stuffed animals.
A row of 4 basketball shooting games.
A pool table stands empty in the middle of Excalibur's arcade.

In addition to traditional arcade games, the Fun Dungeon at Excalibur is home to 15 carnival-style midway games that award prizes and require players to skillfully land a ball on a lilypad, knock over a stack of blocks with a ball, or toss a ring onto a bottle top, among other tasks.

Ring toss carnival game at the Fun Dungeon.
A game where prizes are awarded to those that knock over a stack of 3 wooden blocks with a ball.
A horse racing game where seated players propel their horse forward by rolling a ball into a number of holes.
A lilypad game where players are awarded prizes for landing a wiffle ball on a colored lilypad.
A carnival game with large stuffed animals hanging above.
Lucky Ducky carnival game where players are tasked with selecting a floating rubber duck and are then awarded a prize based on what is found written on its underside.

One somewhat underwhelming aspect of Excalibur’s arcade was the prize redemption counter, which I consider small by “Vegas arcade standards”, lacking selection.

Granted, most kids only had enough tickets to purchase bracelets and tootsie rolls, but, come on guys, give these kids some high end prizes to strive for!

A small prize redemption counter in the Arcade.

Ultimate 4D Experience at Excalibur

Uniquely, the Fun Dungeon is also home to the Ultimate 4D Experience, a movie theater of sorts that plays four different 4D movies which inlcuded Yogi Bear, Dino Island, Happy Feet, and a Funhouse.

Exterior of the 4D experience at Excalibur.

I decided to snap up a ticket on in advance for $12, which entled me to see all 4 short videos back to back.

On the way in, everyone was given a pair of 3D glasses and were able to select their own seats in the theater.

The 4d Experience screen, which is displaying a tweet about the venue which is blurry becasue it isnt being viewed through the 3D glasses.
This appears blurry becuase my camera wasn’t wearing the 3D glasses 🙂

The 3D videos played are enhanced by a “4th D”, which included scents, wind, getting sprayed with real water, real bubbles blown in the theater, and even the startling sensation of being poked in the back by a knob that pops out of your seat.

I don’t know if I just had a more powerful sprayer in front of me than others, but I left with a pretty wet shirt. About halfway through, I actually decided that enough was enough and placed my hat over the sprayer.

While I wasn’t blown away by the production quality, I thought it was entertaining and well worth the $12 I paid, taking about 30-minutes to run through the 4 videos back to back.

Keep in mind too, I’m a middle aged man. You’re kids are likely to be more impressed than I was – They’ll love it.

The Verdict: Is Excalibur’s Fun Dungeon Worth Visiting?

The Fun Dungeon is easily one of the best arcades in Las Vegas, slotted just behind the Arcade & Midway at Circus Circus in my personal unofficial rankings.

The game selection is top notch offering arcade classics like skee ball and air hockey in addition to modern options.

While there aren’t quite as many carnival-style games as there are at Circus Circus’ midway, there’s ample variety to entertain most anyone on their quest to win a stuffed animal.

A unique amenity when compared to over arcades on the Strip, the 4D experience is a legitimately cool expeirence and a worthwhile add on at a mere $12.

Lastly, the fact that there’s an Orange Julius and Dairy Queen in the middle of everything makes lunch or snacktime a breeze.

If you’re on the south end of the Strip and are looking for something to do with the kids, I’d recommend considering the Fun Dungeon at Excalibur – It’s one of the best things to do with kids in Las Vegas.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.