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Vdara Las Vegas – Studio Parlor Review

Key Points:

  • The Studio Parlor room at Vdara is unique in that it offers a kitchenette, dining space, and a semi-separate living area.
  • Minor cleanliness issues aside, I was impressed by the room and intend to stay at Vdara again.
  • Although Vdara doesn’t have a casino, Aria’s gaming floor is steps away making it a non-issue.

When it comes to vacationing in Las Vegas, most shudder at the thought of a hotel without a casino on the first level. Honestly, that’s one of the main reasons I’ve avoided the all-suite Vdara until my most recent trip.

Essentially, I’m a degenerate who needs easy access to vices, and I perceived Vdara to be lame, boring, and bland.

Upon further review, however, I came to the realization that my concerns may be unfounded.

First off, Vdara is steps away, a 3-minute walk, from both Aria and Bellagio. You can be pecking a slot in no time if the urge hits.

Furthering my newfound interest in Vdara is the fact that their suites are among the few hotel rooms on the Strip that have a kitchenette.

I booked their Studio Parlor room specifically vs. their standard Studio because there’s a partition in the upgraded room that separates the bed from the living area. A unique touch.

The room cost me $105.44 plus fees for a mid-week stay via MGM’s booking portal.

It’s important to note that I’ve always been a Caesars Rewards loyalist, and am only now building my relationship with MGM Rewards, MGM’s loyalty program. If you’ve done any gambling at MGM Rewards properties, your rates would likely have been more advantageous.

I look forward to sharing my experience in the room below, with plenty of pictures and video.

Vdara's Exterior
Home for the night.

Vdara Check-In Experience

Seamless. Seriously.

MGM emailed me the day before my stay, encouraging me to check-in via their phone app. I did so, and they let me know that they’d alert me when my room was ready the next day. Once ready a digital key would be made available in the app.

Surprisingly, I was alerted at 10 am the day of my stay that my room was ready and that my digital key and room assignment could be found in the MGM phone app. I was able to head right up to my room without waiting in a line, talking to a person, or wasting a minute of my trip.

As I didn’t pay for the privilege to check in early, granting access to my room that early in the day was a nice gesture.

Inside Vdara’s Studio Parlor Room

My room was located on the 6th floor of the resort with an unimpressive view of Bellagio’s back end, part of the High Roller, and the free tram station which ferries guests between properties.

I always like to evaluate a hotel’s common areas prior to getting into my room as their condition is often reflective of what you’ll find inside.

Hotel Hallway with artwork on the walls
Swanky, modern vibe detected.

Studio Parlor Kitchenette

Upon stepping into the room, you’re in the kitchenette which is made up of a microwave, mini bar fridge, empty fridge, stovetop, and sink with built-in garbage disposal. A kitchen like this is a rare amenity in Las Vegas, and an awesome perk if you have a desire to cook, or even heat up leftovers in your room.

Kitchenette with stove top, sink, fridge, and microwave
Another angle of the kitchenette
Fridge with stocked mini bar and room for storage
There’s room on the right for about 12 beers. Trust me. I know.

Also in the kitchen area is a small dining room table with a couple of chairs.

Small dining room table with 2 chairs

The Living Area

Once you walk through the kitchenette, you find yourself in the living area which is separated from the bed by a wooden partition that is used to mount both of the room’s TVs, one facing the living area, and one facing the king bed. To the side of the partition is a work desk.

Chair and couch in living area

The living area has a couch, chair, and coffee table facing a TV.

TV and Furnishings in the living area

The Bedroom

On the other side of the partition was another flat-screen TV facing the king bed that was flanked by mirrors and decorative light fixtures. Uniquely, there were adjustable reading lights on both sides of the bed for those that like to dig into a good novel while in Vegas.

I’m no bed aficionado but can tell you I slept great. Very comfortable experience.

King bed
Bed and TV in the bedroom

I was initially concerned about noise as my room was directly across the hallway from the elevator well, but I never heard a nose from the hall. No elevator dings, no conversations, no slamming doors, nothing. Admittedly, however, that may have had more to do with low occupancy on a Monday night than actual noise insulation.

The Bathroom

In the Parlor Suite’s bathroom was a single sink vanity equipped with a personal magnified mirror, a deep soaking tub, and a glass-enclosed shower.

Vanity with a single sink
Glass shower and bathtub
Deep soaking bathtub

In the shower were personal hygiene products from VIVE.

Shampoo, conditioner, and bodywash in shower

What’s Not to Like?

While I was extremely satisfied with the room experience overall, there were some minor deficiencies that I’d be remiss to not call out.

By no means would I deem this a “dirty room”, but it was pretty obvious that it’s not getting the attention it should. While I personally could care less about the smudges, frays, and dust pictured below, I know room cleanliness can be a sticking point for many. As Vdara is marketed as a higher-end property within the MGM portfolio, I expected better. I’m also empathetic to the fact this could be caused by the ongoing labor shortage.

Dust on end table
Dust on one of the nightstands.
frayed carpet
Carpet fray
dusty vent
Dusty vent
baseboard stain
Unidentified stain on the bedroom baseboard
bathroom floor staining
Floor stains in the bathroom
hair on wall in shower
Hair on the wall in the shower

Is Vdara’s Studio Parlor Worth the Money?

Trivial Issues (for me at least) aside, I was extremely satisfied with my experience at Vdara and their room product. In fact, I plan to visit the Strip with my wife in a couple of months and I’m likely going to reserve the same room.

The lack of a casino in the hotel is non-issue. Seriously, Aria and Bellagio are both so close that you can almost hear the machines dinging from Vdara. Additionally, the absence of cigarette smoke and crowds are a welcome relief.

The Studio Parlor room itself is differentiated from your typical suite in Las Vegas, offering a kitchen with a fridge, microwave, and stovetop. The partition between the living and bedroom gives the suite the feel of having a separate bedroom, making this a good option for people that want to entertain a small group before heading out for the night.

While my particular room was a bit “smudged up”, the decor and overall vibe felt modern and upscale. Even with the minor cleanliness issues, I found the room to be well worth the $105.44 plus fees I paid.

I’m treating the issues as a one-off occurrence and look forward to staying again in the near future.

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Addie Lui

Monday 3rd of January 2022

Awesome review, also stayed there several years ago and agree with your assessment... Mahalo!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.