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How To Find The Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den at Resorts World

Key Points:

  • Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den is a speakeasy hidden behind a storefront in the Famous Foods Street Eats Food Hall.
  • The door is a shelving unit on the back wall of a restaurant called Fuhu Cha Chaan Teng.
  • The decor and vibe of the lounge make it one of my favorite speakeasies in Vegas.

Resorts World is a spectacular resort with amenities that include a rooftop pool deck, a sprawling casino, upscale shopping, and an absurd amount of dining options that span the price and culinary spectrum.

Even with all that Resorts World has going for it, it’s safe to say my favorite intricacy of the new resort is the Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den Speakeasy which is tucked away out of sight within their Famous Foods Street Eats food hall.

While a handful of Vegas “regulars” are studied up on the location of speakeasies in Las Vegas, most visitors milling past are oblivious to their existence.

There’s just something exclusive and fun about pushing through a hidden, disguised, or secret door to access a cocktail lounge that not everyone knows about. It feels good to be an “insider”.

Below, I’ll use pictures to help you find the entrance to the Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den speakeasy at Resorts World – One of my favorite clandestine cocktail lounges in town.

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Where To Find the Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den

While the hidden bar is mentioned on the Resorts World website under dining options, there’s no signage or advertisements within the resort that would alert you to its presence.

The speakeasy is located behind a shelving unit along the back wall in a restaurant, Fuhu Cha Chaan Teng, pictured below. If you’re walking along the Famous Foods Street Eats, you can’t miss the storefront, which doubles as a functioning restaurant.

Neon sign in the Famous Foods Street Eats
When you see this, you’re in the right neighborhood.

The secret door to the bar is the shelving unit with the large golden lucky cat sitting on the middle shelf (pictured below).

To be seated, guests need to check in at the desk on the left with the gold lucky cat sitting on it.

When I last stopped by, I was asked for the password and had no clue. Fortunately, the staff was gracious and coached us until I finally guessed correctly – It was “Meow”.

Fuhu Cha Chaan Teng storefront,
See the middle shelving unit with the big golden cat? That’s the door.

Behind the door is a small, intimate cocktail lounge with limited seating.

Here are a couple of photos that I was able to snap the night of Resorts World’s grand opening.

Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den interior to include the bar and seating
Once inside. Let me introduce you to the Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den.
Seating at the Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den Speakeasy
Another angle of the speakeasy.

One thing that I loved about the look and feel of the Vice Den at Resorts World was the immediate transition in decor and overall vibe experienced when entering.

As a guest, you’re walking in from a bright, loud, and oftentimes crowded casino floor through a secret door into a sophisticated feeling lounge with unique design elements.

Making an immediate impression were the neon tigers on the wall, but other subtle touches like oriental rugs, brick walls, painted murals, and lighting under the bar top and behind booth seating enhance the aesthetic appeal.

The Vice Den’s decor has evolved slightly over time. Below are a few photos taken during a more recent visit.

Neon tiger signing with paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling above
Red Paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling.
Seating at the vice den with Asian decor elements on shelving behind the table

My Experience at the Speakeasy

My wife and I recently decided on a whim to snag a cocktail at the Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den before dinner.

We arrived right when they opened for the night at 4:30 pm and were seated immediately. We found the cocktails to be strong, and worth the price.

My wife opted for the “Kiku” which incorporated Ketal One grapefruit, rose botanical vodka, Malibu coconut rum, lemon, white grapefruit, chrysanthemum, and pink salt.

I went with the “Patriot” which is made with Elijah Craig small batch bourbon, pineau des Charentes, benedictine, cherry bark vanilla bitters. It was served with an ice cube engraved with the Resorts World logo.

The Patriot and Kiku drinks on at table at the speakeasy with an illuminated centerpiece in the middle of the table

We both found the decor, vibe, and environment to be enjoyable. While I personally tend to be a $3 bottle of Bud kind of guy, I found our pair of hand-crafted cocktails to be a worthwhile and unique wrinkle in our night.

While I wouldn’t opt to sip $20 cocktails all night, visiting the speakeasy was an enjoyable way to kick off a night on the town.

Whether or not you choose to stop at Resorts World’s Vice Den, I still recommend visiting one (or more) of the growing number hidden cocktail lounges in Las Vegas.

More than a simple cocktail, a clandestine bar provides an experience to remember, making for the perfect date night or an evening out on the town in Las Vegas.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.