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Speakeasies In Las Vegas – On the Strip & Downtown

Seeking out unique experiences should be atop your list in Las Vegas, and few things are more unique than grabbing a drink at a hidden speakeasy.

While craft cocktails tend to be the main attraction, there’s also something special about feeling “in the know” or like an “insider” that you can’t get from any old bar.

Strutting through the obscure, clandestine, and often camouflaged doors listed below will leave you feeling like a local. A Las Vegas regular. Someone who knows things.

You’re going to be shocked at how many have been hiding in plain sight during your previous visits.

Below, I’ll share where you can find them, along with images depicting how to get in.

Speakeasies On The Strip

Ghost Donkey at Cosmopolitan

Nestled in the seating area of the Block 16 Urban Food Hall at Cosmopolitan is the Ghost Donkey speakeasy. The door to get in is easy to find if you know what you’re looking for – a white donkey (pictured below).

Inside, you’ll discover a small mezcal and tequila lounge with about 20 seats. Most craft cocktails on the drink menu are $17.

Recently, I opted for the spicy and sweet Pisterolo, which was fantastic.

In addition to drinks, a few nacho options are available including their popular Truffle Nachos. Ghost Donkey opens at 4 pm daily, which is a great time to swing by to ensure you can snag a seat.

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Green door with white donkey painted on it
Find this door and walk on through.

The Barbershop at Cosmopolitan

Found just inside Cosmopolitan’s north entrance (closest to Bellagio) is The Barbershop, which specializes in both haircuts and cocktails. To those not “in the know” The Barbershop is just that, a working barbershop.

What many don’t realize, however, is that the non-descript “Janitor” door in the back left corner leads to a stunning speakeasy bar, pictured below.

Live entertainment is common, and The Barbershop’s events calendar can be viewed here, along with the drink menu and reservation portal. With most cocktails costing under $20, and 22 oz. draft beer priced at around $10, this speakeasy experience on the Strip is well worth the cash outlay.

On a humorous side note, I stopped by one morning to snap a few photos before the bar was packed. I asked an employee if I could get into the speakeasy to take a picture and they kindly obliged.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t watching where I was going and bumped into a barber in the process of giving a haircut. The bump caused him to shave a chunk of hair off in error. Oops.

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Janitor Door in the Barbershop that leads to the speakeasy.
Find the “Janitor” door, walkthrough, and you’re in.
The Barbershop Speakeasy interior
Once inside the Barbershop.

Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den at Resorts World

The Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den is nestled in the Famous Foods Street Eats food court at Resorts World.

Acting as a front is Fuhu Cha Chaan Teng, which simply appears to be another restaurant in the food court to the unsuspecting passerby.

The blue shelving unit to the right of the cash register with the large golden lucky cat on it serves as the door that opens up to the gorgeous and intimate lounge pictured below.

Inside, the team of craft mixologists can concoct whatever vice you seek.

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Fuhu Cha Chaan Teng storefront,
See the middle shelving unit with the big golden cat? That’s the door.
Bar and seating in the vice den
Once inside the Vice Den.
Neon tiger signing with paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling above
Red Paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling.
Seating at the vice den with Asian decor elements on shelving behind the table

The Ski Lodge at Cosmopolitan

This hidden speakeasy is a part of Superfrico, a restaurant at Cosmopolitan, and can be found on level 2 of the resort’s Chelsea Tower.

Uniquely, the lounge’s theme is… well… you guessed it… a ski lodge and the crown jewel of the decor strategy is faux “windows” behind the bar with a snowy landscape view.

Once on Cosmo’s second level, make your way to Superfrico and find the secret entrance, pictured below.

Once inside, you’re transported far from the desert and Las Vegas to a snowy mountain retreat.

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The door to get into the Ski Lodge at Cosmopolitan
Here’s the door you’re looking for.
Interior of The Ski Lodge with LED screens behind the bar simulating windows overlooking a snowy landscape

The Lock at Horseshoe

The newest speakeasy on the Strip can be found within the Cabinet of Curiosities lounge at Horseshoe.

The entrance to the speakeasy is essentially a vault door with an illuminated key above it and a metal wheel on the door.

You can’t miss it as it’s not exactly hidden, or disguised in any way.

To get in, you’ll need reservations, which can be made here.

Once you arrive, use the “old-timey” phone next to the secret door to gain entrance. The person on the other end will tell you when to knock, and what the password is.

You can also use that phone to gauge availability if you didn’t make a reservation.

The Lock Speakeasy door, which resembles a vault door.
Door#1 to The Lock

Once you provide the password at the main exterior door, you’ll be escorted into a small room with safes all over the wall (pictured below).

There, your next task will be to find the combination to open one of two doors that open up to the speakeasy.

Both doors have a combination that begins with zero + three odd or even digits.

Zero + three even digits open the small black speakeasy door in the bottom left of the photo below.

Zero + three odd digits open the large silver door into the speakeasy in the center of the photo below.

To find the digits, you’ll need to open up all of the little safe doors around the room. Some doors are welded shut, but others open and have a single digit in them. Find 3 odd or even digits and you’ve got your passcode.

Don’t worry if you’re confused (as I was), there will be an employee there to assist you!

A wall with 2 large safe doors and many small safe doors.
Once past the first door, there’s a second challenge…
The bar and seating within The Lock
Once inside The Lock

Inside The Lock, mixologists prefer to use their imagination to create a cocktail specific to your tastes, interests, preferred vacation destination, and even your zodiac sign.

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Easy’s Cocktail Lounge at Aria

Calling Aria’s Proper Eats Food Hall Home, Easy’s Cocktail Lounge is hidden behind a donut and coffee counter of the same name.

Easy Donuts at Aria Las Vegas
Courtesy of MGM Resorts

Once inside, guests are transported to the prohibition era and treated to live jazz music nightly.

The inside of Easy's Speakeasy which has floral carpeting, and floral designs on the ceiling. The bar in the background has illuminated bottles on the back wall, and green seating is scattered about the room.
Credit: Jeff Green – Courtesy of MGM Resorts
Green seating at Easy's with the stage in the background.
Credit: Jeff Green – Courtesy MGM Resorts

On the menu are cocktails ranging from a basic old-fashioned to a number of “Show Stoppers”, like the “Smoke Show” pictured below, which combines cocktails with an impressive presentation.

2 drinks in a cigar box that has dry ice smoke billowing out. In the back of the box are two boxes of candy cigarettes.
Credit: Stacey Torma – Courtesy of MGM Resorts

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The Count Room at Flamingo

Part of Bugsy & Meyer’s Steakhouse, The Count Room’s doorway can be found to the right of Flamingo’s food court.

You’ll know you’re in the right place if you see the door pictured below:

A green decorative door with a sign hanging over it that says "The Count Room".
The Count Room’s Door
A pathway leading to the speakeasy that is lined with pictures of gangsters, and even a stack of fake wooden barrels.
Follow the path…

Once inside, follow the path into the lounge area, which has a dark, elegant vibe and boasts prohibition-era decor that pays homage to early Las Vegas and the mob’s influence.

I recommend stopping in on Friday or Saturday night after 8:30 pm when “The Moonshiners” take the stage. I recently caught a show and was blown away by their ability to make modern hit songs sound as though they originated in the 1920s.

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The bar at The Count Room with illuminated bottles on the back wall.
The Count Room at Flamingo

1923 Prohibition Bar at Mandalay Bay

Unlike other speakeasies in Las Vegas, 1923 Prohibition Bar’s presence is clearly labeled to passersby.

Located in the Shops at Mandalay Bay, the 1920’s themed lounge can be found in the hallway that connects Mandalay Bay to Luxor.

Although the bar has a prominent storefront, the door to enter is a bookcase, keeping with the speakeasy theme.

While the drink menu at 1923 has much to offer, I found the decor and ambiance to be the main attraction, with numerous artifacts and throwbacks to the Prohibition era.

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1923 Prohibition Bar entrance
The entrance to the 1923 Prohibition Bar – Not as secretive as others.
1923 Prohibition Bar Interior
Once inside, you’ll be transported back to the 1920s.
Fireplace and piano inside the bar

Speakeasies in Downtown Las Vegas

The Underground at The Mob Museum

“The Underground”, a speakeasy in the basement of the Mob Museum, serves craft cocktails while also educating guests about the time period it depicts.

Aside from the drinks, my favorite aspect of The Underground is the numerous displays and placards found around the room that communicate information about the prohibition era.

While I’d also encourage you to visit the Mob Museum, admission isn’t required to visit The Underground.

The speakeasy can be accessed from both inside and outside.

To access the speakeasy from the inside, walk into the Mob Museum and let an employee know you want to visit The Underground. They’ll happily point you in the right direction.

Interior door to the speakeasy
The interior entrance – Not nearly as authentic as the exterior option.

For the full speakeasy experience, I recommend using the secret door on the outside of the building (pictured below). You’ll know you’re in the right place when you spot the wooden barrel that denotes the entrance.

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Barrell marking the speakeasy entrance at the Mob Museum
You’re in the right place when you spot the barrel. Head down those stairs behind it.
Green door marking the entrance to the Underground Speakeasy
Find this door, and you’ve found the exterior entrance.
Interior door to the speakeasy
The interior entrance isn’t nearly as authentic as the exterior option.

The Laundry Room

Accessible via a discreet entryway inside the Commonwealth bar on Fremont East across the street from El Cortez, The Laundry Room is an intimate throwback to the prohibition era.

With seating for only 22 available, admission to this downtown speakeasy is limited to reservation holders only (reservations can be made online here).

With 27 signature cocktails on the menu, The Laundry Room is open daily from 6 pm – Late. The speakeasy entrance is marked with a wooden laundry pin.

You’ll want to note some pretty specific rules you’ll need to adhere to at the Laundry Room. Specifically, there is no photography or loud talking allowed. A business casual dress code is also enforced.

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Exterior photo of Commonwealth in Las Vegas
Step inside and find the secret door which is marked with a clothespin.

Hopefully, one of the above speakeasies in Las Vegas will fit your needs! Although a good chunk of Las vegas regulars are clued into their existence, there is still something special and exclusive about accessing a hidden bar that many, if not most people, don’t know about.

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