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How To Find The Lock Speakeasy at Horseshoe – Look Inside!

Key Points:

  • The Lock is found within the Cabinet of Curiosities at Horseshoe and has a door resembling that of a bank vault.
  • To get in, use the phone to the left of the door to confirm your reservation, or gauge if there’s space.
  • Once past the vault door, your group will need to solve a puzzle to gain entrance.

Speakeasies in Las Vegas are sprouting up everywhere, and Horseshoe (formerly Bally’s) is getting in on the action.

Found in their Cabinet of Curiosities bar, The Lock speakeasy isn’t exactly hidden… the door is a massive safe door. It stands out.

I recently had a chance to swing by and thought it would be fun to share how to get into The Lock, and give you a peek inside.

How to Find The Lock

The Lock is found within the Cabinet of Curiosities lounge at Horseshoe. To get to the lounge, make your way to the back wall of the casino and take the escalator down near Jack Binion’s Steakhouse.

You’ll see the bar at the bottom of that escalator across the hallway from the Twilight Zone Mini Golf course.

Exterior of The Cabinet of Curiosities Cocktail lounge
Here’s what you’re looking for.

Once inside the Cabinet of Curiosities, find the vault door (pictured below) – That’s the entrance to The Lock.

The Lock Speakeasy door, which resembles a vault door.
The door to The Lock

How to Get Into The Lock Speakeasy

Reservations are encouraged as The Lock gets busy – Reservations to The Lock can be made here.

If you have reservations, pick up the “old-timey” looking phone to the left of the door and alert the person that answers that you’re there for your reservation.

During my visit, the person on the other end of the line asked if I was a cop, to which I responded “No”.

They then told me to knock 3 times when the illuminated key above the vault door turned colors and communicated the password I’d need to share with the person that answers.

After knocking, a keyhole opened and I provided the password that I was instructed to give by the person on the phone. The password was “Water” in my case, but it may change. Regardless, the individual on the phone will let you know what it is.

In the event you don’t have reservations (as I didn’t), you can pick up the phone and ask if there is availability to fit you in. I was fortunate enough to get a seat.

After knocking 3 times and providing the password, the vault door opened, and I was escorted into a small second room. This is where things got a little confusing. Here’s the room I’m referring to:

A wall with 2 large safe doors and many small safe doors.
That’s a lot of safe doors…

In this room, there are two doors that lead to the speakeasy. The large silver door that says “Imagine Safe Co.” and the shorter black safe door on the bottom left of the image.

To open either door, you need to enter the correct 4-digit code into the black keypad.

Each keypad requires 4-digits and the code for each door starts with zero. To find the rest of the numbers, you need to open up all the smaller safe doors in the room.

While some of the smaller safes are welded shut, others pull open easily and contain a single number inside.

To open the large silver door, you need to find the 3 odd numbers – So the code would be something like 0793. The order of the numbers you enter doesn’t matter.

To open the small black door, you need to find the 3 even numbers – so the code would be something like 0428. Again, the order of the code doesn’t matter. You just need to lead with the zero.

I was able to find the 3 odd numbers and successfully entered the large silver door after punching in the code.

I felt like a moron, however, as I needed the poor kid working the safe room to re-explain like 4 times. Embarrassingly, I just couldn’t figure it out. We finally got there, but he has to think I’m short a few brain cells.

Inside The Lock Speakeasy

On the other side of the safe door is a small room that can seat around 20-25 people at any given time.

The bar and seating within The Lock

The room had a distinct prohibition-era vibe, with period-specific jazz playing overhead.

There is a 2-drink minimum and they offer a short menu of cocktails, but prefer you allow their bartenders to get creative and make you something unique based on what you like.

In fact, they even offer a card that asks about your current mood, preferred style, ideal vacation destination, and zodiac sign. From that, they’re able to create something you should enjoy.

Me? I just kept it simple and allowed my bartender Daniel to craft me a couple of old fashioneds.

Daniel, my bartender is burning a pile of applewood chips atop my cocktail
Burning some apple wood chips atop my old fashioned.
An old fashioned in a glass with an ice cube and orange peel
The finished product.

On the topic of service, I can’t say enough good things.

Not only did Daniel craft one hell of a drink, but he was good company. Although busy as all get out, he found plenty of time to chat me up as he made drinks for others and seemed genuinely engaged.

I forget the waitress’s name, but she was also incredibly kind, and we chatted about our kids, etc.

I just felt welcome – It was a great spot to grab a couple of solo cocktails.

While the cocktails were great, they weren’t cheap. My tab ended up being $60 pre-tip, although, I think Daniel used a higher quality liquor in one of my drinks than is the standard. Totally cool, as I told him to “surprise me” with something unique.

Drink 1 was $36, and drink 2 was $20. While that’s steeper than I’d prefer, $20 for a cocktail at a Vegas speakeasy is pretty standard.

Overall, I found my experience at The Lock to be fantastic. The service, drinks, and challenging entry all met my expectations and I’d recommend scoping it out next time you’re in town.

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