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Mini Golf in Las Vegas – On The Strip & Nearby

Although known primarily for adult-focused attractions and activities, Las Vegas offers a surprising amount of things to do for the whole family.

While mini golf is commonly sought out, courses in Las Vegas are far from plentiful. Fortunately, the few mini golf courses that are located on and near the Strip are both unique, and worth visiting.

Below, I’ll summarize where to find indoor mini golf courses in Las Vegas, both on the Strip and nearby.

Mini Golf on the Las Vegas Strip

Twilight Zone by Monster Mini Golf at Horseshoe: Standing alone as the only mini golf course on the Strip, Twilight Zone by Monster Mini Golf doesn’t disappoint. Illuminated by blacklights, the entire course pops with glowing color, creating a unique visual experience.

Themed to the hit “Twilight Zone” TV series, the attraction transports guests to the “5th Dimension”, surrounding them with artwork inspired by the show and props.

While it’s not uncommon for mini golf courses to host birthday parties, this one also hosts weddings, boasting its own chapel. Now, that’s a unique Las Vegas wedding venue.

Admission costs $11.95 and tickets to Twilight Zone by Monster can be purchased in advance here, with the attraction.

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The mini golf course photographed from a distance. Each hole is lined by white and black walls, the white glows under the black lighting.

Mini Golf in Las Vegas Near the Strip

Kiss by Monster Mini Golf at Rio: Located off the Strip at Rio, Kiss by Monster Mini Golf is a feast for the eyes, just like their sister course at Horseshoe. Illuminated by blacklights, the course is better described as a work of art than a competitive experience, although it qualifies as both. While playing, you’ll be immersed in Kiss artwork, decor, and memorabilia while their hit soundtrack plays overhead.

I mean, where else are you going to be able to smack a putt up Gene Simmons’ tongue and into his mouth?

Like the Twilight Zone mini golf course on the Strip, Kiss by Monster Mini Golf can also host weddings in addition to birthday parties.

Admission costs $11.95 per person for 18 holes, and locals get a slight discount. More information, and ticketing info for Kiss by Monster can be found here.

Rex Center: Located off the Strip, the Rex Center tends to be more popular with locals vs. tourists. They do, however, offer an 18-hole mini golf course at an affordable price point. This could be a great option for those looking for more kid-friendly fun than just mini golf as they also offer axe throwing, rock climbing, go-karts, and laser tag.

Admission to a single attraction costs $12.50, half-day passes cost $25, and full-day passes cost $40. Family half-day passes (4 people) are also available for $70. More information on the Rex Center can be found here.

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Similar Attractions to Mini Golf

Topgolf: Found behind MGM Grand, Topgolf is like a driving range, but 100x more fun. Intended to be a social experience, customers compete against each other in various games that test your accuracy as a golfer.

In addition to golf, Topgolf has a 2-level pool that is free for anyone 21+ to access, 5 bars, a full menu, and numerous large screens to catch the game on. Whether looking for something fun to do with a group or as a family, Topgolf is an option to consider.

View of the range from a hitting bay
Hitting bays at TopGolf offer a view of the strip / sporting events at the end of the range.

Although options to play mini golf in Las Vegas aren’t exactly plentiful, the ones that exist are pretty darn cool. Hopefully, I was able to help you find a mini golf course that works for you and your group!

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Feature Image Credit: ©mylitleye/123RF

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