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STRAT SkyPod Observation Deck & Rides Review – Take a Look!

Key Points:

  • STRAT’s Observation Deck is a modern marvel, offering a stunning view of the Las Vegas Valley.
  • Tickets to the Observation Deck start at a mere $20, making this an affordable diversion.
  • The rides atop the tower are both thrilling and relatively inexpensive – I’ve done them all multiple times.

STRAT’s SkyPod observation deck and rides easily qualify as one of the most popular non-gambling attractions in Las Vegas, offering stunning views of both the Strip and Fremont Street from 1,149 feet in the air.

Although STRAT’s location on the north end of the Strip isn’t comfortably walkable from most resorts, the property can be reached via a cheap ($10-15) Uber/Lyft, or even via The Deuce bus route.

I thought it would be fun to swing by, take the elevator to the top of the tower, and share my experience along with photos of STRAT’s SkyPod Experience to help you determine if it’s worth a trip!

Strat Las Vegas Skypod Exterior

STRAT SkyPod Costs

Admission packages are offered in a few different flavors, depending on whether or not you want to partake in rides atop the tower.

Buying tickets online with STRAT, here will save you money vs. buying at the box office the day of – I learned this the hard way…

While ticket prices fluctuate throughout the year, packages start at around $20 for observation deck access.

From there they increase based on how many rides you want to add to your experience (1 ride, 2 rides, or unlimited rides).

What I love about this attraction is how inexpensive the rides are to add. They’re certainly worth the few extra bucks.

DEAL: Note that you can often save a few bucks more by booking your experience on, here.

Price out your options to get the best deal!

STRAT Observation Deck

STRAT’s observation deck on its own is spectacular, boasting 1,149 feet of elevation. Aside from a helicopter tour, there’s no other comparable view of the Las Vegas Valley.

The observation deck is made up of both an indoor and outdoor portion.

The indoor portion of the observation deck allows guests to score views of Vegas in all directions and even offers interactive touchscreen map displays, which help you understand what landmarks are visible and where.

Angled windows with a view of Las Vegas below in STRATs indoor observation deck
The indoor portion of the observation deck.
A large touchscreen with an interactive map of Las Vegas that details which landmarks are visible.
Interactive touchscreen that shows what landmarks are visible.
A crack in the top right corner of a pane of glass
I’d be lying if I told you this crack didn’t make me a little nervous…

Calling the indoor portion of STRAT’s observation deck home is 108 Drinks, a bar that serves frozen drinks, cocktails, beer, and wine with a view.

Typical drinks and wine by the glass cost just shy of $20 and draft beer hovers in the $10-$11 range.

Notably, happy hour runs from 3 – 7 pm Monday – Thursday and entitles guests to 2 – 1 beer, cocktails, and wine.

A bar called 108 drinks with empty barstools along the bar counter.
108 Drinks

In addition to 108 Drinks is a small restaurant called… you guessed it… 108 Eats that serves an assortment of treats and sandwiches.

108 Eats restaurant exterior
108 Eats

The outdoor observation deck offers views of the Strip to the south. While the areas east and west of the Strip are also visible, the side of the outdoor observation deck that would give you a view to the north is obstructed by rides.

Morbidly, the observation deck is lined with blue rollers that aim to prevent folks from jumping off the tower.

During my visit, it was pretty windy up there, but certainly scenic. Like my recent trip to the Eiffel Tower Experience at Paris, it’s surreal to me how quiet it is at elevation compared to being on the street level, or in the casino.

Also amazing to me is the engineering that goes into creating a tower-like STRAT’s SkyPod – How do they do it?! How doesn’t it tip over? Humanity is amazing.

Surprisingly, there’s even a designated smoking area cordoned off in the outdoor observation deck.

Here are a few more pictures I captured from the observation deck.

Strat's tower shadow stretching across the ground below
Coin operated binoculars overlook the Las Vegas valley below
Resorts on the Strip to the south of STRAT
Fontainebleau Las Vegas and parking ramp viewed from STRAT
A closer look at the new Fontainebleau Las Vegas – Coming in 2023
Downtown Las Vegas viewed from atop STRAT
Downtown Las Vegas
The Las Vegas valley with mountains in the background
Las Vegas hotels and residential areas viewed from the STRAT

Rides Atop STRAT’s SkyPod

Big Shot and X-Scream

One of my favorite aspects of STRAT are the thrill rides perched atop the tower that are both adrenaline inducing and reletively cheap. You’re able to add all 3 rides to an observation deck ticket for just $19 more! An all you can ride pass is only an additional $29. That’s value.

Here are your options:

Big Shot fires riders 160 feet straight up in the air at speeds of 45 mph. Not only will you feel your stomach drop, but you’ll achieve an even more impressive view of Las Vegas at the rides apex.

Big Shot shooting riders up the tower atop STRAT's observation deck.
Big Shot

X-Scream is like a teeter totter with a little roller coaster car gliding back and forth as it tips one way or the other. Of course, X-Scream tips you off of the side of STRAT’s tower, dangling riders precariously off of the edge before pulling them back over the tower and repeating the process.

XScream tilting riders out over the edge of the tower.

Insanity (pictured below) recently closed. A move that is most likely permenant as the attraction isn’t even listed on STRAT’s website at this point.

Insanity's arm extending riders out over the edge of the tower

Check out the embedded video to see each ride in action!

The best part about the rides is that they’re able to terrify/thrill you without being physically demading. While the Big Shot is does shoot you up reletively fast, both X-Scream and Insanity dangle you off the edge without straining your body like a wild rollercoaster would.

Z-Scream and Insanity are rides that anyone can handle, as long as you’re OK with heights 🙂

SkyJump at STRAT

SkyJump, which is far too intense for me, is a popular option and commonly sells out days in advance – Book early.

Not included in the traditional ride packages, SkyJump pricing starts at $129.99.

Participants “have the opportunity” to leap off of the tower, 829 feet from the ground in a controlled free fall that reaches speeds up to 40mph.

Here’s the plank you jump off of:

A view of the door that leads to the SkyJump jumping point.
The door leading to SkyJump.
through the windows, a plank is visible which serves as the jumping point for SkyJump.
SkyJump’s plank through the window.

Is STRAT’s SkyPod Worth a Visit?

I’m a fan.

At this point, I’ve traversed to the top of STRAT’s SkyPod 4 times, and it always leaves me in awe. Whether or not you partake in the rides, $20 for this view is an unbelievable deal.

As for the rides, they’re amazing for the price. Even if you just do one, I can assure you that you’ll get your money’s worth for the $9 more it costs. While my personal favorite is Insanity, all 3 are worthwhile.

Bottom line: STRAT’s SkyPod observation deck and rides are an unheard of value in a city where bang for your buck is getting harder to find.

Especially if this is you’re constructing an itinerary for your first Vegas trip, or are looking for Kid-Friendly Activities in Las Vegas, add STRAT. It’s worthy.

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