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The Buffet at Luxor Review – Take a Look Inside!

Key Points:

  • Luxor’s buffet still clings to the resort’s Egyptian theme, which I found to be fun.
  • The buffet was clean and well presented, albeit average from a quality perspective. It was “OK”.
  • Absent was a “signature item” that would drive a repeat visit. I left neither thrilled nor disappointed.

Luxor’s iconic pyramid is among the most recognizable landmarks in the world, boasting 4,400 hotel rooms, a 120,000 square foot casino, and a 5-acre pool complex.

Although the property has endured a degree of de-theming over the years, Luxor is still quite unique when compared to peers on the Strip.

Even if you’re not planning to eat or gamble on-site, Luxor is worth a visit to see the Egyptian elements that still exist to include sphinx, obelisks, hieroglyphics, and statues sprinkled about the resort.

Nowhere is the Egyptian theming thicker than downstairs in Luxor’s Buffet, which has a distinctly ancient vibe.

Egyption statue in the Buffet
Seating area at Luxor's buffet

I recently stopped by Luxor’s brunch buffet and look forward to sharing my experience, complete with plenty of pictures.

Luxor Buffet Hours and Pricing

Luxor’s buffet is open for brunch Wednesday – Sunday from 8 am – 3 pm and costs $30.99 on Wednesday & Thursday, and $33.99 Friday – Sunday.

The buffet is currently closed on Monday and Tuesday.

Updated pricing and hours can be found directly on Luxor’s website, here.

Luxor Brunch Buffet Menu Items

As a matter of housekeeping, it’s important to note that I stopped by Luxor’s buffet at 8 am sharp and was one of the first few people seated. As such, the photos below likely make the buffet look better from a fill and cleanliness perspective than it would if you were to visit during a time with more traffic.

On the breakfast front, the buffet offered chorizo scrambled eggs, diablo scrambled eggs, Denver scrambled eggs, Denver scrambled egg whites, scrambled egg whites, traditional scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits & gravy, breakfast potatoes, potatoes O’Brien, French toast, assorted fruit, and a collection of donuts and pastries.

The most popular breakfast item was the make-your-own omelet station with an array of meat and veggie options.

Eggs, Cheese Blintz, and French Toast
Eggs, Cheese Blintz, and French Toast
Denver Scrambled Egg whites, potatoes, and bacon
Denver scrambled egg whites, bacon, and breakfast potatoes
Bacon and sausage
Bacon and sausage
Denver scrambled eggs and biscuits and gravy
Denver scrambled eggs and biscuits and gravy
Sausages, scrambled egg whites, and potatoes O'brian
Sausages, scrambled egg whites, and potatoes O’Brien
Scrambled eggs, bacon, and breakfast potatoes
Scrambled eggs, bacon, and breakfast potatoes
Chorizo and Diablo Scrambled Eggs
Chorizo and diablo scrambled eggs
bagels, bread, and a toaster
Watermelon, Apples, and Bannanas
miniature donuts

Lunch items included a tray of assorted sushi, chili, a beef taco bar with various toppings, a collection of soups, and a salad bar. My assumption is that more lunch items are phased in later in the day, as the buffet had a strong breakfast focus minutes after opening.

Beef taco meat
Beef taco meat and chili Verde.
Taco toppings
Taco fixings
Tray of assorted sushi
assorted types of lettuce
Salad toppings
Assorted pasta salads

Although I didn’t eat the pizza… because it was 8:09 am… it looked to be some of the better buffet pizza I’ve seen. It had a thick crust and looked to be of high quality.

Pepperoni Pizza
Cheese and Meat Pizzas

The carving station served a collection of sausages and rotisserie chicken. While prime rib wasn’t offered while I was there, I later learned that it makes an appearance closer to lunchtime.

Meats at Luxor's Carving station

On the beverage front, self-serve Pepsi products were offered in addition to coffee and milk.

Is The Buffet at Luxor Worth the Money?

I loaded up on breakfast items to include sausage, bacon, breakfast potatoes, French toast sticks, and various styles of scrambled eggs.

A unique offering at this specific buffet, I thought both the chorizo and diablo scrambled egg recipes did a nice job of adding flavor and color to the typical, boring, version of scrambled eggs.

Doused in powdered sugar and syrup, the French toast sticks had a crisp outer shell and warm, doughy interior, making for a nice dessert item.

Disappointingly, I found the sausages to be overcooked, dry, shriveled up, and even crunchy at times. I assume it was a one-off occurrence as the sausages I’ve eaten at MGM’s other buffets at MGM Grand and Excalibur were much better.

While most everything was good, nothing really stood out as being outstanding. I left neither thrilled nor disappointed.

As one of the cheapest buffets on the Strip, Luxor’s definitely still serves a purpose. For those that are big eaters and desire a lot of calories for a set amount of money, Luxor’s buffet could certainly pencil out to be a great value.

Personally, I prefer buffets that either :

  1. Give me access to a wide variety of high-quality food, or
  2. Offer deep value.

In my opinion, The Buffet at Luxor fell just short on both fronts. That isn’t to say it was bad, just not memorable. While many buffets I’ve tried have that one, two, or more items that beg me to come back, a memorable dish was lacking in this case.

Ultimately, I’d rather spend up for a high-end experience with gourmet cuisine options like those found at Wicked Spoon at Cosmopolitan, The Buffet At Wynn, The Buffet at Bellagio, or Bacchanal at Caesars.

On the other end of the spectrum, spending less for a comparable offering is also attractive. Although located off the Strip, Garden Buffet at South Point is both cheaper and still serves prime rib with dinner. Main Street Station’s Garden Court Buffet near Fremont Street also offers similar food from a quality & variety perspective but at a discounted price point.

Essentially, when it comes to buffets, I gravitate towards both ends of the price/quality spectrum in which Luxor finds itself smack dab in the middle.

If you’re not looking to gorge yourself, another option to consider is Luxor’s Pyramid Cafe, where you can get a satisfying meal for half the price.

Burger at Luxor's Pyramid Cafe with Sweet Potato Fries served on a metal tray
My recent meal at Luxor’s Pyramid Cafe

I also found the Buffet at MGM Grand to be a slightly more enjoyable experience at a near-identical price point.

Hopefully, my thoughts combined with pictures from the buffet were able to help you determine if The Buffet at Luxor is a good fit for you and your group! For many, it could be a great option – Especially for those with a big appetite.

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Fan Grandor

Sunday 20th of March 2022

The luxor is a dump


Saturday 15th of April 2023

@Fan Grandor, it sure is


Saturday 26th of February 2022

Luxor's Buffet was Horrible.At least it was Clean.South Points Buffet was Disgusting.We Ended Up eating at Local restaurants after those two attempts.


Monday 7th of February 2022

Any cruise ship breakfast you can find is better than the buffet at Luxor. I was disappointed. No bagels on the buffet. No continental breakfast offerings, which should be standard. Anywhere in Las Vegas has to be better.

Man Lee

Friday 28th of January 2022

I agree that Luxor is one of the worst buffet in Las Vegas. My kids said it looks like their college campus food, I was not happy after dinner in Luxor.

Dan G

Sunday 23rd of January 2022

Stayed at Luxor early December 21. Had the more expensive Sunday buffet. Service was very good, but the food was sub par. The rib was dry and inedible. I couldn’t believe I threw it away. Most items had the texture of simply having sat out too long. A bright spot was a jalapeño chicken stuffed with jack. There was a nice, but not ambitious fruit bar, but it was mixed with shellfish so allergies dictate I had to stay away. Everything else was fairly forgettable, or memorable in the wrong way. Many drinks and items were not available in the normal way. If crowds are down, put smaller steam pans out. I don’t want to waste food, just put out smaller pans.

We did go to Mandalay Bay to try their buffet, only to find it permanently closed.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.