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Is The Vegas Bite Card Worth Buying? Let’s Take a Look

Key Points:

  • The Vegas Bite Card offers deals on select food, drink, and attractions in Las Vegas.
  • After using the card, I determined the best deals to be in the food & drink category – These could easily make the card a worthwhile purchase.
  • Deals on attractions, however, were underwhelming and often available elsewhere without an upfront card purchase.

With inflation raging, and new fees popping out of the woodwork, I’m always on the lookout for ways to save money in Vegas.

Recently, I was introduced to the Vegas Bite Card, which boasts deals on dining, shows, activities, tours, and more. As I’m always wary of “deals” in Vegas, I figured it would be helpful to dive into the details to gauge if the Vegas Bite Card was worth the money.

Full disclosure: The folks at the Vegas Bite Card were kind enough to send me 2 complimentary cards. Freebies aside, you can always count on my assessment to be honest, and “un-sugarcoated” – You’ll receive a full accounting of whether or not this is a card worth buying.

Let’s start with some housekeeping items, shall we?

What Is the Vegas Bite Card?

The Vegas Bite Card is a discount card that’s good for 1-year from the time of purchase and retails for $42.95.

Buying the card entitles you to deals on shows, food & drink, attractions, etc. which are clearly defined on the Bite Card website.

Once purchased, the card is mailed to you along with a pamphlet that outlines the current deals it entitles to you. Also included are exclusive discount codes for show tickets to be used online for certain offerings.

If you’re on a tight timeframe that won’t allow for it to be mailed, you can also opt pick your card up on the Strip.

Vegas Bite Card Deals

Deals offered as part of the Vegas Bite Card are pretty wide-ranging. Let’s tackle ’em category by category, starting with the best deals.

Food & Drink

In my opinion, this is where the most value can be found provided you’re excited about the Bite Card’s restaurant options. Deals include % off your meal/item, 2 for 1’s, and a straight dollar amount off your bill.

Some of my favorite deals include:

  • 20% off food & beverage at Cabo Wabo
  • 20% off the total check at Pampas (all-you-can-eat Brazilian Grille)
  • 15% off Haute Doggery
  • 15% off food at Ri Ra Irish Pub
  • 15% off food at Hash House a Go Go
  • Free sandwich at Earl of Sandwich with purchase of another sandwich and fountain drink.
  • There are also a good number of smaller deals at quick-serve restaurants like LA Subs, Nathan’s Hotdogs, Bonanno’s Pizzeria, and Johnny Rockets that could add up over the course of a trip.

The card could pay for itself quickly if you plan to eat at 2-3 of the restaurants that offer deals via the Bite Card and mix in some of the lower-value quick-serve options for lunch.

View all food & drink deals.


The card entitles holders to discounts on show tickets, and there are some pretty darn solid options that span the genres from comedy clubs to kid-friendly options and even racy burlesque shows.

Show discount options include % off a single ticket, a specified $ off, and BOGO deals.

Shows with discount offers include:

  • $20 off tickets to the Marriage Can Be Murder Dinner Show
  • 10% off Purple Reign: The Prince Tribute Show
  • 20% off WOW – The Vegas Spectacular
  • 50% off V – The Ultimate Variety Show
  • 35% off MJ Live
  • 50% off Vegas! The Show
  • 50% off Zombie Burlesque and Lady Like
  • Discounted entry to a number of comedy clubs
  • And More – See the full list of show deals, here.

You’ll want to note that some shows require that tickets be purchased in person at the box office, while others can be purchased online in advance with an exclusive Bite Card discount code.

For shows that require a discount code, you’ll be able to find them in the booklet that is mailed to you with your Bite Card – Pretty slick.

One caveat I’ll throw out there is that most shows Bite Card offers deals for are also discounted on other deal websites like and/or Groupon. I’d recommend shopping around a bit to ensure the Vegas Bite Card is providing the best deal for your desired show.

While I’m typically wary about claims of “show deals” in Vegas, the Bite Card price was consistently lower than other discount websites when I ran comparisons.

Similar to the food deals, I see value here as well, provided there’s a show or two that’s of interest.

View all Bite Card show deals.


The lineup of attraction discounts offered via the Bite Card are a bit thin in my opinion.

While a few of the below deals may look enticing at first glance, deeper discounts for some are currently being offered on, which doesn’t require an upfront discount card purchase.

With that being said, I wouldn’t base a Bite Card purchase decision on them exclusively.

There are also a few smaller attraction deals of note that include:

While the Bite Card could certainly enable you to save a few bucks on attractions, I want to reiterate my recommendation of checking, Groupon, etc. to ensure the Bite Card is the best deal for that particular activity.

View the full list of Bite Card attraction discounts.


The Bite Card features a number of Hoover Dam & Grand Canyon tours operated by both Gray Line and National Parks Express.

While the card offers decent discounts when compared to the retail prices found on the tour operator’s website, many of the exact tours offered could be bought on Groupon at a similar or deeper discount than the Vegas Bite Card entitles holders to.

Because the same, or better, deals are offered elsewhere and don’t require an upfront card purchase, I don’t see much value in this category.

This is a situation where you’d want to price out your preferred tour in advance to ensure the Bite Card gives you the best price. It may, and it may not.

There are also several other deals that include:

  • 20% off of an ATV tour
  • BOGO Lake Mead Cruises

View all Bite Card tour deals.


While super niche, if you plan on getting married in Vegas, the card offers a number of discounted chapel packages that could save you 10% or $50, depending on the offer.


While a number of discounts are offered for both mini golf and tee times services, there isn’t much here that I personally would be interested in pursuing.

Hopefully, deals at specific courses near the tourist corridors in Las Vegas will be added at some point.

Vegas Bite Card Usability

After scoping out customer reviews on Viator, I had some concerns about putting the Bite Card to use.

Although most of the reviews are from years ago, many people point out that several vendors have never heard of the card, or wouldn’t accept it even though the Bite Card was advertising a deal with that merchant.

I didn’t run into this issue once in Las Vegas. I used the card at numerous restaurants, both sit-down and quick service, and received the advertised discount at each spot.

There was one occasion when a newer employee didn’t know what the card was, but he asked a supervisor and he was able to process the deal immediately.

Given the amount of turnover in customer service roles, there’s always a chance of catching an unaware newbie. If that happens, ask them to check with a co-worker, as they’ll likely be able to help you out.

I thought using the card was pretty seamless, however.

The Verdict: Is the Vegas Bite Card Worth Buying?

Food and Shows Offer Value

The biggest value proposition of the Vegas Bite Card is the food deals. The ability to save 15% – 20% on a restaurant tab could pay for the cost of the card quickly. If you can work a few featured restaurants into your itinerary, you’re going to come out ahead.

Just go to the popular Hash House a Go Go daily for breakfast and you’ll be in great shape. Hash House has locations on both the Strip (LINQ) and Fremont Street (Plaza).

Show discounts could also move the needle quite a bit, but before buying the Bite Card, I’d recommend double-checking prices with the box office, Groupon, and to ensure the Bite Card will actually save you money. While researching this blog post, the Bite Card appeared to commonly be a strong value comparatively, but it’s good to double-check.

Note that the savings often come with a slight reduction in convenience as a number of shows require you to redeem the discount in person at the box office, making it difficult to buy in advance.

Attractions and Tours… Not as Much Meat on the Bone

While there are a few notable small dollar-amount deals in both the attractions and tours bucket, they aren’t significant enough to justify purchasing the Vegas Bite Card on their own. They could be a nice ancillary benefit as long as you also plan to leverage the dining and show deals, however.

If you’re looking for deals on things to do and don’t care about food deals, I’d recommend scouring Groupon instead.

Hopefully, the Vegas Bite Card team focuses on improving the depth of their attractions and tour discounts as time goes on.

Planning Will Maximize Savings

If you feel the Vegas Bite Card is a good fit, I’d recommend putting together a rough itinerary so that you know when you’re hitting what restaurants and attractions.

Otherwise, Vegas will pull you in other directions and you may end up not getting sufficient value.

Good For an Entire Year

Frequent visitors should keep in mind that the card is good for a year. The ability to use it on multiple trips increases the value proposition substantially.

How To Buy – Vegas Bite Card

Hopefully, I was able to help you determine if the Vegas Bite Card could be a good fit for your next trip.

The Vegas Bite Card can be purchased on their website, here.

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