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The Perfect Gift for Someone Going to Vegas – Experiences

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Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone going to Vegas? Now, nobody would blame you if you went with the standard travel pillow, luggage, or noise-canceling headphones. All are solid options and would make a great gift. We would argue, however, that buying an experience is the perfect Las Vegas themed gift as the MEMORIES it creates will make it unforgettable.

Vegas experience gifts work wonderfully as a last-minute option as you simply buy, print, and stick the pass or ticket in a card.

We wanted to share some of our favorite Vegas experiences that we have gifted members of our family over the years. Hopefully, we can find you a perfect option.

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Helicopter Tour of the Strip: Give the gift of seeing the lights of Las Vegas from the Air with Maverick Helicopter Tours. Helicopter Tours of the Strip start at $89 per person and can be booked in advance here. If buying as a gift, try to snag a view of the recipient’s driver’s license as you will need to provide a rough height/weight when booking.

Helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon/Hoover Dam that depart from Las Vegas are also available for advance purchase and can be booked as a gift here.

Slotzilla Zipline: A zipline experience that shoots riders right down the iconic neon canyon that is the Fremont Street Experience. You will choose between The 2 block, 7 story high “Zipline” ride or a longer and taller 5 block, 11 story high “Zoomline” option. Tickets for the shorter ride are $29 and $49 for the extended ride. Tickets can be purchased in advance here and make a great gift for someone going to Vegas!

FlyLINQ Zipline: The same concept as the Slotzilla Zipline downtown, except this one sends riders flying above the LINQ Promenade on the Las Vegas Strip towards the High Roller Observation Wheel. Not only can you buy tickets online in advance as a gift, but you’ll save $5 per ticket for buying online here.

Tickets to the High Roller Observation Wheel: A staple of the Las Vegas skyline, the High Roller Observation Wheel boasts 550 feet of height. Riders are treated to stunning views of Las Vegas during the half-hour ride from one of High Roller’s 28 pod-like cabins. Tickets cost $22 during the day and slightly more at night. For a few additional dollars, you can upgrade your gift recipient to a “Happy Half Hour” pod which has a bar and serves unlimited drinks. Take it from us, it’s worth it. Tickets to the High Roller can be purchased in advance at a slight discount online here.

Show Tickets: There is no shortage of show options in Las Vegas. From comedy to magic, to acrobatic Cirque shows, Las Vegas proves day in and day out that it holds the title as the city of entertainment. While it can be challenging to buy show tickets as a gift, we have some suggestions.

If a raunchy comedy that will literally make abs feel pain from laughing is of interest, look no further than Absinthe at Caesars Palace.

For those who would dig an acrobatic Cirque, “O” at Bellagio, or “KA” at MGM Grand are among our favorites.

Property Specific Gift Cards: Note that both MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment, whose properties dominate the Las Vegas Strip, sell gift cards online which can be redeemed on their properties. While gift cards usually make a great gift, I would recommend avoiding these. My experience has been that many of the resort restaurants/retail outlets that may be desirable to your recipient do not accept them in the first place, while merchants that do accept them struggle to check your balance, or even run the transaction.

Groupon Offers: Yes, seriously. Groupon is chock full of discounted eGiftcards and discounted activity passes like helicopter tours, ATV tours, thrill rides, and other great excursions. Not only can you often get a great deal, but you can gift your loved one an awesome experience in Vegas. Here is a compilation of current Groupon deals applicable to Las Vegas!

There you have it, our favorite Las Vegas experience gifts. Whether you are traveling with the recipient or not, these options are sure to make their trip to Vegas more memorable.

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