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The Perfect Gift for Someone Going to Vegas – Experiences

Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone going to Las Vegas?

Now, nobody would blame you if you went with the standard travel pillow, luggage, or noise-canceling headphones. All are solid options and would make a great gift.

I’d argue, however, that experiences and the memories they create are a better gift than a physical gadget that’ll eventually find itself in the trash bin. Memories are forever.

Vegas experience gifts work wonderfully as a last-minute option as you simply buy, print, and stick the pass or ticket in a card.

I wanted to share some of my favorite Vegas experience gift ideas, many of which I’ve gifted members of my own family over the years.

Las Vegas Experience Gifts

Helicopter Tour of the Strip: Give the gift of seeing the lights of Las Vegas from the Air with Maverick Helicopter Tours. Helicopter Tours of the Strip are priced at just over $100 per person, and can be booked in advance with Maverick here.

If buying as a gift, try to snag a view of the recipient’s driver’s license as you will need to provide a rough height/weight estimate when booking.

I recently took an aerial Strip tour with Maverick and was impressed with the experience!

STRAT's SkyPod Tower from the Helicopter.
A shot from the chopper.

Aerial Grand Canyon & Hoover Dam Tours: Helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon & Hoover Dam that depart from Las Vegas are also available for advance purchase and can be booked as a gift here.

Attraction Tours: If land-based transportation is preferred, there are a number of excursions that offer both tours of the Grand Canyon (see Grand Canyon tour options) and Hoover Dam (see Hoover Dam Tour options). For those interested in natural sites, a half or full-day bus tour could be a great gift idea!

Hoover Dam and Lake Mead photographed from above on the bridge
It’s awesome

Race Exotic Cars: Car aficionados will appreciate the opportunity to escape the Strip and get behind the wheel of a supercar at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The experience includes brief classroom instruction, a ride-along with a professional, and the opportunity to take the wheel yourself.

View Exotic car race packages here.

2 Lamborghinis race on a track

Rip Through the Desert on ATVs: An ATV experience in the Mojave Desert could be the perfect Las Vegas experience gift for action junkies. No experience? No problem. All necessary instruction will be provided, as will transportation to and from resorts on the Strip.

2 women riding 4 wheelers in the desert
Riders participating in the Hidden Valley Fun Run

Strat’s Skypod Observation Deck & Rides: There are few better vantage points to take in views of Las Vegas than atop Strat’s SkyPod, which boasts 1,149 feet of height.

While the view is fantastic, the real reason to visit Strat are the rides that sit atop the tower that dangle you off the edge or shoot you straight up.

Guests even have the option of jumping off the tower in a controlled free fall.

Check out the current observation deck and ride package discount offers here.

XScream tilting riders out over the edge of the tower.
X-Scream atop STRAT’s SkyPod

Tickets To Omega Mart at Area15: Located just off the Strip, Area15 is a visual feast for the eyes. While admission to the campus is free, there are several “Experiences” or things to do at Area15 that cost money.

Among their most popular offerings is Omega Mart by Meow Wolf, a supermarket stocked with outrageous products and portals to another dimension.

If you follow any Las Vegas-focused social media groups then you’ve undoubtedly seen countless pictures of the attraction.

Tickets to Omega Mart can be purchased in advance, here.

Portal inside freezer door at Omega Mart
And find a portal…

Slotzilla Zipline: A zipline experience that shoots riders right down the iconic neon canyon that is the Fremont Street Experience.

You’ll choose between The 2-block, 7-story high “Zipline” ride or a longer and taller 5-block, 11-story high “Zoomline” option. Tickets for the shorter ride are $49 and $69 for the extended ride.

Tickets to Slotzilla can be purchased in advance here, and make a great gift for someone going to Vegas!

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Slotzilla Zipline tower flanked by Walgreens and Neonopolis

FlyLINQ Zipline: The same concept as the Slotzilla Zipline downtown, except this one sends riders flying above the LINQ Promenade on the Las Vegas Strip towards the High Roller Observation Wheel.

Not only can you buy tickets online in advance as a gift, but you’ll save a few dollars per ticket by buying FlyLinq tickets online here.

Check out my recent experience on the FlyLINQ Zipline!

Ziplines above the Linq Promenade
FlyLINQ soaring over the promenade.

Tickets to the High Roller Observation Wheel: A staple of the Las Vegas skyline, the High Roller Observation Wheel boasts 550 feet of height. Riders are treated to stunning views of Las Vegas during the half-hour ride from one of High Roller’s 28 pod-like cabins.

For a few additional dollars, you can upgrade your gift recipient to a “Happy Half Hour” pod which has a bar and serves unlimited drinks. Take it from us, it’s worth it.

Tickets to the High Roller can be purchased in advance at a slight discount online here.

High Roller Observation Wheel with Brooklyn Bowl sign in the foreground
Upgrade to the open bar package. For real.

Las Vegas Go City Pass: The All-Inclusive Go City Pass will allow for unlimited activities across Las Vegas over a 2 or more day period.

A two-day pass starts at $135, although additional days are an option, and will grant access to a slew of activities including the High Roller, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, The Hoover Dam, and more.

In addition to the all-inclusive option, There is also a Go City Explorer Pass that would entitle the recipient of your gift access to two or more attractions of their choosing during their trip.

Show Tickets: There is no shortage of show options in Las Vegas. From comedy to magic, to acrobatic Cirque shows, Las Vegas proves day in and day out that it holds the title as the city of entertainment.

Popular show genres include (click through to see options) magic, comedy, burlesque, male revue, tribute shows, Cirque du Soleil, variety acts, drag shows, and dinner shows.

Performer poses on a couch
Fantasy at Luxor – Courtesy of MGM Resorts

Below are some of my favorite shows in Vegas that are sure to impress.

If a raunchy comedy that will literally make abs feel pain from laughing is of interest, look no further than Absinthe at Caesars Palace.

The Gazillionaire performing on stage

For those who would dig an acrobatic Cirque, “O” at Bellagio, or “KA” at MGM Grand are among my favorites.

Pool with a ship hovering over it at O

Lastly, if a magic/comedy mashup could fit the bill, check out Piff The Magic Dragon and his assistant, Mr. Piffles the Chihuahua.

Piff poses with Mr. Piffles the dog

Property Specific Gift Cards: Note that both MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment, whose properties dominate the Las Vegas Strip, sell gift cards online which can be redeemed on their properties. While gift cards usually make a great gift, I’d recommend steering clear.

My experience has been that many of the resort restaurants/retail outlets that may be desirable to your recipient do not accept them in the first place, while merchants that do accept them struggle to check your balance, or even run the transaction.

There you have it, a few of my favorite Las Vegas experience gifts. Whether you’re traveling with the recipient or not, these options are sure to make their trip to Vegas more memorable.

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