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Closed Las Vegas Attractions – A Tribute To What Once Was

If you know Las Vegas, then you’re well aware of the fact attractions and shows pop up and sputter out frequently.

As someone who’s spent a lot of time exploring what Las Vegas has to offer, I’ve reviewed my share of attractions that have closed up shop for good.

Instead of deleting those reviews from the website, I figured it would be more fun to keep a repository of what once was so we can all take a walk down memory lane.

For each deceased attraction, I’ll link out to my full detailed review.

Shuttered Attractions

Marvel Avengers STATION at TI: Marvel Avengers STATION allowed fans of the franchise to take a deep dive into the world of their favorite characters like Captain America, The Hulk, and Iron Man among others.

The attraction was chock full of information on the heroes you’ve seen on screen and some pretty unique visuals.

That being said, I concluded that the STATION was underwhelming for the price.

Iron Man's upper body, eyes peering into the camera.
A row of Iron Man suits in illuminated cabinets.
A circular room with illuminated walls full of images and character information. In the middle of the room is a large hammer.

Barbie: A Cultural Icon Exhibition: A museum attraction dedicated to Barbie’s rich history, the Barbie Exhibition at Crystals paid homage to the doll’s evolution over the decades.

The museum did a nice job of explaining how the franchise embraced diversity, inspired girls to dream big career-wise, and highlighted how much fashion trends changed over time.

One of my favorite nostalgic aspects of Barbie was the old-timey commercials that were playing on TVs around the venue.

A pink Barbie inspired Corvette that you can sit behind the wheel of for a picture.
The first Black Barbie doll, who was named Christie.
Christie, the first Black doll offered by Barbie.
A mock TV playing a barbie doll commercial from the 1980s or 1990s.

Hunger Games Exhibition at MGM Grand: Fans of the hit Hunger Games franchise were able to visit the Capitol, participate in interactive activities, snoop around President Snow’s office, and geek out at movie-worn costumes and props used on set at this former MGM Grand attraction.

Notably, the experience concluded with a hands-on archery experience that tasked participants with shooting arrows at hostile creatures on a giant screen – It was a blast.

Katniss' Wedding dress is featured prominently on a podium in the middle of a room full of costumes.
President Snow's office, which has white marble walls and desk, a red rug, red chair, and chandelier hanging above.
Firer is holding a bow out from his body with an arrow attached, aimed at the screen.

As mentioned, Las Vegas isn’t shy about dreaming big and exploring fresh, new, and innovative ideas that don’t always pan out. With that in mind, this post should serve as a time capsule of sorts of the things we explored that are no more.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.