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How to Get Into The Underground Speakeasy at The Mob Museum

Key Points:

  • The Mob Museum’s speakeasy is unique in that it’s part museum, with interesting prohibition tidbits scattered about the lounge.
  • There are 2 ways to get in, but the more adventurous of the two involves finding a wooden barrel on the outside of the building, and then a green door down a flight of stairs.
  • You can access the speakeasy without a ticket to the Mob Museum.

Adding to the allure of the popular Mob Museum in Downtown Las Vegas, is “The Underground”, a prohibition-era speakeasy that is authentic to the era.

In addition to being a fun, unique spot to catch a cocktail, the speakeasy at the Mob Museum is also educational. Scattered about the establishment are artifacts and informational pieces about the political climate, and smuggling activities during the 1920s.

Fittingly, many of The Underground’s cocktails are served in a unique way, as they would have been during prohibition. For instance, there is a cocktail served concealed in a hollowed-out book, and another served in a miniature bathtub.

The average price for a cocktail is $14 – $15, wine is around $10 – $15 per glass, and bottled beer costs $6 – $7.

Staying true to form, access to the hidden bar is granted only to guests that can find the hidden entrance and can recite the password of the day.

Below, I’ll tell you how to get into the Speakeasy at the Mob Museum in Las Vegas, with pictures!

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Mob Museum Speakeasy Hours

The Speakeasy at the Mob Museum is open:

  • Monday – Wednesday from noon – 10 pm.
  • Thursday – Sunday from noon to midnight.

Where to Find the Speakeasy Entrance

Interior Speakeasy Entrance (The less fun option)

The speakeasy at the Mob Museum is accessible from inside whether you first toured the museum or not.

If you paid admission to the museum, just head down the stairway near the ticket counter with the sign advertising the speakeasy. If you didn’t buy admission to the full museum, talk to an employee and they will provide you a wristband good for speakeasy entrance only.

Head down the stairs and follow the winding hallway adorned with prohibition-era memorabilia and exhibits until you reach the speakeasy door on the left.

Interior door to the speakeasy
The interior entrance isn’t nearly as authentic as the exterior option.

Exterior Speakeasy Entrance (The fun option)

For those looking for a true speakeasy experience, I recommend using the secret exterior entrance.

To gain entry, guests will leverage a nondescript staircase on the back corner of the building.

Although unmarked by signage, the stairwell is illuminated during non-daylight hours, and the door is dark green in color.

You’ll know you’re in the right place if you see an old wooden barrel nearby in the landscaping. Simply knock, and provide the password of the week when prompted.

Barrell marking the speakeasy entrance at the Mob Museum
You’re in the right place when you spot the barrel.
Green door marking the entrance to the Underground Speakeasy
Find this door, and you’ve found the entrance.

Where to Find the Mob Museum Speakeasy Password

You can find the Mob Museum Speakeasy’s password by navigating here, to the Mob Museum’s Instagram page.

There, you’ll need to check their “stories” to find the current password. Don’t stress, even if you get the password incorrect, or have trouble finding it, you’ll be allowed in, although you may playfully be given a hard time.

Other Tips and Things to See

A bar, but also a museum: Sure, The Underground Speakeasy is an authentic feeling speakeasy with high-quality drinks, but you should set aside time to see the items on display around the room.

Artifacts on display include “Flapper” clothing typical in the 1920s, frozen eggs produced by Budweiser during prohibition, and a Johnny Walker bottle recovered from the wreckage of the “Lizzy D”.

Learn the story behind the “Lizzy D”: While she sunk in 1922, her full story wasn’t fully known until her discovery in 1977 by divers in New York. That discovery confirmed the tugboat was utilized to transport illegal liquor as she was packed to the gills with bourbon and whiskey.

Another hidden room: See if you can identify the concealed door that leads to “The Fitting Room”, a private room within The Underground Speakeasy.

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