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Overrated Things To Do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas as a travel destination as a whole is certainly NOT overrated. There is a reason over 40 million people visited in 2023 alone, many making the trip multiple times.

Vegas is heaven on earth, a place where societal norms back home simply don’t apply.

There are, however, several services, activities, and things to do that are completely overrated.

Below, I’ll dive into things in Vegas that I think are overrated. Ensure you leave your thoughts or opinions on “overrated things to do in Las Vegas” in the comments!

Overrated “Stuff” In Las Vegas

The Deuce Bus: Commonly used by tourists to travel up and down the Las Vegas Strip and to Fremont Street, the Deuce may be cheap ($8 for 24 hours) but its value is overblown.

At peak times, the bus is jam-packed, hotter than Hades, and slow.

If you’re riding from Mandalay Bay to Fremont Street, you will endure 22 stops. 22! Don’t waste your vacation crammed into a bus, take an Uber.

Bus on the Las Vegas Strip in front of Flamingo

Penny Slot Machines: While penny slots dominate casino floors, they’re tighter than their larger denomination peers.

In 2023, penny slots held as profit 9.67% of every bet made in Nevada compared to a more reasonable 7.99% hold if you were to denom up to a quarter machine.

If you’re making a big bet on the penny machines, try your luck on a larger denomination without increasing your wager.

Bill acceptor and slot machine face

Gambling on the Strip: Gaming options on the Strip are becoming more overrated by the day as casinos continue to increase their game’s statistical edge over the player.

Strip slots are tighter and the table games stingier (looking at you 6-5 Blackjack / triple 0 roulette) than establishments off the beaten path.

With player odds plummeting, there is an increasing incentive to try your luck away from the main tourist centers. Try casinos away from the action like Sam’s Town, Green Valley Ranch, and Boulder Station for a slightly better chance to win.

Bellagio, the fountains of bellagio, Caesars Palace, and other north Strip resorts viewed from the Eiffel Tower Experience

Visiting the Pawn Stars Pawn Shop: While many of the items you have seen bartered for on the show are on display, the location itself is disappointingly small and the stars are rarely on-site. The shop may be worth a stop for super fans, but ensure your expectations are tempered.

That being said, die-hard fans of the show are likely to find the set amusing – Check out my recent visit to the Pawn Stars Pawn Shop.

Exterior of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop

Taco Bell Cantina at Planet Hollywood: Look, I love Taco Bell, and the food at this location is no different. There is nothing that hits the spot like 8 Doritos Locos tacos after a day of drinking and debauchery. This particular Taco Bell even serves slushy alcoholic drinks!

What makes this location completely overrated, however, is the 5,683 decibels of pulsating beats that are blaring incessantly through the speakers. It took me an eternity to order as the cashier couldn’t hear me over the maddening ruckus.

It’s Taco Bell, not Omnia, turn the music down.

Taco Bell Cantina exterior

Carnaval Court: A bar nestled between Harrah’s and LINQ which is celebrated by members of the Everything Las Vegas Facebook group for their signature Fickle Dip cocktail and flair bartender “Flippy” (who is NOT overrated).

I was quickly overwhelmed by the concert-like atmosphere making conversation impossible as well as the steep drink prices. Check out these locations serving cheap drinks on the Strip instead.

Carnaval Court Bar exterior
Courtesy of Caesars Entertainment

Mid-Tier Strip Buffets: The average price for a “middle of the road” dinner buffet on the Strip is $35 and the masses stream in daily to overindulge. For me, the quality isn’t there to justify a $40+ bill.

Instead, I prefer to splurge on Cosmo’s Wicked Spoon, The Buffet at Bellagio, The Buffet at Wynn, or Caesars Bacchanal buffet. A high-end dinner buffet on the Strip will typically cost $60 or more.

Another underrated buffet is AYCE at Palms, which is cheaper than high-end options on the Strip, but VERY good for the price.

Alternatively, take your buffet money and spend it at a quality sit-down, non-buffet option. You don’t need all that food. Get a quality meal.

Seating at Wynn's buffet with a glass ceiling and colorful floral decor
Wynn’s Buffet – Go Here. Seriously. Credit: Barbara Kraft/Wynn Resorts

Airport Shuttle Services: This transportation option that ferries people back and forth from the airport to their hotel may look budget-friendly, but offers minimal savings when compared to Uber or Lyft.

For instance, a 2-person party will spend $30 minimum ($15 each) round trip for a shuttle that is likely to make multiple stops before you get dropped off at your hotel.

An Uber will cost an average of $24-$36 round trip from the airport to and from a Strip hotel. Ridesharing is much quicker and about the same price as the shuttle yet an absurd amount of people still pile onto these shuttles daily.

More on why you should avoid airport shuttles in Las Vegas.

In N’ Out Burger’s Fries: This is a challenging topic as my feelings about their burgers reside on the other end of the spectrum. It’s the best darn quick-serve burger on the market. Period.

The fries, however, are like a cut-up raw potato that spent 30 seconds in the microwave with little to no seasoning. Stick to the burgers and you’ll be OK.

Exterior of In N Out along the LINQ Promenade with a fountain in the foreground.

Horseshoe’s Million Dollar Photo Op: Playing off the popularity of the now deceased $1 million display at Binion’s, Horseshoe has introduced a “million dollar display” of their own. I use ” “s because the bills are fake and all have the same serial number. Yawn.

An upside down golden horseshoe with a large sheet of paper money hanging from the middle

Taxis: The definition of overrated, taxis in Las Vegas are more expensive and oftentimes more dishonest than ride-share options Uber and Lyft. Download the app, ditch the cab, and save money in Vegas.

Taxi outside of Caesars Palace

Hopefully, I was able to help you steer clear of overrated attractions, services, and meals.

What activities in Vegas are overrated in your opinion? Leave them in the comments and help your fellow travelers avoid the same mistakes!

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Feature Image Credit: ©michelmond/123RF

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Friday 19th of April 2019

you can order fries the way you want at in & out, you just have to be precise at the cashier^^

I'd like to take the bus sometimes to see the pop Las Vegas and meet some people, always a fun and strange ride :)

William Bigelis

Friday 19th of April 2019

In-n-out fries - terrible! Used to be good 10 years ago - last visit we actually complained, they apologized, gave us ANOTHER basket of crappy fries.... I'd add South Point and Red Rock to the list of casinos with better odds.


Friday 19th of April 2019

Right on - with the single possible exception of the In N' Out fries. (My son would give you quite the argument in favor of them; for my money, I think that they are consistent, but that's about all I can say good about them). What amazes me is how Vegas Taxi companies continue to charge such ridiculous rates with the competition from Uber and Lyft continuing to take market share away from them. It took forever for Uber and Lyft to be granted access to the Vegas market, but now that they are there, I don't believe there is any going back.

Al Sahlen

Friday 19th of April 2019

Agree with not using the Deuce. However, the DX runs the same route, stops at less than half the stops, is a lot faster and the same price. It's interesting to see Vegas away from the strip or Fremont and the DX is a cheap way to do it. Some really good tagging on the old buildings along the way. Also, have met some really interesting people (and some rather freaky).


Friday 19th of April 2019

Wow! I have about 40+ visits to Vegas and agree with everything you said, especially about the transportation. I don't understand why people waste valuable vacation time on slow transportation only to save a couple of bucks.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.