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Airport Transportation Options in Las Vegas

What is the best way to get from Harry Reid International Airport to your hotel on the Strip or Fremont Street? What do the various airport transportation options cost?

I figured it would be helpful to summarize the most common modes of transportation from the Las Vegas airport to help visitors find a solution that best fits their budget and needs.

Note that cost estimates for getting from the airport to your hotel in Vegas using rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft may slightly differ from what you end up paying while in town as pricing is based on demand. The app will always tell you what your ride will cost before you agree to book it, however.  

Below are the most common forms of Las Vegas airport transportation.

CX Bus to Fremont Street from the Airport

If staying on Fremont street, the CX (Centennial Express) city bus runs from the airport, down Interstate 15 to Fremont Street, and is by FAR your cheapest option to get from the airport to downtown Las Vegas. 

The bus departs the airport approximately every hour and the CX schedule can be viewed here. The CX picks up at both level 0 of terminal 1 as well as at Terminal 3 at the departures level.  A one-way trip on the CX will set you back only $2

City Bus in Las Vegas
Going downtown from the Airport? This can be your steed for a measly $2.

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RTC Bus From the Airport to Strip Hotels

Route 109 & Transfer to The Deuce

Unfortunately, getting from the airport to your Strip hotel by bus is a little more complicated, and involves a transfer.

First, you’ll hop on Route 109 which departs Terminal 1 frequently and will take you to the South Strip Transfer Terminal.

Once there, you’ll get off and transfer to the Deuce, which runs up and down the length of the Las Vegas Strip.

Tickets for the RTC can be purchased from a machine located in Level 0 of terminal 1, on the bus, or through the RTC phone app and cost $6 for a 2-hour “Strip and All Access Pass” – Not bad!

You can also take the RTC back to the airport from your hotel on the Strip or Fremont. You will be dropped off at Terminal 1 and can take the inter-terminal shuttle to terminal 3 if need be.  

CX Bus Route

While transferring to the Deuce usually makes the most sense, there is one notable exception.

The CX Route, which runs from the airport to Fremont Street makes a single stop on the Strip at the corner of Flamingo Road and the Strip allowing easy access to resorts like Horseshoe, Caesars Palace, Flamingo, Cromwell, and Bellagio.

If you’re staying in the middle of the Strip, this route is more direct and will allow you to avoid transferring.

I recommend using the RTC trip planning feature to plan your bus ride from the airport to your hotel to ensure you are utilizing the right route!

Bus heading down the Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Airport Shuttles

Generally shared, shuttles are often viewed as a cost-effective transportation option for getting from the airport to your hotel in Vegas. The cost for an airport shuttle is generally $15 plus fees per person, one way (or $30 round-trip).  

Because they’re shared, airport shuttles in Vegas typically take longer than more direct forms of airport transportation, as multiple stops need to be made (you’d better hope you’re an early stop…). Personally, I prefer to get on with my trip and take an Uber/Lyft for about the same price when traveling solo.

If you’re traveling in a group of 2 or more, airport shuttles in Las Vegas just don’t pencil out financially vs Uber/Lyft, which will typically be both less expensive and a more direct form of transportation.

A shrinking number of off-Strip hotels, such as M Resort and South Point offer a free airport shuttle as a courtesy to their guests.

Check out the full list of resorts that offer free shuttle service to and from the airport.

Taxis From The Airport to the Strip and Downtown

You can catch a cab from Harry Reid Intl. to the Strip and downtown, however, it’ll be more expensive than Uber or Lyft.

The cab queue can be found near the baggage claim in Terminal 1 and Level 0 outside Terminal 3. To prevent the all too common practice of “long hauling” (taking the scenic route to drive up fares), cabs now operate on a set flat rate from the airport depending on what hotel you are going to. Cab flat rates are $19, $23, and $27 depending on the destination.

See the airport taxi flat rates for each resort.

Although there are still folks out there fiercely loyal to cabs, I would advise using a rideshare app like Uber or Lyft instead as they are less expensive and feature transparent pricing.   

If you are using a taxi in Vegas, don’t forget to tip! Check out my Las Vegas Tipping Guide here. Generally, you should tip a Vegas cab driver around 15% of your fare.

Taxi outside of Caesars Palace

Uber/Lyft From the Airport to the Strip and Downtown

You can catch Uber/Lyft rides at the designated rideshare pickup location at Harry Reid International Airport which is located on either the second level 2 of the Terminal 1 parking ramp or the valet level of terminal 3.  

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Please note that trip prices can fluctuate based on demand. The beauty of Uber and Lyft, however, is that the price is clear upfront. There will rarely be surprises.

Tipping is technically optional for rideshare operators, however, a few bucks are much appreciated and you can tip after the ride from the app on your phone. 

Example Fare (Tip Not Included):  

Airport to Bellagio: $16 using UberX 

Airport to Golden Nugget: $20 using UberX 

Airport to STRAT: $12 using UberX

Remember to price shop between Uber and Lyft as fares can differ from app to app, sometimes significantly.

Rideshare apps are easily my favorite mode of airport transportation as they’re both efficient and budget-friendly.

Note that it’s possible (albeit rare) for rideshare drivers to long haul, or take the scenic route, to drive up your fare. The beauty of rideshare applications, however, is the ease in which you can challenge a suspicious route.

Recently, I was quoted $11 for my trip from the airport to Caesars Palace. I noticed the driver deviated from Uber’s prescribed route and took me through the freeway tunnel (a sign you are being taken for a ride).

After arriving at Caesars, my receipt from Uber was for over $20. I challenged the fare from inside the app and my charge was adjusted by Uber to reflect the quoted $11 before I even made it to my hotel room.

Limo Service from the Airport

If you intend to start your Vegas trip in style, you can get from the airport to your hotel in a limo.

Typically, a stretch limo or luxury vehicle costs $60 one way from the airport to the hotel. Some Limo companies charge hourly while some charge a flat round trip rate.

I recommend you check out the numerous limo deals listed on Groupon, here, as they are oftentimes a better deal than booking directly with the company.

Hopefully, my overview of how to get from the Las Vegas airport to your hotel was helpful!

Have a fantastic trip and ensure you leave your thoughts on any of the above airport transportation options in the comments!

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Feature Image Credit: ©michelmond/123RF.COM

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Pamela Emerson

Sunday 29th of January 2023

Looks like the CX Centennial Express stops at Las Vegas Blvd and Flamingo, instead of the Blvd and Tropicana.

Jake Hoffman

Sunday 29th of January 2023

Thanks! I very much appreciate you pointing that out!


Wednesday 7th of July 2021

There will be five of us on our upcoming trip. There is no way all of us and our five big bags will fit in one cab which means the cost for two. An Uber that’s big enough for us is pricier than the average rate. Public transportation is per person so with five of us, that added up. I found a Groupon for a private limo for all of us and our bags for around $65. That’s just $13 a person and no hauling our bags from baggage claim; our personal driver handles that. It may be just a little more than public transit BUT for the few extra dollars there’s no wait for a shuttle that then requires 10+ stops until we get to our stop or the insanity of figuring that all out when we get there after waking up at 1am to drive to the airport. So if you’re traveling with a group of more than four, I would definitely check into a private limo deal. On the face of it I just assumed it would be expensive, but after checking on all the options and calculating the cost of each for five of us, I realized that a private limo was a no brainer on top of being the most enjoyable way to get there and one of the lesser expensive options all around.

p.s. Some of the limo deals have a complimentary bottle of champagne. Woohoo, bring it on! 🥂 🍾

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.