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Things To Do at and Near Binion’s Las Vegas

“Iconic” is likely an overused term, but it’s the exact word to describe Binion’s instantly recognizable neon facade. The property was purchased in 1951 by Benny Binion and his mantra of providing “Good food, good whiskey, and a good gamble” has made Binion’s a top destination for many. Over the years, Binion’s footprint has expanded down the block absorbing both the Boulder Club in 1960 and The Mint in 1988.

Recently, Binion’s renovated and reopened their Hotel Apache rooms that offer a historic feel, while providing modern amenities. We recently stayed there – Check out our Binion’s Hotel Apache room review here.

While the focus at the property primarily revolves around gambling, there are still plenty of things to do at Binion’s and nearby.

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Things To Do at Binion’s Las Vegas

A rotating bar: Binion’s new venue, Whiskey Licker Up has a rotating bar that offers stunning views of neighboring resorts like Circa, Golden Gate, Golden Nugget, in addition to the throngs of people below. While it isn’t the cheapest drink you’ll score (my bottled Coors was $7), the experience and view is worth it.

See The Mint: While Binion’s absorbed The Mint in the 1980s, small traces of the property are still visible from the Whiskey Licker Up Saloon. Specifically, a petrified wood exterior wall, as well as a portion of Mint’s sign that at one time reached for the sky, are on display. If you enjoy Las Vegas history, or want to relive good times spent at The Mint, put this at the top of your list of things to do at Binion’s!

The Mint's exterior wall and sign base
The Mint’s petrified wood wall and remnants of its vertical neon sign.

Enjoy a great steak with a view: Located atop the old Mint hotel tower, Top of Binion’s steakhouse serves a great steak, in a vintage feeling environment, with a fantastic view of downtown Las Vegas. Steaks at Top of Binion’s can be had for around $50. One hell of a good value, when compared to pricing on the Strip. View the full menu here.

Eat cheap: Binion’s is also a great spot to find cheap eats on Fremont Street. The least expensive option is Binion’s Deli, where you can score a burger for $5.99, a full breakfast for under $10, and salads as low as $4.99. See the full menu here.

Benny’s Smokin’ BBQ & Brews, although slightly more expensive than Binion’s cafe, offers a strong value proposition as well. Both a BBQ Brisket and 1/2 chicken meal can be yours for $10.99. There are other attractive deals as well, they can be viewed here.

Get Hypnotized: Shows in downtown Las Vegas come with less production value than those on the Strip, but also a lesser price tag, and many are pretty darn good! Hypnosis Unleashed at Binion’s is a good example. Kevin Lepine stars in this highly reviewed show, earning 4.5/5 stars on TripAdvisor, that invites members from the audience to be hypnotized. Due to audience participation, the show is consistently new, and always hilarious. Best yet, pricing starts in the low to mid $20s. Tickets can be booked directly with the box office or with which is often a few bucks cheaper.

Interact with the spirits: According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, a seance is defined as “a spiritualist meeting to receive spirit communications”. Binion’s show by the same name leverages Hotel Apache’s haunted reputation to allow guests to “pierce the veil between worlds” to interact with the spiritual realm. If drawn to this attraction, tickets can be purchased in advance at, typically at a slight discount. As for me, I’ll be at the craps table :).

Psychics & Spirits: A 90-minute show at Binion’s featuring 5th generation psychic medium Dallisa, Psychics & Spirits could be an option for those looking to obtain a “live reading”, or those looking to get in touch with their spiritual side. We can’t pretend to get it, because we don’t, but it’s a valid option when looking for things to do at Binion’s.

Ideas For Things To Do Near Binion’s

Need a cheap snack? Grab a 99-cent shrimp cocktail next door at Fremont. It’s not of the highest quality, but for the price, it’s tough to beat.

If you’re looking to play some cheap table games, getting just slightly off the beaten path is always a good idea. Check out either El Cortez or Downtown Grand which are both within walking distance. El Cortez commonly offers $5 minimum bets while Downtown Grand offers some of the cheapest blackjack in Vegas, with minimums as low as $1.

Upgrade your pool experience at either Circa or Golden Nugget. While Binion’s rooftop pool atop the old Mint tower offers breathtaking views, the pool itself isn’t anything special. Circa’s Stadium Swim comes equipped with 2 swim-up bars, 6 pools, and a 135 foot TV screen while Golden Nugget’s Tank is built around an aquarium stocked with sharks. Both are typically available to non-hotel guests for a cover charge.

Are you into the history of Las Vegas? If so, the Neon Museum is tough to beat. With vintage signing that sat outside long gone properties of yesteryear, we promise that the feelings of nostalgia will be thick. Afterward, check out some of these free historic things to see near Binion’s on Fremont Street.

Of course, there is an abundance of other things to do near Binion’s given its prime location on the Fremont Street Experience. Check out our full rundown of non-gambling activities downtown Las Vegas here!

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