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Things To Do at and Near Golden Nugget Las Vegas

Golden Nugget has been a key part of downtown Las Vegas since 1946 when the doors first opened to the gambling public. Notably, Steve Wynn purchased a controlling stake in the Golden Nugget in the early 1970s, his first of many marks left on Las Vegas.

Over the decades, the Nugget’s footprint has expanded and its room count has grown to reflect what can be seen on Fremont Street today.

For those looking to stay at Golden Nugget, you’ll want to note that rooms in their Rush Tower are known to be their newest and nicest, while those in the Carson Tower tend to be the quietest due to their location away from the commotion on Fremont.

While gaming tends to be the star of the show, there are several other itinerary-worthy activities at Golden Nugget in Las Vegas.

Things To Do at Golden Nugget

Drink underneath the light show: Among my favorite aspects of visiting Fremont Street is the abundance of outdoor bars that provide the opportunity to people-watch in a lively atmosphere.

Stage Bar, which can be found on the exterior of Golden Nugget under the Fremont Street Canopy, offers the opportunity to grab a drink to go, or to sit and watch the unique assortment of people that visit Vegas as they pass by.

Lightshow above Fremont Street

Grab a drink with a view: Chart House, a seafood restaurant within GN, has a bar that is built around a 75,000-gallon aquarium stocked with an assortment of tropical fish. Stop in for Chart House’s happy hour Monday – Friday from 4 pm – 6 pm which offers the opportunity to score rotating drink deals.

Exterior of Chart House with a view of their aquarium behind the bar.

Hit Troy Liquor Bar: While nightclubs are common on the Strip, they are much harder to find downtown. Troy Liquor Bar is perched on the second level of the Golden Nugget overlooking the neon canyon that is the Fremont Street Experience. If DJs and dancing are on your itinerary, put Troy atop your list. Although Troy can’t be considered inexpensive, drinks aren’t terribly priced by nightclub standards with most cocktails costing $15-$20.

Eat a top-tier steak: While I can’t independently verify Vic & Anthony’s claim to be one of the 10 best steakhouses in the country, I can confirm that they are among the best in Vegas.

While the full menu can be viewed here, guests can expect to spend $60 – $70 on a steak and around $20 on appetizers.

Exterior of Vic & Anthony's Steakhouse at Golden Nugget.

The pool scene: Arguably the second-best pool scene in downtown Las Vegas, bested only by Circa, Golden Nugget’s pool is an attraction in itself.

The Tank is built around a 200,000 aquarium that gives you the illusion of swimming with sharks. Adding to the allure is the waterslide that sends guests right through the middle of the shark-infested aquarium via a clear tube.

Golden Nugget also typically offers poolside blackjack and craps which I have found to be an immense amount of fun.

On a recent visit, I was surprised that they even offered games at a $5 minimum – Pretty cheap! Notably, you don’t need to be staying at the hotel to play the outdoor tables. Just tell them you’re there to gamble and they’ll let you right in.

A secondary pool, The Hideout is a 21+ experience that features a smaller body of water and a lowkey poolside bar.

The Tank at Golden Nugget

Golden Nugget’s pool can usually be accessed by guests not staying at the hotel for a small cover, and for those at other resorts not named Circa, it’s something to consider.

See the Nugget: Yes, there is an actual gold nugget on display at Golden Nugget. Kind of. While the second-largest chunk of gold ever discovered, known as the “Hand of Faith”, is owned by the Golden Nugget, the one on display in Vegas is rumored to be a replica.

Hand of Faith gold nugget on display at the Golden Nugget
Hand of Faith at Golden Nugget

Things To Do Near Golden Nugget

Given Golden Nugget’s location, there are numerous things to do nearby.

For history buffs, both the Mob Museum and The Neon Museum are spectacular options. The Mob Museum is located steps away from Fremont Street and dives into the seedy history of organized crime.

Mob Museum Las Vegas
Mob Museum Las Vegas

At the Neon Museum, you’ll find 800 signs that once hung from Las Vegas casinos. If you were a regular at spots like Stardust, Riviera, Fitzgeralds, and Sassy Sally’s then you’ll enjoy the blast from the past.

Neon Musem during the day
Credit: The Neon Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada

I’d recommend stopping in for their evening Brillant! Jackpot production, which brings vintage signs back to life with projection technology.

A sign depicting a cowboy with a handlebar moustache with the letters STAR in the background.
The Neon Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada

Steps away from Golden Nugget is the Slotzilla Zipline, which gives adrenaline junkies the ability to fly over the neon casino facades that have made Fremont Street famous.

See my SlotZilla Zipline Review for more information!

Slotzilla Zipline tower flanked by Walgreens and Neonopolis

If you’re a slot player, jump next door to 4 Queens to play the largest collection of Silver Strike slot games in Las Vegas. Silver Strike games dispense a collectible token specific to the casino property when the “Silver Strike” icon lands on the pay line.

In addition to 4 Queens, Plaza also offers Silver Strike games.

Silver Strike Slot Macine
This is what you’re looking for.

Are you a Vegas history geek like me? If so, check out these historic things to see on Fremont Street. Some of my favorite gems can be found at Golden Gate, like this fountain from 1909.

Historic Fountain at Golden Gate
Historic Fountain at Golden Gate – Circa 1909

Hit up either The Laundry Room or The Underground which are among the growing number of Speakeasies in Las Vegas.

Green door marking the entrance to the Underground Speakeasy
Find this door, and you’ve found the entrance to The Underground Speakeasy.

Golden Nugget’s location means that the resort is surrounded by bars offering enticing drink deals, but you have to know where to look. Check out my updated list of downtown Las Vegas happy hours here.

I trust that you’ll find plenty of itinerary-worthy attractions at Golden Nugget and nearby in downtown Las Vegas. There’s certainly no shortage of entertainment.

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Feature Image: ©kitleong/123RF.COM

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