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Weird Things to do in Vegas

Weird Things to do in Vegas

Let me guess. You’ve seen every article out there detailing “things to do in Vegas” and they left you wanting something more… exotic? While we enjoy the “typical” Las Vegas activities, there is something to be said about branching out and finding something straight-up weird to do. Fortunately, Las Vegas has some really unique, out of the ordinary activities that you should consider taking advantage of.

Below, we’ll cover some of our favorite weird and unique things to do in Vegas that will help you branch out from the ordinary.

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Erotic Heritage Museum: Ranking as one of the weirdest things to check out in Vegas, the Erotic Heritage Museum showcases 24,000 square feet of exhibits that explore the artistic expression of love from around the world. From unique sculptures to depictions of the human body and pleasurable activities, there may not be a more unique way to set the mood in Vegas.

See Dead Bodies: Go to Sin City and…. see dead bodies? It doesn’t get more out of the ordinary than that! You can check out 13 whole-body specimens and over 260 partial specimens preserved to educate on the inner workings of the human body at Luxor’s “Bodies The Exhibition”.

Area15: Free to enter, Area15 is a short Uber ride from the Strip, and certainly qualifies as an “out of the ordinary” thing to do in Vegas. Immediately upon entry, guests are greeted by an enormous skull brought to life with projection technology. The entire venue can be described as “trippy” and would be a haven for those that partake in psychedelic narcotics. Note that we are narcotics people per se, and still enjoyed the visual sensations. We suggest grabbing a drink at Oddwood, a bar beneath a tree with illuminated leaves choreographed to the ambient music. Numerous other add-on activities are available which include thrill rides, and shows that are sure to stimulate your senses. More on our visit to Area15, and how to reserve a free ticket here!

Pole Dancing Classes: Earn a “Vegas Stripper License” by participating in the Stripper 101 course at Planet Hollywood, where you and your crew will learn the ins and outs of pole dancing and stripteasing. Don’t stress, the equipment is sanitized after each group. You can get more info and book in advance here.

Blackout Dining in the Dark: While enjoying a multi-course meal in Vegas isn’t exactly weird, or unique, eating it in complete darkness is. While the wait staff has the luxury of night vision goggles, guests will enjoy 7 courses surrounded by sheer blackness. The idea behind dining in the dark is that inhibiting the sense of sight enhances the other senses, creating an elevated dining experience. Reservations start at $79 and can be booked in advance here.

Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum: Nothing weirder than coming to Vegas to gamble and rabble rouse, only to end up checking out haunted artifacts at a Haunted Museum. The Haunted Museum itself was constructed in 1938 and is said to be haunted by past occupants that died on-site as well as spirits attached to the artifacts on display. Among artifacts on display are bone fragments from Charles Manson, and Dr. Jack Kavorkian’s “Death Van”. Tickets to the Haunted Museum start at $48 and can be purchased in advance here.

Operate Heavy Machinery: Dig This, located off the Strip, allows you to operate bulldozers and excavators typically found on a construction site. This out of the ordinary thing to do in Vegas will have you stacking tires, rolling boulders, and digging trenches. Tickets to Dig This starts at $20 and can be reserved in advance here.

Hot Air Balloon Rides: Las Vegas and hot air balloons are rarely used in the same sentence, however, it turns out that several operators such as Vegas Balloon Rides offer this unique itinerary item. Ballon baskets hold up to 16 people and travel to an altitude of nearly 10,000 feet providing stunning views throughout the 45-minute ride.

Skydiving: One of the weirdest things you could possibly want to do in Vegas is jumping out of a functioning airplane. People do it though, and it could be an option if you are looking for something out of the ordinary to do in Vegas. Companies like Skydive Las Vegas and Adrenaline are a short drive from the Strip and will let you jump from their planes with pricing starting at $150-$200 per person.

Ghost Tours: Vegas has a rich history of violence and tragedy dating back to the days the mob ran the town. Those tragedies are said to have perpetuated hauntings at a number of properties on the Strip. Vegas Ghosts operates walking tours that take guests to haunted sites while also sharing stories of tragic events and the resulting hauntings.

Hopefully, we were able to point you towards something weird to do in Vegas! Of course, if you need some conventional activities to fill your calendar, you are welcome to check out our ideal 1, 2 or 3 day Las Vegas itinerary.

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