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Group Activities in Las Vegas – Things To Do With a Crew

Not everyone comes to Vegas in pairs. In fact, a survey conducted by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitor’s Authority determined that in 2021, 25% of visitors came to town as part of a group of 3 or more.

Whether you’re traveling with family, coworkers, or friends, you’re likely looking for some social activity ideas in Las Vegas that’ll appeal to everyone.

To qualify as one of my top group activities, attractions need to:

  • Be group-focused – Individual experiences like ziplines are out.
  • Spur Conversation – Silent activities like seeing a show are out.

Hopefully, you can find a nugget or two that’ll fit your itinerary! Let’s dive in, shall we?

Things To Do With a Group in Las Vegas


You likely have one in your hometown, but I can assure you, the one in Brooklyn Park, MN doesn’t stack up to the Vegas version.

Tucked behind MGM Grand, Topgolf offers engaging and enjoyable games that golfers and non-golfers alike are sure to enjoy.

View of the range from a hitting bay

In addition to golf, Topgolf serves a full menu, boasts 5 bars (some with video poker), has TVs hanging everywhere, and even makes a 2 level swimming pool available to visitors.

The experience is sure to generate conversation and laughs while getting the competitive juices flowing.

Pool at Topgolf
Topgolf’s 2-level Hideaway Pool.

High Roller Observation Wheel

High Roller’s pods hold up to 40 people, and the attraction even offers a group discount.

Reaching heights of 550 feet above the Strip, the Observation Wheel is sure to generate plenty of chatter amongst the crew throughout the 30-minute revolution.

A view of north strip resorts like Wynn, Encore, and Venetian from the High Roller's apex.

While a traditional ride on the High Roller is impressive, those looking for a “rowdier” experience may want to consider upgrading to the Happy Half Hour experience, which offers an open bar for the duration of your ride.

I’ve personally taken two Happy Half Hour spins and have gotten my money’s worth both times. They even offer you a drink for the road!

Tickets can be purchased in advance with the attraction, here, and the group discount is available after you select your date and ride type.

See both my:

Brooklyn Bowl

Found along the LINQ Promenade, Brooklyn Bowl offers bowling with an edge. Along with traditional bowling, Brooklyn Bowl commonly hosts live music, is home to a number of bars, and has a full menu.

Think of it as a classier, more fun, take on traditional bowling.

Uniquely, you can take an online 3D tour of the property on Brooklyn Bowl’s website.

High Roller Observation Wheel with Brooklyn Bowl sign in the foreground
Linq’s Promenade anchored by the High Roller

Throw Darts

On the topic of social games, Flight Club can be found in the Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian and offers 20 semi-private playing areas.

This is nothing like your “divey” darts bar back home, either – Flight Club is best described as “elegant”.

Dine in Complete Darkness

On the topic of food, few meals will provide a more unique experience in Las Vegas than Blackout: Dining in the Dark.

As the name would suggest, Blackout: Dining in the Dark is a 7-course fine dining experience served in complete darkness, which is said to elevate your other senses.

No cell phones, flashlights, or other light sources. Just darkness.

No doubt, your group will be talking about this for some time.

Reserve your seat at Blackout: Dining in the Dark, here.

Don’t worry, the staff is issued night vision goggles to help them navigate the room :).

A Helicopter Tour

Few views of Las Vegas are better than that provided by a helicopter tour of the Strip.

Prices start at around $115 per person, and the flight path takes you from the south end of the Strip to Downtown Las Vegas and back.

Helicopter tours from Las Vegas also visit the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and Red Rock Canyon.

Learn more about your options, and price out your flight with Maverick, here.

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View of the Strip from a helicopter
The View – Courtesy of Maverick

An Escape Room

There are few better ways to bond than by escaping from a prickly situation. The Escape Game, located conveniently in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace gives your crew that opportunity.

A highly reviewed experience, The Escape Game offers a few unique scenarios that include a prison break, a museum heist, and the exploration of an undersea laboratory among others.

Oftentimes, tickets to The Escape Game are a tad cheaper when booking via

Prison Break Escape Game
Prison Break – Courtesy of The Escape Game

Visit an Elevated Cocktail Lounge

Grabbing drinks with a view of Las Vegas can be the perfect bookend for your night, either kicking it off or winding it down.

Some of my favorite options include:

  • Alle Lounge on 66 at Resorts World
  • Legacy Club at Circa
  • Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay
  • Skyfall Lounge at Delano
  • 108 Drinks at STRAT found in their indoor Observation Deck
  • BrewDog atop the Showcase Mall
  • Beer Park at Paris – Not high, but great views of the Strip
View from Alle Lounge on 66
Alle Lounge on 66 – Courtesy of Resorts World

Sneak into a Speakeasy (or 3)

Finding clandestine cocktail lounges hidden in plain sight is the perfect “Where’s Waldo-like” activity to bond over.

Las Vegas speakeasies are growing in popularity, but a few of my favorites are found at Cosmopolitan.

There, your group can discover Ghost Donkey, The Ski Lodge, and The Barbershop, three differentiated experiences that have impressed me in the past.

Interior of The Ski Lodge with LED screens behind the bar simulating windows overlooking a snowy landscape
The Ski Lodge

Another go-to for my wife and I is the Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den at Resorts World, which is hidden behind an active restaurant in their Famous Foods Street Eats food hall.

Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den interior to include the bar and seating
Once inside. Let me introduce you to the Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den.

Sing (or watch) Karaoke Together

Several karaoke bars in Las Vegas offer private room rentals that could make for a memorable, albeit embarrassing (depending on your skill level) night out on the town.

Kamu Ultra Karaoke, which is a luxury experience right on the Strip at Palazzo offers medium, large, and VIP suites that can accommodate groups of 6-40 people.

View packages at Kamu Karaoke, here.

A private room at Kamu Ultra Karaoke in Las Vegas with a table in the middle of the room, benches, and graffiti style artwork.

Ninja Karaoke is located in the Las Vegas Arts District (near downtown), and also offers private karaoke rooms for groups that can accommodate 6-80 people.

View options at Ninja Karaoke, here.

Explore Omega Mart at Area15

Just off the Strip, Omega Mart is the flagship attraction at the Area15 entertainment complex.

The attraction appears to be a run-of-the-mill supermarket, but there is much more to the story than meets the eye.

First, the products on the shelves at Omega Mart are… strange…

Soup cans at Omega Mart
Cleaning supplies

Next, your group will want to seek out the portals to another dimension that are hidden within the store.

Portal inside freezer door at Omega Mart
A portal at Omega Mart

Once you make it through a portal, the crew will have a blast exploring the collection of unique rooms, artistic displays, unreal visuals, and even twisting slides.

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find behind Omega Mart’s retail facade.

Face skulptures in a mirror room creating an infinity illusion
Projection art at Omega Mart
Red slides at Omega Mart
Same slides, but in red.

As you navigate the nooks and crannies of Omega Mart, work together to solve the mystery of Dramcorp, Omega Mart’s parent company by leveraging the clues that are scattered about.

Tickets can be purchased in advance both with the attraction or with here, where you can often save a few bucks.

Hopefully, I was able to help you identify one or two things to do with a group in Las Vegas that’ll work for your crew!

Whether you’re traveling with your family, coworkers, or friends, I hope you have a great trip, and make some lasting memories!

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Feature Image Credit: ©sid10/123RF.COM

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