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Doing Vegas By Yourself? Here’s What to Expect – With Tips!

Thinking about doing Vegas by yourself, but are wondering what the experience will be like? According to a Las Vegas Convention and Visitor’s Authority profile survey, 14% of visitors reported that they made the trip by themselves in 2021.

That means nearly 4.5 million of Las Vegas’ 32 million 2021 visitors were traveling solo – Not an insignificant sum.

While coming to Vegas in a group of 2 was most common in 2021 (60% of visitors), doing Vegas solo was more common than traveling in a group of 3, (11%), 4 (9%), or a group of 5 or more (5%).

In fact, doing Vegas solo has become so popular, that there’s an entire ecosystem of resources growing around the trend. Among the most useful forums is the “Solo Las Vegas” Facebook group which has amassed over 29,000 members and is chock-full of tips, tricks, and ideas for doing Vegas by yourself.

As a frequent solo traveler myself, I figured it’d be helpful to share my experience and help you brainstorm some things to do in Vegas by yourself.

Las Vegas Strip from above
This is your solo playground – ©ivantagan/123RF.COM

The Reality of Doing Vegas Solo – What is it Like?

Las Vegas is among the most popular travel destinations in the world, attracting over 40 million visitors annually (in non-pandemic times). Although packed to the gills with people, Vegas is a strangely anonymous destination.

Visitors can float from place to place, and activity to activity, with as much or as little interaction as they desire. Personally, I enjoy the anonymity and time to “be in my own head”. Almost like a long drive by yourself, doing Vegas solo can provide the opportunity to spend some time with… you.

For those of you that are extroverts that cringe at the thought of limited interaction, you don’t need to be isolated. Social contact and new friendships are easy to make at a craps table, at bars, clubs, etc. If you’re outgoing and want to be around people, that is absolutely within the realm of possibilities.

The ability to do WHAT you want, WHEN you want, at YOUR own speed, is what makes doing Vegas solo a great option for many.

Note that not everything about doing Vegas by yourself is sunshine and rainbows. For those who value having others around, not being able to share highs and lows with others in a city with plenty of swings can be a challenge. As an extrovert myself, I find face-timing the family back home can help combat any feelings of loneliness that creep in.

Is Doing Vegas By Yourself Safe?

Absolutely. Now, you clearly will want to take the same precautions you would at home or any other travel destination, but there is a heavy security presence on both the Las Vegas Strip and Fremont Street.

I’d recommend sticking to tourist centers, especially after dark. For instance, exploring the side streets behind Fremont Street after dark isn’t recommended due to the prevalence of a more transient, unpredictable crowd.

Doing Vegas solo is safe as long as you stick with the crowds, and take typical precautions.

I’ve put together a couple of resources below to help you steer clear of scams and stay safe:

Fremont and 4 Queens neon facades
Stick to the “touristy” areas and you’ll be good! ©crackerclips/123RF.COM

Dining Solo in Vegas

Dining out in Vegas alone can feel strange and you’ll feel it the first time you check-in at the hostess desk, but seriously, the sensation passes quickly.

My main concern tends to be how I’m perceived by the staff, as solo diners usually equate to a lower bill and thus, less tip money. Cognisant of that, I always try to eat quickly and tip well. I know, I know, it’s not my problem… but I can’t shake the thought.

Oftentimes, I simply opt for quick, cheap quick-serve restaurants in food courts which helps avoid the awkward “dining alone” scenario.

My favorite option for dining solo in Vegas, however, is at higher-end Strip buffets. Grabbing dinner at Wicked Spoon at Cosmopolitan, Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace, or The Buffet at Wynn allows me to feel more comfortable due to the degree of anonymity offered by their self-serve nature.

Buffets also allow me to eat at my own pace in addition to offering high-quality food options.

Seafood station at Bacchanal with crab legs, snails, and shirmp
Wall of Seafood Options at Bacchanal

Ideas For Things To Do in Vegas Alone

There’s an abundance of things to do in Vegas by yourself. Now, clearly, anything you can do in a group can be done solo, but I’ll go over a few of my favorite solo activities here.


Seriously. Gambling solo in Vegas is the best. No waiting on others. Nobody waiting on you. Nobody looking over your shoulder. Nobody judging what you’re spending.

Jump from slot to slot, play some blackjack, or make friends at the craps table. My favorite thing to do solo in Vegas is gamble by a long shot.

If you’re a slot player, check out my guide to finding the loosest slots in Vegas!

row of slot machines

Go For a Hike

I’d be hard-pressed to pull my wife or guy friends away from the bright lights of the Strip to go for a hike, but exploring nature has quickly risen to the top of my list of top things to do solo in Vegas.

Among my recent outdoor adventures near Las Vegas have been visits to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, the St. Thomas Ghost Town site, and the Valley of Fire State Park.

You haven’t lived until you turn a corner in the middle of the desert by yourself and find that you’re face to face with 3 bighorn sheep.

sunny peak in the distance
Ice Box Canyon – Red Rock Canyon
The trail between two canyon walls in the narrows
White Domes Loop at Valley of Fire

While the Hoover Dam is a man-made wonder, it’s also something I recently explored by myself, and found to be amazing. See more about my trip to Hoover Dam, with tour pictures!

Hoover Dam and Lake Mead photographed from above on the bridge

High-End Shopping

If your normal vegas crew doesn’t share your desire to shop, add it to your list of things to do solo! I suggest checking out the Plaza Shops at Wynn, Crystals, and the Bellagio Shops. All offer luxury brands in a visually appealing setting.

Wynn Las Vegas Plaza Shops
Everything Wynn does is spectacular, why would the Plaza Shops be different?

Explore the Arts District

Tucked between STRAT and Fremont Street, the Arts District offers 18 blocks of shopping, art, breweries, bars, and restaurants.

I detest shopping traditionally, but shops in the Arts District were sincerely fun to visit and range from art galleries to antique shops. As a Vegas history nerd, I was thrilled to find an abundance of vintage casino memorabilia, matchbooks, ashtrays, chips, etc.

Commonly overlooked by tourists, and not for everyone, this could be the perfect thing to do by yourself in Vegas.

Collection of 3 wall murals in the Arts District

Eat a High-End Meal

Treat yourself to a meal you wouldn’t necessarily splurge on if you were paying for 2 or more people. I suggest a restaurant with a view of the Fountains of Bellagio.

Patio seating at Spago with fountains spraying in the background
Spago at Bellagio – Courtesy MGM Resorts

See a Show

When traveling with others, you need to compromise on a show that everyone will enjoy. When in Vegas solo, you’re in control. See the male revue, burlesque show, comedy, or Cirque du Soleil show you have always craved.

See all Las Vegas shows, sorted by genre here.

Performer poses on a couch
Fantasy! at Luxor – Courtesy of MGM Resorts

Find Unique Things To Do

Are there things you’ve always wanted to do in Las Vegas only to have your usual travel partners scoff at the idea? Here’s your chance to experience something awesome. A few ideas include:

Strat Las Vegas Skypod Exterior
Go to the Top! ©jetcityimage/123RF.COM

Be Social

Find a bar, club, pool party, or lively table game to meet and converse with others. You’ll be surprised at how often you’ll “attach” to a group for the night.

Drai's Rooftop pool at Cromwell
Photo Courtesy of Caesars Entertainment

Relax by the Pool

If you’re a pool person, spend your day wasting away beneath the Nevada sun. Las Vegas some of the most elaborate pools in the world. Use your time in Vegas by yourself to squeeze in the relaxation you deserve.

Wynn's pool with Encore in the backbground
The pool at Wynn

Take a Nap

My solo trips to Vegas are much different than those with others. Trips by myself tend to be less of a party, and more of a relaxing experience. Among my favorite things to do is get a little day drinking in by the pool, or in the casino followed by a nap before going out for the night.

Spa Day

Spending time at a Las Vegas spa is something that could pull you away from your group if traveling with others. Use your solo time to book that spa day you’ve always had your eye on.

Message bed at Caesars Palace's Qua Spa
Qua Spa at Caesars Palace – Courtesy Caesars Entertainment

Whether you’re traveling to Vegas solo for a convention, or for some much-needed time away from reality, rest assured, there is plenty to do.

With itinerary options that include relaxing by the pool, napping, gambling, or being social with strangers, I trust you’ll have a great time by yourself in Las Vegas!

See Also: Check out our ideal 3-day Las Vegas itinerary – Packed full of non-gambling suggestions.

Featured Image: ©f11photo/123RF.COM

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